Business Ideas for Women

60 Business Ideas for Women that are Extremely Profitable

Looking for business ideas for women whether you are a housewife, a girl student or want to start a side business to earn extra.

All your queries are solved here, here in this article we have discussed business ideas for women in almost every situation they are into. Topics discussed in this blog post are:

  • Business ideas for ladies sitting at home
  • Business ideas for housewives
  • Side business ideas for ladies
  • Business ideas for ladies with low investment
  • Small business ideas for girl students
  • Business ideas for women entrepreneurs

Who says that career women can’t have their own business? In fact, career women have more opportunities to run their own business.

Business Ideas for Women

When it comes to business opportunities for career women, the numbers are very difficult to count.

Are you currently looking for information about what business opportunities for career women you can run?

If you are looking for any kind of business for career women that are profitable

and can be run while you are still working as an office employee, you can choose one of the 10 business ideas for career women discussed in the following article.

Table of Contents

Business Ideas for Ladies Sitting at Home

Here are the best business ideas for ladies sitting at home:

Selling Healthy Breakfast

Business Ideas for Women

One of the advantages of a woman is that you understand more about health. Therefore, you have the opportunity to invite your office friends to live a healthy life as well as to benefit from this.

You can do this by starting selling healthy breakfasts to your office friends.

Besides being able to maintain health, the healthy breakfast that you sell also makes your office friends not have to bother preparing their breakfast.

Selling Fashion Products

Business Ideas for Women

Besides selling healthy breakfast, another business for career women that is also quite promising and profitable to run is selling various kinds of fashion products to your office friends.

One of the advantages of being a career woman is that you can become a model of the fashion products that you want to sell. You can wear fashionable office clothes to attract your office friends.

Selling Cosmetics and Face Care

Business Ideas for Women

Not only can you sell fashion products. You also can start a business for career women by selling various kinds of cosmetic products and facial care.

As a career woman, surely your friends also need cosmetics and facial care, not to keep looking beautiful while working?

That is what you can use to sell various kinds of cosmetic products and facial care at the office.

Makeup Services

Business Ideas for Women

If you pay attention, nowadays more and more people need to make up services for certain events.

It can also be a business idea for career women. If you like make-up, you can open a make-up service for receptions, graduation parties, and even bridal make-up.

The advantages of this make-up service business are quite large and can be run outside of your time working as an employee.

Home Decoration Design Services

Business Ideas for Women

The next business for career women that is also quite interesting to run is to open a home decoration design service.

If you live in a big city, this home decor design business is quite necessary. If you have an artistic soul and can use several kinds of 3-dimensional design software, you can get enormous benefits just from accepting a few home decor design projects.

Interestingly, you can also do this one business from home. Because you can send the design via the internet only to your client.

Child Care Services

Business Ideas for Women

For those of you who like children, you are a business for career women that is quite profitable and is also needed today. The business is opening a child care service.

Yes, nowadays, there are indeed many parents who are confused about entrusting their children when they want to go to certain events or because they have to work overtime.

If you wish, you can receive child care in your home. The capital you need is patience and love for children to be able to run this business.

Course Services

Teaching business example tutoring to working women

As a career woman, you must also have special skills, right? Are you aware that your skills can be sold?

Yes, you can open a course service to teach what is your expertise. Suppose you are proficient in English, you can open an English course service.

Opening course services are also considered a profitable business for career women.

Why is it profitable? Because to start a business you don’t need capital at all. What you are selling is your inexhaustible skill.

Selling Fashion Accessories

For those of you who like to make fashion accessories, you can also make your hobby a business idea for career women.

There are many types of accessories that you can make and sell to friends at work. Interestingly, most office employees like to buy and use fashion accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, brooches, and many more.

There have been many career women who have been in the fashion accessories business, and some have even stopped working as employees and focused on pursuing their new business full time.

Online Financial Bookkeeping Services

For those of you who are quite careful and like bookkeeping, you can also open online financial accounting services.

Today, many SMEs need financial accounting services. They need it to take care of many things.

Unfortunately, not all SME owners can make proper financial books. Therefore, this is an opportunity for your career women who are accustomed to making financial books.

Besides being profitable, opening an online financial accounting service is also one business idea for career women without capital.

