31 Small Business Ideas in Bangladesh – Profitable Opportunities

Looking for profitable small business ideas in Bangladesh? Then high profit business opportunities in Bangladesh will help establish a successful business startup.

Your entrepreneurial soul, these business ideas and a good strategy to insert yourself in the market sounds like the perfect formula for announced success. And always remember these words from Mark Zuckerberg: “Ideas don’t come out fully formed. They take shape as you work on them. You just have to start.

Ready? Well, we already started.

31 Business Ideas in Bangladesh

Here are the small profitable business ideas in Bangladesh that are highly profitable.

1. Real estate startups

Real Estate Startups and Renewal of Traditional Agencies” sounds like a newspaper headline, right? And indeed, in recent times proptech startups have given a lot to talk about. The focus is on the real estate market, which, with its ups and downs, is becoming a very attractive business idea for entrepreneurs.

It is about offering the same house sale or rental services that classic agencies provide. And so why innovative? Well, because they have known how to enter with the use of technology and low commissions in a scarce sector of modernization. Some of the best known are Housfy, Cliventa and Spotahome.

2. Business coaching

Investing in the business coaching sector is another great profitable business idea. It is a way of advising companies or business owners to achieve their goals and promote business growth. Currently, it is a highly demanded service and it is expected to continue increasing.

3. Business with 3D printer

3D technology has come for several decades, but there is still the possibility of setting up a business. This time with 3D printers! There is a wide variety of options to carry out with a printer of this type, from personalized items to suit the customer to business services. Of course, the creativity and innovation of your venture will depend on you. In addition, it will require some initial investment in a computer, software, materials and, of course, the 3D printer.

4. Coworkings

The coworking shows a renewal of the workplace . It is a space in which freelancers , digital nomads, small companies or departments of large companies share the same workspace. Imagine a large open plan office where creativity, flexibility, innovation and community are its fundamental pillars. In addition, it is a revolutionary trend that increasingly adds more people. In fact, it is expected that by 2022 there will be 30,000 cowork spaces in the world and 5.1 million members.

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Now where is the business idea? I’m riding a coworking ! It is true that it can entail a good sum in initial investment, since you will have to rent a large space, furnish it with chairs and tables, equip it with printers and other work materials, but it is worth it.

5. Customizations

The popularity of customizations is on the rise and has expanded to all sectors, from product sales to services. More and more people require unique items or exclusive attention. Therefore, it is a good time to sell personalized products because you will have clients willing to pay for it.

Some of the most attractive and profitable options are personalized gifts . These products are in high demand when it comes to personalizations, as they are exclusive products, adapted to the needs and tastes of each client. For example, mugs with photos or printed personal phrases, sweaters, diaries, key chains, etc …

Another point in your favor is targeting the target . Millennials are known to be the most committed to these original, custom-designed products.

6. Business with drones

Drones or unmanned aerial vehicles offer many business opportunities . From photography services, aerial videos, sale or rental of drones to setting up a drone repair shop , these devices make it easy for you to set up your own venture with a not so high investment.

7. Self-service and ecological laundry

Self-service laundry services are based on a low investment, high profitability business model . The capital you need is relatively small, since you do not need to hire the latest generation personnel or washing machines. In fact, the proposal is innovative since it works with biodegradable products and machinery that recycles them.

There are already laundries that have adopted this system, including Eco Laundry, Centronet and Clean Master. The acceptance and profitability has been such that even all of them offer the opportunity to acquire a franchise to continue its expansion.

8. Craft beer sale

The sale of craft beer is already an industry . It is not a fashion business, but one that is here to stay. As for any venture, it will be necessary to think of a value proposition that makes you differentiate yourself from existing businesses.

For example, how about a beer shop specializing in craft beer ? If, on the other hand, you are more interested in being a producer of craft beer and creating your own brand, you can become the largest distributor in your town or city. You can even combine both business models: imagine a store with a small manufacturing area that shows the entire process in real time to consumers.

9. Artificial intelligence and chatbots

The communication channels between client and company are becoming more sophisticated. The new thing, which is not so new because it has been around for a few years, is to apply artificial intelligence in the creation of chatbots . But would you know how to get a business idea based on this? Well, it is very simple, become a creator of chatbots and sell them to companies that require your services.

