Top 18 High-Profit Business Ideas in Gujarat in 2021

If you are looking for business ideas in Gujarat with low and without investment? Then you came to the right place. Here we will discuss some of the best business ideas for Gujarat that can give you huge profits.

Gujarat is famous for many things and those things can be an opportunity for you to start a successful business. I have selected these profitable ideas among the 100s of ideas available out there so that you can make good profits.

We discuss two types of business ideas in Gujarat here:

  • Business Ideas in Gujarat with low investment
  • Business ideas in Gujarat without investment

There are many business ideas that you can start in Gujarat and earn high profits but some ideas need investment to start a business and some don’t.

Let’s first start with the ideas with low investment in Gujarat.

Business Ideas in Gujarat with Low Investment

Here are the business ideas in Gujarat that needs low investment:

Marketing consultant

It is not necessary that economic conditions do not always help in business development, most of today’s businesses continue to intensify their marketing efforts to increase sales and thrive even in harsh market conditions.

This is why there is now a great demand for consultants in modern marketing channels; SEO, mobile marketing, social media marketing, etc.

Security service

Due to bad economic trends, many people commit crimes. For this reason, owners of homes and other valuable assets will hire the services of a security guard to protect their valuables (rather than losing their valuables to criminals).


Most parents, especially single moms are usually involved in busy working hours between jobs.

As a result, most mothers have less than enough time to really care for their children, especially babies. Which in the end, they will hire the services of babysitters and child care professionals.

Elderly care

Recent demographic studies reveal that the population of its citizens in each country is gradually aging.

This means there will be a gradual increase in the number of adults over 50. This is evidenced by the gradually increasing demand for elderly care services.

Pet care

Under any harsh circumstances, Caretakers must take care of their pets.

Every year, people spend a nominal 4-6% of their income on the care of their pets.

So starting a pet grooming business is a good idea – especially for someone who loves pets and has a education in veterinary medicine.

Food and snacks

This is a recession-resistant business and of course you can start with a small investment capital.

You can start with baked goods such as cakes, cookies, pastries, and other snacks.

Over time, you will switch to other offers.

The fact is that people will always eat food every day, in any economic condition, food is a basic need.

So, you will generate a stable income if you start a food production business.


Of course, we all love it when we look stylish, luxurious and glamorous, and jewelry helps us look that way.

Consider starting a business selling jewelry such as watches, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and so on.

You can start small first and offer cheap stuff at first. As time goes on and your business grows, you will gradually get the capital to get more expensive offers.


Creams, makeup kits, powders, lipsticks and other cosmetic items will always be in demand.

Everyone, regardless of their economic circumstances, would love to look beautiful and have no problem spending money on things that will help them achieve this goal.

So, any business that offers quality cosmetics will always be profitable.

Laundry service

Many people have too much time at work and, as a result, are too busy to do their own laundry.

However, they should always look good in whatever dress is worn at work and elsewhere.

These people are willing to pay for the laundry service. The fact is that they will do this a lot, every week. This means you will have a lot of work on your desk if you start a laundry business.

Business ideas in Gujarat without investment

Here are the business opportunities in Gujarat with no capital investment:

Freelance writer

We know the great growth of the internet, the importance that content and the ease of information have taken. For this reason, writing has become a highly demanded activity.

Are you good at writing, do you have a good writing facility? It is essential that, first, you have a profile on one of the most important platforms for freelancers.

If you are new, you must create a certain “fame”, so it is an excellent idea to have your own blog where you create your own content, where you publish current information or whatever you like to write, so that potential customers can see your skills.

In addition to being good with words, an important quality is speed, and if you also know a second language, your chances of starting to receive some money increase.

Mystery Customer

It is a technique used by companies to evaluate and measure the quality of customer service, mystery customers act like ordinary customers who make a purchase or consume a service and then deliver a report.

To the manager or the boss or the owner of the company, it is very simple you go to a store that does is go through a common client and evaluate that process; How can you imagine the investment is minimal, get in touch with all kinds of establishments and offer their services to the owners.