Business Ideas for Housewives

Here are the profitable business ideas for housewives:

EO Children’s Birthday Party

Often kindergarten and elementary school students still have another party at the school year if any of the students have a birthday. However, parents often find it difficult to prepare several kinds of food and equipment to celebrate the event.

And this can be a business opportunity for housewives to provide services for another year’s party celebration both in terms of food, party supplies as well as event management or event organizers.

Craft Making Business

Creating crafts can be a business opportunity or a housewife part-time business that can be done during spare time. Many kinds of handicrafts can be done, from flower arrangement, making children’s accessories, making cute mini bags for school children, or making other crafts.

Generally, women have high accuracy and patience. These advantages can be used in the accessory and handicraft business. You can open a small business. Create your product. With this, the finished product is unique and second to none.

You can make all kinds of bracelets and necklaces from beads. Not only that, but you can also make various crafts. For example a word card, a dried flower bookmark, a fan painted with watercolors, and so on. But some such items are not of pressing necessity. If you are not good at marketing, some of your business can be lonely. Aim for customers who, for example, want to buy in bulk. For example for a wedding souvenir.

Giving School Children’s Lessons

Even though as a housewife, she has experience in studying when she was in school or college. The efficacy of knowledge that has been learned to provide elajran to school children, from elementary, junior high to high school levels. Or maybe it is possible to teach the Koran both to young people to adults or some fathers and mothers.

Food Business

Maybe this business has often been heard and why not just do it by you as a housewife. If this is your first time doing a food business, you can try it by offering it to neighbors or friends first and see how they respond.

Opens Cooking Class

Selling cakes or food is already common, then what if you open a private class to make cakes or food for anyone who needs it. Because there are so many who are looking for a place to learn how to make food, but few parties provide courses for making cakes and food. This can be an interesting home business opportunity.

Your cooking hobby can be channeled into business. You can open a restaurant, caterer, cafe, and so on. The culinary section never ends, because every day everyone needs to eat. Your challenge is to create different culinary ventures. May differ in the meal, decoration of the place or the purpose of the visitor.

For example, you can open a restaurant for women only. The dishes are according to the needs of women. For example, a low-calorie menu for those who are dieting or a menu for pregnant women. The place can be decorated with cute knick-knacks. Not only that, prepare a childcare corner so that some mothers can eat quietly.

Selling Online and Online Business

There are so many efforts you can do just by using the internet. Selling online is a business opportunity that you can easily do like selling clothes online. There are also online businesses on the internet that are not very complicated for some housewives to do.

Therefore this business is a side business opportunity that is favored by women. You can run this online business in your home, you can try it. There are so many online efforts you can do, for example, like an online shop.

The system of online stores is to offer and sell products to other people via online. If they want to buy the product you are offering, you can make payment transactions via bank transfer or you can also use internet banking. If the money has entered and you receive it, then you can send your goods to the consumer.

Beauty Course Business

Mothers clearly like beauty and make-up themselves already become a habit for some mothers. What if you shared this routine with others and made it a part-time business at home for you.

Home Spa Business

A spa does not have to be in an expensive place like a hotel or a mall. You can open a home spa business by entrusting yourself or hiring someone else to help you. Your neighbors or colleagues can be the first customers who can be promoted through some of your partners.

Women have the feeling to look beautiful. Especially because the perception of beauty in people is so demanding. White skin, slim body, and smooth face are some of the benchmarks for beauty. Women feel compelled to maintain their bodies. business in the beauty department can be very profitable.

You can open a beauty salon business. The services provided are in the form of haircuts, creams, facials, and body scrubs which are done regularly by women. You can also provide rebonding, hair dyeing, make-up for necessary occasions, and relaxing massages. Or you might as well open a spa. Not only massage, you can also provide sauna facilities.

Other beauty parts that can be looked at are make-up and some body care products. If you want more, you can open a plastic surgery business. Currently, some women are interested in doing detox, implants, and other surgeries to enhance their appearance.

Side Business Ideas for Ladies

Beauty Vlogger or Blogger

The first thing we remember about the women’s business, of course, is not far from beauty. Women with beauty are commonplace we meet, right? If you really like the world of beauty, such as make up tutorials, choosing OOTD, things that are trending right now are about clothes and some.