The best thing is that you don’t need advanced programming knowledge. Fortunately, there are tools that facilitate this work, for example, Chattypeople. However, many companies do not have the time to work with them. This is your moment!

Promote your services on social networks and websites and start earning money with the development of chatbots .

10. Weddings canceled?

One of the most innovative business ideas is to take advantage of weddings that are canceled at the last minute. This is the proposal of the Bridal Brokerage platform, emerged from the experience of its creator. It is a site that connects people who cancel their weddings with those who want to get married quickly . In this way, both win: those who cancel recover part of the money spent on the wedding preparations and those who want to get married quickly have everything ready, it’s just saying “I want to”.

So, is the wedding canceled? No, rather an express wedding . You too could create such a platform for the annulled weddings of your city!

11. Develop mobile applications

Given that the world is becoming more technological and the expanded use of smartphones is already a fact, engaging in this industry can be very profitable . If you are a programmer or software engineer , how about living from developing mobile applications?

An excellent micro-niche is developing health and wellness applications, for example, apps that control heart rate, offer exercise routines, suggest healthy meals, help control body weight, etc.

You have several options to monetize the apps you create. First, a business model may be uploading them to platforms such as the Google Play Store or App Store and free to download. In this case you can win by advertising inserted inside them. Another way is to place them on the same platforms, but this time the download would be paid. Finally, you can develop applications for different companies that need them to improve the user experience and expand their customer access channels.

To publicize your services, create a website where you explain in detail what you offer, share a portfolio of previous work and enter your contact information.

12. Develop websites

But if you prefer the web programming language, you have a business opportunity at your fingertips. The presence online is an imperative for companies . And how to get to the network? Well, through web pages or sites. It is at that precise moment when they turn to your web development services.

You can start as a freelance , but if you want to grow your business, the ideal would be to set up an agency. You can even do it from home. The main investment will be in the technical equipment you need and in assistant personnel.

13. Second-hand cell phone repair and sales workshop

Compared to the legendary brick, the Nokia 3310  that could fall through the elevator shaft without breaking, the screen of an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy may show cracks after a small drop. When this happens, and since the warranty does not cover accidental damage, the only option is to take it to a technician or establishment that does smartphone repairs .

And that’s where you have a great business opportunity. Of course, if you set up a repair shop , you must have technical knowledge about cell phones or hire someone who owns them.

One of the options is to specialize your workshop on phones of a certain brand or range (for generations) to define your target audience or to make a name for yourself in that sector.

14. Develop video games

We are in the technological age! That is why one of the most profitable business ideas today is the creation of video games . It is an industry that generates millions of dollars annually.

From creating games for social networks to educational games for children, the options are many. What do you need? In addition to programming knowledge, a lot of creativity to develop video games that are different and succeed.

15. Shop for pet food, accessories and care products

Pets are considered one more member of the family. For this reason, this market is increasingly acquiring large annual sales volumes . In fact, it is estimated that by 2023 the pet care industry will report $ 20.3 billion in Latin America, according to Pet Industry magazine . Given these figures, it seems to be a good business opportunity.

A pet shop will be in charge of marketing food, toys, clothes, accessories, medicines and offering some services such as baths or hair straightening. Keep in mind that you will require various equipment and supplies to set up your premises. In the same way, it will be necessary to establish good suppliers to shape your stock.

16. Buy a franchise

Acquiring a franchise is one of the most successful business ideas , since you do not have to start from scratch, but “adopt” a proven business model. In addition, you will undertake under a positioned brand. Of course, you need a good amount of capital to buy a franchise . Think of it as an investment whose risks are greatly minimized.

The restaurant sector, especially fast food, is ranked number one in sales. However, there are many other possibilities that are also stomping the franchise scene. For example, the fitness and personal care sector.

If this possibility ties you, but you do not have enough capital, an alternative may be online franchises . They are low investment and high profitability opportunities.

17. Car workshop

Most auto related services are in high demand . In addition, the options to start such a business cover various investment ranges. Some of the most profitable opportunities are:

  • Mechanical or electrical repair shop .
  • Car balancing and alignment workshop .
  • Car dry cleaning service .
  • Oil changes business .
  • Polishing workshop .

