37 Profitable Business Ideas in Mumbai for 2021

What are the best business ideas in Mumbai that are currently booming? What is the best small capital business opportunity with low investment capital or overhead budget for those who are excited to start a business? 

So, I suggest that you read on because this article will answer all your questions whether it is business ideas in Mumbai with low investment, home based ideas or for ladies sitting at home.

You have a business idea like a great online business opportunity, and you are very optimistic that it will succeed, but you are still waiting endlessly on how long you will earn enough to start this business. Don’t worry if you believe, you can run a side business without capital. Or you are thinking of ways to gradually start migrating from your job to your own business, but you seem to have absolutely no idea what business to start.

Here we will talk about some of the great ideas that you can start in Mumbai.

Let’s get started.

20 Interesting Business Ideas in Mumbai from Home

Starting a business doesn’t have to be big capital. There’s nothing wrong with trying to start the following cool home business!

For those of you who want freedom in space or extra income, you may really look at home-based business opportunities. There are still many promising home business opportunities, without having to spend big capital or crazy investments. Here are 20 types of businesses that you can start from home with a promising income.

Here are the 20 Promising Home Business Ideas in Mumbai:

 1. Home Culinary Business

Business Ideas in Mumbai

This is a home-based business opportunity that will be timeless. The booming culinary-based home business has been enjoyed by many, especially those with cooking or baking skills. Departing from a hobby, you can start this home business with the following tips:

  • Focus on the mainstay menu with attention to quality.
  • Diligently share food samples with friends and relatives.
  • Take profit fairly, especially for beginners.
  • Diligently build connections with food influencers and take advantage of social media.

2. Food Influencer

Not far from culinary-themed home business. You can also try to become an influencer special food alias food influencers. To start this home business, the principle is to build followers on social media. With honest reviews and consistency in posting on social media, your followers will slowly grow.

3. PO Food Business

Not good at cooking? Not fluent as a food influencer? You can still be in the food business as an offline food service provider. You can then sell them online by collecting orders. With large quantity orders, you can simply take a thin profit margin and can earn extra income.

4. Expenditure Service

Services are not only for those who travel abroad but also for domestic and certain areas. You can start a traditional market shopping service which is now booming during the current outbreak. This jeep shopping-home business proves that mobility can be used as a promising business opportunity.

5. Selling used goods

Pre-loved market trends or second-hand goods are no longer new in Indonesia. In fact, Analytic Data Advertising (ADA) noted an increase in the sale and purchase of second-hand goods by up to 300% in March 2020. This home business can be done in various online marketplaces, both for used goods and not.

6. Rental business

There is no need to be pessimistic if there are no used goods that can be sold, it could be that your goods can be rented to other enthusiasts. The rental business is one of the promising home businesses, especially with the availability of several marketplace platforms that can be used. Starting from the rental of space, cars, baby equipment, books, and costumes.

7. Freelance writer

Business Ideas in Mumbai

Have a writing talent? Try joining the Indonesian freelancer community to get interesting writing projects. Especially if you master a foreign language, your talents will be highly sought after as a translator or translator. Look for a marketplace specifically for freelancers, both local and international.

8. Graphic Design Services

No less promising, graphic design services, logos, websites, and applications are also one of the many opportunities at home. Along with the activity of SMEs in the country, these small business people definitely need a visual representation for branding. It is not impossible, you can expand this graphic design service or website to printing opportunities, starting from business cards, brochures, billboards, and menus.

9. Social Media Specialist

Because modern times have never been separated from social media, the profession of admin and social media specialists is also increasingly sought after. If the online admin’s job is simply to upload photos, post captions, or respond on social media, social media specialists have more complex tasks. Among them are compiling digital campaigns, analyzing trends, and increasing credibility and engagement with the audience.

10. Private Tutor

The education sector is one of the industries that will continue to move as long as the world is still rotating. This home business opportunity is now even more flexible because you can also use the online platform for private tutoring to remain virtually effective. You can also start a private tutoring service business offline by starting from your neighborhood.

11. Selling Homemade Products

Don’t underestimate handicraft products which are one of the pulses of Indonesia’s economy. A home business of homemade products ranging from hamper gifts, woven arts, beauty products, candles, to soap. Many local products start from a home scale with export opportunities if managed properly. Just focus on developing a homemade product that fits your expertise. Maintain quality and use social media marketing strategies for marketing.

12. Youtuber

Business Ideas in Mumbai

What makes many people compete to become YouTubers? This is because the content is one of the products of the millennial era that everyone needs. The video trend is predicted to continue to dominate the digital market, as well as become an asset that can generate extra income.

Being a Youtuber doesn’t require big capital, just a smartphone, and a video editing application so the results are interesting. Choose a topic that you are good at and prioritize the positive side of education. Don’t forget to be consistent with the upload schedule and content quality.

13. Dropshipper

The millennial generation is definitely no stranger to the term dropship. The definition of this term is not far from the meaning of “intermediary”, aka a connector between the seller who owns the stock and the buyer. So, the dropshipping home business is very low risk and low cost.