Then you can manage a youtube channel or website and start to CONTENT. Yes, the video content or articles that you produce are about beauty, many girls like them who really need a beauty guide for themselves. So you can start by creating a YouTube channel and developing a blog, of course.

Become a Celebrity Program and Influencer

Ciwik Ciwik is usually very easy to become a celebrity. Just look at the famous accounts on IG which are mostly dominated by women. Because it is the nature of girls to be public attention, so they can become celebrities

Celebrities or influencers are those who have IG accounts with an exorbitant number of followers. So that the account is very valuable because it has a loyal audience. This is what promoters use to promote their products.

Selling Unique Softcase

Usually girls really like to change the case or cover of their smartphone with something unique. Can be cartoony, unique and preferred colors and certain characters. So you can make a softcare design business for smartphones according to client requests

Can offer it through social media such as IG and WA, then collaborate with softcare printing companies. So you make sure to be able to design, so it remains only to pass the design they like to the printer. Take a margin that is not too big so you can survive in this business.

Selling Business on Social Media

Social media or social media is the second means that can be used to offer products. Almost every day young people or millennials access social media, for example Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and so on.

Ukmsumut friends who can post articles, tweets, statuses, or images with good captions are a great opportunity to get lots of followers or followers.

The more your friends or followers, the bigger your influence or influence will be. And this means a great opportunity to introduce and offer your product.

Trade on the Market Place

Market place is a place that can be used very optimally to do business. There are several large market places in the USA and other countries that have entered the ranks of unicorns that can be used, namely Tokopedia and Bukalapak.

Of course, to use this marketplace is quite easy. You only create an account, then upload pictures and product descriptions according to the items you sell.

For example, ukmsumut friends really understand about the latest hijab models, you can make this a value added product compared to others. The point is that many products are the same in the market place, so finding added value and uniqueness of the products offered is highly recommended.

Selling Business on Personal Website

Having a website is another option that can be used as a means of marketing products. Even a blog or personal site, if you already have a large number of readers, you can use it as a medium for your promotion. You can create a site using a free platform such as blogspot, or use a wordpress CMS

The existence of a site can sometimes increase the professionalism of your business. By having a site, your customers can find out more about your business profile and other products. Selling through the site can also be accompanied by sharing product links to social media.

Reseller and Dropship of Women’s Products

Being a reseller and dropshipper is a business opportunity that can be done by women because it is quite easy to do and does not require a lot of capital.

Ukmsumut friends can start by doing research and identifying what kind of products are suitable for women. Then also choose a well-known brand, and take advantage of social media and websites for marketing and promotion media

Make Cake and Home Snacks

The culinary business, especially the snack and cake business, is always prospective and in demand by many people, they don’t know the season because it has become a daily necessity.

For ukmsumut friends who like to cook, you can start a home-based cake and snack business. If you are afraid you won’t run out, do a pre order system, also take advantage of social media to introduce your business to friends around you

Culinary Business Diet Menu for Vegan and Organic

Currently, people in urban areas have started to promote a healthy lifestyle by consuming foods high in fiber and following a diet program.

There are also those who only consume vegetables and fruits which are called vegetarians or vegans. This is a business opportunity that you can maximize to make special meals for people like this

Flannelette doll and flower creations

Many people who attend events need dolls or flannel flowers as gifts for their special people.

For example, for graduation events, birthdays, and other special moments. You can make home-made dolls and also flowers from flannel that have been assembled, here it takes creativity and innovation. Dolls made of flannel do not wear out quickly, and they are also relatively cheap. You can create types of dolls with various cartoon characters that are well-known and liked by many people.

Parcel, Gifts and Gifts business

Almost the same as the business above, parcels, gifts and gifts are also usually needed for people as gifts to special people at certain moments, because during Eid, Christmas and birthday events.

Besides requiring creativity, here ukmsumut friends must also promote through social media and get suppliers of quality goods (especially parcels) but still have competitive prices.

Salon, SPA and Beauty House business

Women are not far from salon, spa and beauty. For career women, maybe spending money on beauty is something that must be done.

If you have skills and experience in the beauty field, friends of ukmsumut can open this salon, spa or beauty house, and hire several employees to start this business.

Child Care Services and Parent Care

Sometimes parents or children are so busy, they don’t hesitate to leave their children or parents to someone else. In urban areas this is often done.