At first you can start by yourself doing the evaluations when the business advances you can bring in family and friends and when the business really grows you can have people working your position

As you can imagine, it is not difficult to find people who want to work in this sector, everyone likes to buy and you do not need experience, the truth is that it is a business to take into account.

Private Classes

Private classes are a classic, it consists of taking economic advantage of all that knowledge that you have in your head, depending on your training, and you may be able to teach children.

That young high school students or even university students go to school, as you can imagine, the investment is minimal since you go to the house of the person who wants to receive the classes, and all you need is the desire to teach and a lot of enthusiasm.

Personal Trainer

If you have knowledge in training and even sports nutrition, you are in luck because this sector is beginning to emerge in many countries you can earn money training individuals.

Coming home to do training in a nearby park or even at home and also working for different gyms since they sometimes outsource personal training services.

If you have knowledge of tennis, paddle tennis, golf, any sport that requires a teacher to advance; you can offer to train people, this idea is very similar to that of private classes instead of giving classes on a specific subject classes from the sporting point of view.

As you can expect, the investment is very limited and only requires knowledge that makes the client work in a more personalized way than in a gym.

Personal Shopper

You love fashion and like the latest know trends until the last shop in your city as you might like it to be personal shopper, personal shopper can accompany clients to stores setting routes custom purchase

or buy items for their If the client does not have enough time, it is like a purchasing advisor, there are people who are passing through a city and would like to buy and you are in charge of showing them which stores are best suited to their needs.

If a person is very busy and needs to buy a suit, a shirt, then you provide that shirt or suit according to their needs, as you can imagine, the initial investment in this business is very low and you can make contacts little by little. Little.

No problem but my recommendation is that you focus more on the luxury sector to the sector where more commissions can be left without a doubt if you are passionate about this personal shopper world, it may be the solution to set up your business.


More than an experienced professional tanned in many battles in the business world realize that many people could benefit from their knowledge, you must ask yourself if you are an expert in something that you could monetize, and perhaps you can be successful as an independent consultant.

Look at the laws many people in their 50s to 60s want to start having their own business and wonder the same thing, it is never too late to start before anything else, to make it clear that a person with 50 to 60 years is a young person.

And he remarked on being young because there are 70-year-olds who still run marathons and it’s not a joke, well aside from all this if you find yourself in that situation you should think about what you did before, you were a waiter, you were a salesperson, I don’t know what it is. But surely you know a lot about yours and a professional outlet for you is consulting

Becoming a consultant in your area of ​​work collects all that knowledge that you have in your head and put a price on them, you know many things that knowledge there is someone who is willing to pay for them.

Since with this knowledge you are going to save them a lot of time and money to start consulting, it does not mean being very old to simply have knowledge in a sector.

For some years something that has been proven and something that is valid, basically a consultant can be people of all ages, it is a comfortable business because you are going to talk about what you like about what you know and it requires very little investment.

Web designer

If you have knowledge in web design, you are in a good position. This is a highly demanded activity due to, as I said before, the enormous advance that the internet is undergoing.

In this sector, having a portfolio becomes essential. You should always show the best of your skills and abilities. The idea is that clients can see your design style, your creativity, etc.

Web design as a discipline does not have clear limits.

In addition, the profiles of those who want to approach it vary enormously: it can be a programmer, a graphic designer or simply an enthusiast who wants to become the page of your company or organization.

It is a good idea to keep in mind the objective you want to achieve, so the work will be easier for you. Focus!

Graphic designer

In the same vein as a web designer, if you have skills in designing logos, brochures, posters, and other materials that businesses may need frequently, you have options to make a lot of money.

Read a lot and practice at home, then show what you can do to everyone.

It is important that you create a portfolio to show it, with projects and ideas that you have developed, even personal projects.

SEO consultant

A good SEO strategy seeks to achieve the best positions in search engines with the most profitable search criteria in the segment.

This allows, among some things, to progressively increase traffic to the website, gain presence on the internet, attract customers, find new market options and even improve and optimize web pages.

So if you have suitable knowledge in the area of ​​SEO optimization, you are in a position to have a good portfolio of clients. What page does not need to be optimized today?

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