You can start by selling certain products and displaying them in online stalls. After the payment is confirmed, you can order the product and include the purchase address according to the original order received.

14. Laundry services

Dare to provide extra facilities, this could be the key to a successful home laundry business. Many laundry services offer cheap prices, shuttle services, and clean, shiny results. With hard work and proper marketing, profits can also cover current costs.

15. Selling Health Products

Health products such as sterilizers, cloth masks, hand sanitizers, and herbal medicines are being hunted because of the unfinished virus outbreak. This large number of requests can be an opportunity for you to provide on-trend products. Of course, you have to remember to sell at a reasonable price.

16. Insurance agent

One more thing that should not be missed, selling insurance products is more than just a buying and selling transaction. You can also add financial consulting services and provide appropriate investment advice.

17. Podcast Creator

The home business by starting a podcast channel is also a kind of content creator business with a broadcast model. The topics that can be raised are also very broad, ranging from sports, politics, education, health, and many more. Podcast trends can be profitable if your audience is growing and loyal. That way, you can get sponsors, endorsements, or other interesting partnerships.

18. Ornamental Fish Cultivation

Business Ideas in Mumbai

Hobbies do not have a benchmark price. One of them is a community of ornamental fish enthusiasts whose selling price can reach up to hundreds of millions of rupiah per fish. Apart from ornamental fish, the reptile lover community also dares to pay dearly to get the newest pet. If you have the soul of a breeder, aka a breeder, you can try a business in the field of cultivation for a start.

19. Commodities Trader

Have export relations? You can try commodity trading services from Indonesian natural products. Call it coffee, chocolate, coconut, textiles, or marine products which always have an international market. The most important thing, you also have to be observant of the payment terms. Just start first with a small quantity and minimum down payment, for example, 20%, with a credible buyer. Over time, your business will become more and more recognized.

20. SEO Consultant

Who doesn’t want their website to appear on the first page of search engines? Well, this is the role of an SEO consultant who can search for unique keywords so that they can be applied correctly on the site. You can develop these skills by learning and continuing to explore knowledge, especially in the field of SEO. If you live it diligently, you may get more and more SEO projects with a large budget.

Business Ideas in Mumbai with Low investment

Here are the 10 small business ideas in mumbai with high opportunities and low investment capital: 


Whether you are a creative writer, web designer, graphic designer, accountant, bookkeeper, marketing consultant, editor, and so on, you can start offering your services as an independent professional. Most businesses, as a way of reducing costs, have laid off many of their in-house staff and hired independent professionals instead.

Marketing consultant

While it goes without saying that the economy doesn’t help businesses, most businesses continue to increase their marketing efforts to increase sales and thrive even amid harsh market conditions. This is why there is now a huge demand for consultants in the modern marketing channel; SEO, mobile marketing, social media marketing, etc.

Security services

Due to bad economic trends, many people turn to crime as a way to make ends meet. For this reason, owners of homes and other valuable assets hire security guards to protect their valuables (rather than losing their valuables to criminals).

Child care

Business Ideas in Mumbai

As a way to make ends meet, most parents, especially single mothers, usually work long hours and shuttle between jobs. As a result, most mothers have less than enough time to actually care for their children, especially babies. As a result, they hire the services of child sitters and child care professionals.

Elderly Care

Recent demographic studies have revealed that populations in the US and other developed countries are gradually aging. This means there is a gradual increase in the number of adults over 50. This is evidenced by the increasing demand for elderly care services.

Pet care

Regardless of the economic situation, people have to take care of their pets, because these pets are the only companions that make some people happy. Every year, people spend 4-6 figures on their pets. So it goes without saying that starting a pet grooming business is a great idea – especially for someone who loves pets and has a background in veterinary medicine.

Food and snacks

This is another recession-proof business that you can start with as a small investment with small investment capital. You can start with baked goods such as cakes, pastries, pastries, and other snacks. Over time, you will move on to other offers. The truth is that people eat food every day, despite the economic circumstances. So you will make a steady income from you starting a food production business.


We all love to look good, and jewelry helps us look really good. So we can’t do it without taking them to our wardrobe, just as we can’t do without wearing them. Consider starting a business that sells jewelry such as watches, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and so on. You can start small by offering cheap items at first. Then as your business grows, you will gradually introduce more expensive offers.


Creams, makeup kits, powders, lipsticks, and other cosmetic items will always be in demand. Everyone, regardless of the state of their pockets, likes to look good and has no problem spending on items that will help them achieve this goal. So, any business that offers quality cosmetics will always be profitable, all things being equal.

Laundry Service

Many people have too much on their hands and, as a result, are too busy to wash their own clothes. However, they must look good in whatever is placed in the workplace and other places. People easily pay for laundry services. And they actually do this a lot, weekly in most cases. This means you will have multiple tasks on your desk if you start a Laundry Service business, which means a lot of money.