18. Interior decoration

Are you one of those who spends time imagining moving a piece of furniture here and shelf there to achieve more space? Are you passionate about environmental psychology, aesthetics, lighting and architecture ? Do you have creativity, artistic skills, good taste and, of course, knowledge of design and architectural materials? If the answers to all these questions were positive, then you can start an interior design business .

For example, an idea to start may be offering a nursery decoration service . Over time you will be able to specialize in the sector that most attracts you and that has the highest profitability. For that, stay updated on market trends.

19. Wedding planner

One of the most suggestive business ideas due to the high demand it has is wedding planning . Weddings are one of the most stressful moments in the life of a couple, as it is a unique occasion and everything is required to go well. And who better than a wedding planner to meticulously organize the ceremony?

To create a successful business must possess excellent organizational and management skills, creativity, good providers, communication skills and always have a plan B . There are several types of services, from complete packages to consultancies. The decision is up to you!

20. Manicure and pedicure salon

Business ideas related to hand and foot aesthetics never go out of style. In short, personal care is one of the fastest growing trends today. So this may be the time to invest in the aesthetic sector . In fact, beauty salons are estimated to bill $ 14 billion by 2024.

These types of salons have always existed, therefore, the competition is quite high. If you want yours to make a difference, be sure to introduce something new . And the best way to do it is through innovation. For example, it offers home delivery services, works with eco-friendly products and stays up-to-date with aesthetic trends such as nail art … Make your salon a reference in the sector!

If you don’t have enough investment capital, but you have a knack for nail grooming , consider starting a small business at home or at home . To get to something big, you start from the bottom. Never forget.

21. Hairdressing salon or at home

A hair salon is another one of those high-demand business ideas . Like nail salons, hair salons will always exist. Yes, it is a traditional business, but you can create a new concept. For example, an express hair salon .

If you are good with cuts and hairstyles, but do not have much money to invest in a salon, think about offering your services at home . This type of business offers advantages for everyone: for you because you save rent and installation of the premises and for customers because it is more comfortable.

With the time and growth of your business, you can set up your own salon, hire more specialists and expand services.

22. Gyms or personal trainer

And within profitable business ideas, investing in the world of fitness is an opportunity on the table . It is an industry that already moves millions of dollars annually. In Europe, for example, people spend between € 36 and € 73 on gym subscriptions, according to a Myprotein survey . Start the business with basic services and then increase the number of class options.

And not only do you have the opportunity to set up a gym, you can also opt for a CrossFit center. Of course, either of these two modalities involves high investments that you may not be able to assume from the beginning.

But do you know what other option you have to start with? Offer personal training . Many people need personalized advice. And this is your chance. The investment is almost nil. If you have any space in your house, you can teach in it, if not, you can offer a personal training service at home. You can even take advantage of the parks or free sports facilities in your neighborhood.

23. Massage services

Massage is an ancient technique of physical stimulation. From relaxing and therapeutic to erotic, there are more than 10 massage techniques or modalities. To offer these services you must have adequate preparation and training , with health improvisations are not worth. If you already have it, perfect! If you are not ready, allocate part of your investment to your education and training.

When you are fit, then you can start your own venture. In economic and low investment modality you can start a business of massage services at home . You will need a portable massage table, essential oils, towels, among other instruments specific to each type of massage.

If you have capital for investment, think about creating a spa center . People look for places where they can relax and enjoy a good massage. Start with basic services and create affordable plans for all budgets. Also take into account the location of the premises, since it must be easily accessible. You can learn the steps in our article: How to open a spa business or wellness center

You can even opt for a more current idea such as setting up a quick massage stand in shopping malls or places with a large influx of people.

24. Yoga business

The stressful contemporary world has made more and more people demand services or products that help relaxation and improve the quality of life . Yoga , as an ancient discipline based on the balance between body and mind to release tension, is one of the most attractive business opportunities . In addition, it has become popular as a physical exercise, which is why it is demanded not only to achieve mental peace, but also to be fit.

