14 Profitable Small Business Ideas in Nigeria 2019-2020

Looking for the best small business ideas in Nigeria to build your startup? Then you came to the right place. These business opportunities will help you to establish a successful business.

Some of these ideas require small investment and some of them require medium investment. The profit of these businesses is touching the sky right now.

Profitable Business ideas in Nigeria

Here are the 2019 best small business ideas in Nigeria which you can also use in 2020.

1. Internet Businesses

In my opinion, this business is one of the most profitable types of online businesses today. The reason is, many Indonesian consumers are starting to move online, and running an internet business doesn’t require a lot of capital, you know, even without capital.

The advantage of selling other people’s products (reseller / dropship / affiliate) is that we don’t have to worry about getting the goods for sale and also the shipping process. There are many online stores offering this program, of course we also need to study the history of online store transactions. Make sure you are dealing with people who are responsible and who can be trusted.

Online stores that offer reseller programs and dropships are usually ready to send goods to the consumer where the package name or our online store is the sender. In order not to lose the buyer if you want to make purchases later. Reseller / dropship products are usually commodity-shaped.

In addition to selling physical products, we may sell other people’s products in digital form such as ebook, video, and membership. Usually this program is called an affiliate where we earn a commission of one percent of the total price of digital products we sell through our affiliate link.

You can find different products that can be sold at the following market sites:

  • Drops achievementja.com (physical product / collapse)
  • Supplier.id (physical product / collapse)
  • Cakning.com (physical product / collapse)
  • Ritah.com (digital product / affiliate)
  • Idaff.com (digital product / affiliate)
  • Tokopedia.com (physical product / collapse)
  • Bukalapak.com (physical product / collapse)

2. Online Business Selling Article Writing Services / Website Content Creation

Small Business Ideas in Nigeria 2019

Selling writing services is one of the best selling online business types in Indonesia today. The reason is, because now a lot of media blogs / websites have grown and need writers to fill the website content.

Website content can be in the form of text, images and video. But most of the website content I see uses text or articles on average. If you or those around you have the ability to write articles, make videos, and images, then this is an online business opportunity you should run.

Apart from content in the form of text, video content and logo images are also very much needed. One of the most sought after video content and images is to create video marketing and business-related image logos for sale.

Many website owners or business owners do not have the time or skills to create content, logos, and video for their websites and businesses. If you are serious about building an online business to business article writing services website , they are your ideal target market.

How do you find prospective clients? You can find them on some of these sites:

  • Sribulancer.com
  • Projects.co.id
  • Sribu.com

3. Online Business Selling Website / Blog Creation Services

Small Business Ideas in Nigeria 2019

This online business is ideal for someone with the ability to build a website or blog. We do not need to have good expertise in compiling website code from the beginning because there are really many easy ways to build a good website / blog.

One platform that is very easy to learn and implement in building a website / blog is WordPress. With WordPress, there are many themes / templates ready to use and unique, both free and paid with a professional look.

At first you may feel that you will not be able to run this business, but if you are accustomed to creating a good website / blog, then your prospective buyers will not think long enough to hire your services. And we need to consider before selling this service, we should also have a business website that has a convincing look.

How do you find prospective clients? You can find them at the following market sites:

  • Sribulancer.com
  • Projects.co.id

To run this business properly, of course you need to have a quality domain and hosting partner. For this service, I recommend Niagahoster.

4. Doing Internet Business Becoming an Online Broker

This business is pretty much done by online businesses. A broker is a person or company whose job is to combine a seller of a product / service with a prospective buyer. Of course, to be a broker, we must have a relatively broad network and acquaintances.

In the online business, trust from potential customers is something that is very important. Therefore, we must study the background of the person we want to meet, both the seller and the prospective buyer.

Some businesses that use online broker services are included; sell websites, sell properties, sell services, and more. Another thing we need to consider as an online broker is in terms of determining the price of the product / service you provide.

It is best not to take too much profit and not too little as it includes your income and the trust of your clients. You can find different products that can be sold at the following market sites:

  • Ciptaloka.com (seller t-shirt + design)
  • Rumah123.com (buying and selling property)
  • Olx.co.id (buying and selling different products)
  • Carmudi.co.id (buying and selling cars)

5. Selling Consulting Services in Specific Places Online

This business is perfect if you have good skills or expertise in a particular field. In the sense that you are an expert in the field you are in.

Some examples for the business field are SEO website (search engine optimization) a website, business development consulting, romance consulting, traditional medicine consulting, health consulting, and more.

Previously, the business of consulting services was run offline. However, today the business in the field of consulting services is so widespread that we find it on the internet. So, if you have the skills or expertise in a particular field then the expertise can be a profitable business if marketed online.

6. Creating MLM Business Online

Many people have a slanted view of the MLM business, and rush to close if anyone offers an MLM business to them. In fact, this business has the potential and benefits many people.

There are actually many examples of MLM businesses running online that generate long-term profits. However, it should be noted that not all MLM businesses have potential benefits for the culprit.

The online MLM businesses ABE Network and Oriflame are examples of big MLM businesses running online. The success of the online MLM business is because the products are good and widely used by the public. In addition, the business plan offered by this business is very useful for its members.

Apart from these two businesses, there are many other MLM businesses with excellent business potential. But I can’t say much because I don’t run it.