Small Business ideas in Mumbai for ladies

Ladies or women are always ‘accused’ of being someone who likes to spend money. Because women really like shopping and buying exorbitant prices for makeup. But many women are smart in business. So now you have to change, which previously only spent money to buy new clothes, new makeup, and new accessories, now you have to be able to make all of those fields of money. You must be able to find a business that is suitable for a woman like you.

Actually, quite a lot of business can be done by women. Whether it’s a career woman, a housewife, or a student. As long as there is a strong intention to do business, you can immediately start running a business.

Businesses do not need to spend large amounts of capital, currently, there are quite a few businesses that can be run without any capital at all. That means without having to buy a product, then sell it back. How many businesses can be run without capital if you have problems with capital? 

Culinary business

Almost all women like to cook, and like to eat. No wonder, many women, apart from enjoying shopping, also like to hunt for culinary delights. Now is the time for you to become a culinary creator, not just a connoisseur. Aren’t you being able to create delicious and delicious culinary delights, you can get money from this hobby?

What is the culinary business? Of course, there are quite a lot of culinary businesses that you can do. Just adjust it to what culinary delights you can make and sell. Culinary do not have to diet tablets, you can also sell drinks as the trend in Indonesia, namely Thai Tea or mango juice era now trending you can try for business.

There are so many culinary fields to be used as a business for women. Like selling breakfast food, dinners like fried rice, satay, or whatever. You can make all of that your new source of income.

Cosmetics Business

Business Ideas in Mumbai

Women are always synonymous with cosmetics, for those of you who like to buy cosmetics, surely you know how much money you have to spend just to buy one cosmetic? Why don’t you think that the cosmetics that you use all this time, you make it a business that you are engaged in?

The cosmetics business is a business that is suitable for women. Maybe this month, you can open a cosmetics business from home and offer it to your neighbors first. So that it will be easy to sell the products you offer.

Fashion Business

The business that is suitable for women is the fashion business. Some so many women do business in this field. Because this business is quite easy to do. In fact, many have been successful, even though the product they are selling is not their product. but they buy from suppliers.

Fashion is one product that never dies. You can sell these products for your home business. Because fashion products are a product that is worthy enough to try to sell and get a high enough income.

You can sell everything from hijabs, clothes, pants, skirts, shoes, and any items related to fashion. Surely these products will sell well if you really focus on working on this business seriously. There is no need to be afraid of failure because another advantage of the fashion business is that the items you sell will not be stale and can be resold at a later time.

Business Handmade

If you are a creative woman and you want to own a business, then you can try to do business with handmade goods. There is quite a lot of demand for handmade items, especially if you can make a unique handmade item. Surely your products can sell well.

Handmade items can be a suitable business for women. You can sell bracelets, wallets, bags, or make souvenirs for weddings which are quite popular with anyone who is getting married. You can also target your friends who are getting married to potential customers.

Interior Decoration

Are you a woman with an architectural background or are you working as an architect? In between your work, you can make interior design designs, be it the interior of a house, shop, restaurant, or company that you can sell yourself and you can do this to become a money field.

Also, you can make interior designs for houses that want to have an interior design that is different from other homes. For the first time, you can offer this one business to friends around you. Isn’t that easy for you to do?

Event Organizer

If you are a person who likes to create events and conceptualize events, then you should start an event organizer business. 

Currently, EO business needs quite a lot. Both the EO for wedding, anniversary, even for the anniversary of marriage. So you can make this EO one of the businesses that you are in. EO is a business that is suitable for women. Both career women and non-career women such as housewives.

Baby gear

The next business you can get into is the baby gear business. Because baby equipment will continue to be sought after by anyone. So you can try selling baby equipment and selling it to your neighbors or your friends. Because it is very easy to sell and the market share is quite wide.

There are quite a lot of baby equipment products, you can find suppliers whose products are suitable for you to sell and resell. The baby gear business is a suitable business for women because women can choose cute and unique products that are suitable for babies.

Quite a few businesses are suitable for women. As long as you have a strong will and intention to do business, then you can immediately find ideas for the business that you are going to run, for example, like the business list for women above.

Do you have to have your own shop? Now for you to do business, you don’t need to have an offline store, you can sell it online through the marketplace or build your own online store. You can even sell it only via social media. Of course, it will be more economical in terms of operations than you buy or rent a shop to sell.

By doing business online, you can also manage a business while taking care of your baby and still taking care of the house. And for transaction recording, you can entrust Accurate Online (AOL). What’s more, Accurate Online already has SmartLink integration with major marketplaces in Indonesia such as Shoppe and Tokopedia. So you can import sales transaction data from the marketplace directly into your Accurate Online database.

Of course, you don’t need to be confused about recording problems, even though you have a lot of orders, you won’t forget to write them down. If you have integrated Accurate Online with an account in the marketplace, you don’t have to bother taking notes and making books for your business. Hopefully, this business article suitable for women can be an option for those of you who want to do business, even though you already have a job or a household.


Now you have ideas for your business that you want to start in Mumbai, but make sure you do a proper research before starting any business online or offline.

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