If you are a yoga lover and you are good at teaching classes, you have a business in sight. And the best thing is that there are several options. You can offer yoga classes physically . If you have any space in your house, start with this option, if not, offer classes at home. On the other hand, you also have the facility to teach yoga classes online. One of the digital options is to create a YouTube channel and upload tutorials, routines, etc. Later, when you have more investment capital, you can open your own yoga center .

In any case, you need to segment your market. For example, yoga for pregnant women, the elderly, young people. Remember that you can always choose a general public. Similarly, you can offer group or personalized classes.

25. Riding language academy

The schools of languages are an excellent business idea. They are in high demand, especially for the little ones at home. You can think of several modalities. For example, if the idea is to start on a low budget, the best option is to teach at home . You may need to hire other teachers from the start to cover as many clients as possible. The second alternative, which involves a larger budget, is to set up a physical location . In this case you can have more students.

To teach? The first thing that comes to mind is English. However, it would be good if you investigate the demand for other languages. For example, French, German, Chinese and even Spanish in areas with a high population of non-Spanish speaking immigrants. Another option to differentiate yourself is to offer classes in a little-taught language such as Esperanto .

26. Dance classes

Rumba, salsa, mambo, tango, meringue … Are you familiar with any dance? What type of dances will you specialize in? It is the first thing you must define. If you do not have the budget to set up an academy, you can start with classes at home , in your own home or in public areas such as parks, for example.

27. Event organization agency

An event organization agency is a highly demanded and profitable business in the short term . What do you need? In principle, a lot of organizational capacity, creativity and management power. Specific niche or diversification? The wide world of events presents a range of options: from social events such as birthdays, weddings, etc. to corporate events such as conferences, meetings …

To start in this well-exploited market for years, you need to do it through something innovative and competitive. For example, one of the latest business motivational business strategies is to develop team building activities . What if you create a company that organizes this type of activities? Another option is to organize themed events. Imagine a futuristic wedding or a birthday that Disneyland recreates… Specializing in this niche is a fairly profitable business opportunity.

On the other hand, it is extremely important to have a portfolio of good suppliers . Remember that to organize an event you will need catering providers , furniture, decoration, technical equipment for audio and video, lighting, transporters or couriers, artists or entertainers, among others.

28. Cleaning company

Cleaning is a sector demanded by both companies and individuals. Although the  general cleaning niche of commercial premises, houses, gyms , etc. It is usually the most valued, because it is so common, it is the one with the most competition.  Given this fact, it would be a good idea to start your business focused on a specialized niche.

Another leading idea is to offer cleaning services with sustainable products . In other words, products that are environmentally friendly. It is a way to insert yourself with something innovative in a well-exploited market for years. If you propose an attractive service and differentiated from the traditional, you can achieve considerable demand.

29. International gastronomy restaurant

What if you bring traditional Thai, Arabic, Chinese, Mediterranean food to your country? The tasting of typical dishes from other countries without having to travel to them, is a unique opportunity . Take advantage of that demand to set up a specialized restaurant . Of course, study the market in the area in which you want to mount it. The main data to analyze are the number of inhabitants, purchasing power, taste, culture, etc. That way, you won’t start the business blindly.

30. Installation of solar panels

Sustainable business ideas cannot be absent, as they become increasingly stronger in the world. Currently, there are many enterprises focused on this sector. However, one of the most profitable is to start a solar panel installation business . The first thing you will have to do is form a trained work team for this business. In other words, they must be high-level electrical technicians to guarantee the quality of your services. Second, locate good suppliers who have acknowledgments in panel production.

Similarly, you can not only offer installation services, but also maintenance or repair of solar panels. If you diversify your venture, the more potential customers you will have.

31. Set up a video game room

It is no secret that undertaking in the entertainment world is one of the most profitable business ideas . If you are a video game fan, this opportunity may be yours. Broadly speaking, setting up a video game room can carry a relatively high investment. Keep in mind that you have to rent a spacious place, invest in televisions, consoles and, of course, in games. In addition, you must buy furniture and do the necessary work to condition the premises.

Finally, consider selling light foods and drinks. It is an ideal way to diversify the business, while generating extra income.

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