10 Advantageous Small Business Ideas in Kannada

Looking for small business ideas in Kannada? Then you jumped into the article. Here we will tell you about the best and profitable ideas of business that can give you a huge profit in Kannada.

These business ideas only require a small investment but the returns they can give you are more.

10 Small Business ideas in Kannada

List of 10 business ideas in Kannada that are innovative, profitable and for which profits returns are huge:

Search Engine Optimization

Due to the increase in technology and blogging. SEO has become a business. Different website owners hire an SEO expert to write content, analyse the content or to do SEO of the website for higher ranking. You can also work on your SEO skills and work as a freelancer until your business gets established. After that, you can open a small firm of 10-20 members.


Many business organisation don’t have time to recruit new employees. If they need more employees they hire a recruitment firm who recruit the candidates for them. All the process is maintained by those firms. You can start with very little investment.


I’m sure all of you know about this. Blogging is now becoming a trend. Everyone wants to become a blogger. Mostly in India due to unemployment, students work on their websites and make a reasonable amount.

eBay Business

You may have heard about the eBay. It is an online store where you can sell and purchase products. If you have some skills of handmade making products then you can sell them online with eBay.

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Prepare Jewelry

There is a lot of possibility of getting successful in this business but it will require more investment than any other business ideas in a list. You can sell your products both online and offline. You can design gold, diamond and platinum which are in trend nowadays.

Wedding Planner

Nowadays, people don’t make preparations for the wedding by themselves. They hire a wedding planner who is responsible for all activities of the marriage. It is one of the best business you can, but it requires more efforts and innovative mindset.

Restaurant Business

This is one of the profitable business these days. You may have seen that for a cup of coffee some restaurants charge about 90 rupees and customers are willing to pay this. The restaurant business is very profitable in Kannda that you can start within days.

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Event Management

Just like a wedding planner who manage all the activities in the marriage. Event management is the management of any kind of events. It can be business events like a product launch, Award functions or any other events in Kanada.

Real estate Consultancy

As we all know there has been an increase in the purpose of properties in India and those who don’t know the procedures and didn’t want to find the suitable one because of the time, he/she wants to save, they hire a consultant who does it for them for a commission.

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Stationery business is also very profitable in Kannda. Business organisation and education organisation need stationary for smoothing working you can provide them. You can open a stationery shop near a college or school.

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I have discussed with you the best business ideas in Kannda that you can use today to start a business. All these ideas are legal and are profitable. Hope you like this article. If you have any question regarding this, leave a comment below.

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