14 Profitable Small Business Ideas in Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh is famous for many businesses and is a great place to start a business in India. We will share the business ideas that you can use to start your first business in Arunachal Pradesh and make it successful.

This state of India is famous for orchids, so starting a business related to flowers can be one of the best idea. Below are the some great business opportunities that you can grab in Arunachal Pradesh.

business ideas in arunachal pradesh

Business Ideas in Arunachal Pradesh

Here are profitable Business Ideas in Arunachal Pradesh that you use for your start-up:

Accessories for Women

Accessories are one of the best businesses that you can do in Arunachal Pradesh. Women love accessories and have a great market in every place at every time.

It’s not too difficult to market these accessories products, because almost all women like accessories, be it bracelets, brooches, hair ribbons, necklaces to bandanas. Favorite accessories of all ages, children, adolescents, mothers to office workers.

There are many inexpensive materials that can be used to make accessories. Call it flannel, stone beads or so on. You don’t need special skills, you can learn by yourself or take craft courses that are widely held.


There’s nothing wrong with starting a business by becoming a dropshipper and selling other people’s products. As a dropshipper you don’t need to keep a stock of goods, just forward the order to the supplier.

Currently this type of business is very successful in every part of India but this business is quite competitive.

Without the hassle of packaging and sending goods to buyers. You don’t need to spend capital unless you have a stable internet connection and patiently serve buyers. It’s that simple!

Currently, there are many dropshipping sites that can help you sell. There are many choices of products that you can sell.

The important part is finding a reliable supplier so that it won’t disappoint buyers. This business opportunity is increasing as the Indonesian people’s online shopping interest increases.

Selling Contemporary Coffee

Businesses that do not lose age- hits is to open a coffee shop, especially contemporary coffee (cold brew coffee) are preferred by many levels of society. Drinking coffee for the people of Indonesia has become a way of life. This opportunity should be used as an excuse to open a coffee business.

To start a modern coffee business, you have to buy coffee from a coffee producer/coffee supplier so that you get a cheaper price. Then, you can buy coffee equipment in the marketplace.

Private Tutoring Service

If you have certain skills, such as music or foreign languages, then you can offer your services by opening private lessons. Apart from offering music / foreign languages, you can also become a private tutor for general subjects at the elementary, junior high, or high school level.

Education and Tutoring business is one of best business ideas in Arunachal Pradesh. Asper my opinion, this business is profitable in every aspect.

Without the need to think about the location of the study, you can provide services by visiting the student’s house. You only have enough skill capital. You can promote your services through social media.

Credit and Data Packages

The need for pulses and data packages nowadays can be said to be a mandatory requirement for everyone. 

There are even some people who have more than 1 smartphone, of course all of them need credit and data packages so they can communicate and access the Internet. To run this business, you are not required to have a physical counter. You only need a smartphone and write ‘Selling Credit & Data Packages’ at home.


Laundry service is a big opportunity, especially in urban areas or close to boarding houses. Most of them do not have time to wash clothes because they are busy at work or college, so they prefer laundry services. 

Whether it is Arunachal Pradesh or other parts of India and world, because don’t like to do laundries by their own. On a small scale this business also very profitable.

For this home laundry business, you really have to need the most capital to buy a washing machine and clothes iron. Try to provide good service, on time, neat iron, and clean laundry.

Computer Service and Installation Services

This service is probably most commonly performed by students or IT workers. Only with the tools and knowledge of computer assembly you can open a computer service and installation service business. You can also take advantage of social media and also the power of networking to market your services.

Graphic Design and Video Editing

Graphic design and video editing skills are probably the most common abilities for anyone today. The need for graphic design and video editing is now arguably very much needed and sought after by entrepreneurs, both small and medium enterprises and large companies. Graphic design work also actually doesn’t require intensive communication so it can be done remotely.

Selling frozen food

This business is on the rise lately. Along with the number of employees who have to Work from Home due to the pandemic, sales of frozen food have increased.

Many people choose to buy food frozen because it is practical, safe and can be processed at any time. Frozen food is increasingly diverse, not limited to nuggets or sausages.

Many business people are innovating to stay afloat in the midst of an epidemic, for example, seasoned side dishes that are sold frozen. Usually selling frozen side dishes is complete with sauces, it’s interesting isn’t it!

You can also follow this trend to reap big profits. Focus your budget on buying refrigerators such as freezers and special plastics that make food last longer.

Selling pastries

Pastries are a mandatory dish on the table as a treat on holidays and special occasions, such as social gathering or family gatherings. Pastries are also often used as stuffing for parcels / gifts. Well, this opportunity can be the main reason for doing business in pastries.

If you like making cakes, then take advantage of this hobby to reap rupiah coffers. It is not uncommon for the pastry businessman to become rich because of this business.

What are the capital? Tools for making pastries are indeed not insignificant and some are sold at high prices. But don’t worry, you just need to prepare the essential tools in advance such as a mixer, scale and oven.

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Next, determine the type of cake to be sold, then look for the best recipe. After getting a profit, you can pay in instalments to buy other cake making equipment.

In order to survive in the midst of competitors in the pastry business, always pay attention to the quality of taste. If necessary, create new innovations so that your cake is different from competitors.

Home catering service

Have a hobby of cooking? Try opening a home catering business that caters to moderate purchases. People who need food for social gathering or family gatherings are usually interested in home catering services. Opening a home catering business, the required capital is relatively small, but the benefits are quite large.

This business is easy to run, no need to rent shop houses to produce food. Just take advantage of all the cooking utensils in the house.

You can offer a food menu through social media, or offer it to friends who are on your cell phone contact. If you want to innovate, then you can offer certain types of processed food, for example, diet food / other healthy home-style menus.

Photocopying business

This business idea is perfect for those of you who live in the campus area. Its market share is students. You can provide bookbinding, typing and printing services at once. You only need to have a photocopy machine and print paper.

Various Online Payments

Online payment agent business is now a trend and is in great demand by small entrepreneurs or home entrepreneurs. You only need to prepare a laptop or computer connected to the Internet to run this business. This business still has wide open opportunities, you only need to register to become an online payment agent and your customers will come by themselves. Because many people do not have time to pay bills for electricity, PDAM, telephone, Internet, cable TV, credit instalments, and other types of payments.


If you have the creativity and skills in making something both accessories, bags, and toys, you can start a handicraft business. Handicrafts will have a big advantage if you understand your target market. For example, you make handicrafts for souvenirs for eventsand weddings.

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