7. Become a Professional Blogger

If an online business model is certain almost everyone can do it. There are many bloggers who have fantastic income from blogs / websites built. I was personally inspired by the success story of a blogger from the UK, where at first his WordPress blog related to social media eventually became a large profitable site reaching over four hundred. thousand dollars a month.

8. Open a Fabric Repair Service Business

Many people want to sew their clothes with a certain model and size, especially those with a body that is either too fat or too thin.

Well, certainly they are always looking for clothing services that are suitable for clothes that can make clothes that fit their body shape. This business opportunity is perfect for people who are interested in fashion, of course you need to have the ability to sew and design clothes.

In addition to making new clothes, sewing services are also often required by those who want to shrink clothes that are too big, or simply put some features on their clothes. As we know, many people buy clothing (clothing / pants) when models are hit, but when purchased it turns out that the size is too big. Now, in order to shrink clothes, the customer will certainly look for tailoring services that can shrink clothes.

9. Running a Culinary Business

If you have a unique food recipe or can make a snack that many people love, you should consider business opportunities in the field of cooking.

This promising business opportunity is perfect for those who love the culinary world. Not a few people successfully run a food business, even though the business is growing and opening branches in other areas.

The story of successful people in this business can be read on the topic of culinary business.

Also remember that the culinary business is a business model that will never come back. Why? Because culinary or food is a basic human need. Although we found many types of cooking businesses, there will still be other types of cooking businesses with different looks and packaging.

This business model can also be run in relatively small capital, you know. And if you have no expertise in the world of cooking but really want to own a food business, then you might want to consider buying a small-capital food franchise business, for example a snack food franchise. One of the franchise snack businesses you can consider is the fried franchise business because there are so many lovers.

10. Businesses that Sell Electronic Credit

Starting a credit sales business today is really easy and cheap, with a starting capital of only Rp 100, 000 – Rp 300, 000, we can start running this business, it can be done anywhere and anyone .

If you are a person who is active in a network, an organization where there are enough members, or college kids, then the business of selling credit can be helpful as you can sell it to network friends, organizations, and campuses.

However, running an electrical pulses business requires seriousness and a good marketing strategy as the current competition for selling electric pulses is relatively tight.

There are some surefire tips that can be done to successfully run an electrical pulses business, including:

a. Register to be a credit agent with a trusted distributor

b. Don’t take too much profit

c. Don’t give people a chance to charge

d. Promotion by paying attention to ethics, through social media or other media

e. Keep providing excellent service to all customers

11. Business Opportunities Opening Private Tutorials / Courses

Selling expertise by teaching others our expertise can be one of the promising business opportunities you know. If we have some ability in some fields, for example; guitar playing skills, website making skills, design, English, computers, etc., we may provide private lessons or courses at home or may be performed elsewhere depending on the conditions.

Notably, it now runs a private tutoring business or this course can be done online through the internet. In Indonesia, there are currently quite a few business startups that provide facilities for private tutoring / online courses. One of the many startups is SekolahPintar.com.

Thus, Sekolahpintar.com is becoming a media link between teachers and students who want to learn online. The topic is in the form of videos that students can watch directly. In addition, students and teachers can interact with the question and answer if any material is discussed in more detail.

Well, for those of you with special knowledge or expertise, of course this is a promising business opportunity, it can still run with very little capital. All you have to do is create a subject line that fits your area of ​​expertise, register as a speaker / teacher at Sekolahpintar.com, and upload course material.

What is certain is that we should contact Sekolahpintar.com, as all topics for sale must be authorized. If you’re interested, you can try becoming a private online teacher at Smart School.

12. Open a Warung or Grocery Shop

In fact, the business opportunity of opening a food / grocery store (nine staples) is real potential because the community will certainly look for it. However, this business is running a lot, so we have to look at the level of competition available, the location, and also the capital they have.

We also need to pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of running this business model because not everyone is fit to run a food stall business. Useful business opportunities require serious attention, being thorough, and demanding the presence of an ongoing business owner, so inevitably you must concern yourself so that food stalls can run well.

13. Business Opportunities for Design, Photo Editing and Printing Services

This business opportunity is perfect for those with skills and creativity in image processing and design. Of course we need to have the ability to use one of our photo editing software, such as: CorelDraw, Photoshop, and other software.

To open a business in the field of design services, digital printing or digital printing, you don’t need to have a large capital you know. You can also start a business without material capital by selling these services using the services of many sites such as; Ciptaloka.com , Sribu.com , Sribulancer.com, blazbluz.com, Projects.co.id, and more.

At Ciptaloka.com, for example, you can sell custom printed T-shirt services that you create. So, people can order shirts with certain designs through you, then after customers pay, you can order shirts using your design through Ciptaloka. In this way, it would certainly help those without capital to build a printing company but want to do business right away.

14. Business Opportunities Opening of Laundry Services

If we look at the laundry business with more and more services, some also offer to take the clothes off for laundry. And the laundry business will usually be very demanding when located near campus, boarding houses.

If you think this business suits you, you should do it right away because this business will always be sought after by many people.

There is some information to keep in mind if you want to succeed in the laundry business;

Pay attention to the target market. Before opening a laundry service service we must first determine who the target market is most often using the laundry services offered. Usually the people who often use the laundry services are students, office workers who are still alone. But it is also possible for customers to come from different segments, such as housewives.

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