For those who cannot afford to hire a babysitter, they can choose child care services or also care services for elderly parents. For those of you who really like interacting with small children, you can open this service with your other friends. It is enough with a house with a large yard, then magic becomes a place for child care or parental care

Batik Boutique Business and Other Traditional Clothing

For the clothing business, friends of ukmsumut can glance at the opportunities for batik and traditional clothing that are starting to be loved by people. Increasing awareness of one’s own culture, of course, makes business opportunities in the field of traditional clothing such as batik brighter. Moreover, in the morning we like fashion, we can open a boutique or a typical clothing store for traditional clothing

Sewing Course Services

Women are indeed famous for their tenacity, if you have skills in the sewing or convection field, you can open a sewing tutoring service.

You don’t need to go far, you just need to take advantage of the room at home and buy several sewing machines to use as a practical tool for your students. Can open sewing courses with various learning packages. Also provide learning materials in the form of videos, so that they can easily access learning materials through their respective cellphones or laptops.

Gymnastics, Aerobics, Fitness Instructor Services

Increasing awareness of health and maintaining body fitness, makes aerobic and fitness activities more widely practiced. You can open this gymnastics service by renting one or two shophouses on a strategic roadside.

If a ukmsumut friend has experience in the field of aerobic or fitness gymnastics, you can open a private instructor service or open aerobics and fitness classes. Women prefer to maintain their health by doing gymnastics, than men. So this can be quite a prospective opportunity at your place.

Event Organizer or Wedding Organizer Services

This business has quite a lot of competitors. However, if you create a unique and creative concept at an affordable price, you can make an event organizer or wedding organizer service that is in demand by people. Maximize promotion through social media, and don’t forget to give testimonials. I

Reflexology Services

Reflexology business can you start by opening a beauty house in various malls or plazas in the city where you live.

Unlike the usual massage parlors, this reflexology business is primarily engaged in health massage and restores body fitness. However, it is necessary to know, in opening this practice you must have a massage certificate, which can be obtained from the training process.

Buying and selling hijab and syar’i clothing business

Hijab is a clothing for Muslim women. And the good news is, clothing business from time to time is a business that never dies.

If the market segment of friends of the ukmsumut is Muslim women, then the hijab business can be a good option. Especially if you have a good knowledge and understanding of the hijab, materials, or styles.

It should be noted that business is not merely the ability to see market opportunities (external conditions). However, it is also adapted to our knowledge. The more someone understands the product being marketed, the easier it will be to sell.

The hijab business is now very diverse. One of them is hijab printing. One of the businesses that offer the latest hijab printing products is the website.

In addition to clear product descriptions, this website is also equipped with various contacts that you can contact and you can even visit it. For the address, please visit

Cosmetics Buying and Selling Business

Cosmetics are one of the needs of women. But for Muslim women, not all types of cosmetics can be used just like that. There are some things that are not in accordance with the Shari’a in decorating that they should not be violated. Therefore, the segmentation of the cosmetics business for Muslim women is still wide open for you.

Perfume Buying and Selling Business

Perfume is also something that cannot be missed. This type of online business can be said to be quite easy to do, one reason is that it is a form of perfume that is not too large so that it can facilitate long shipping at a small cost. The perfume business can be a promising business idea.

Other businesses that are prospective and suitable for other women are as follows:

  • Selling Sweets, Salad or Fruit Soup
  • Making and Selling Kitchen Seasoning
  • Making Ready-to-Eat or Frozen Food
  • Selling herbal or herbal health drinks
  • Making and Selling Creative Handmade Items
  • Opening a Baby Store
  • Selling underwear
  • Online Tutoring Services
  • Typing Business and Thesis Guidance

Business Ideas for Ladies with Low Investment

Do you know ladies, there are many ways to collect additional coffers without leaving your career. The trick is to do a side business. But of course, you have to be observant about side business opportunities.

Well ladies, here are 10 easy side business ideas for career women to run.

1. Reseller of beauty products

Appearance is the main point of a woman, this is the opportunity you can take to become a reseller of beauty products among fellow employees. It’s best to make sure the beauty products you sell have official permission from the BPOM.

2. Reseller of snack products

 You can also use the habits of women who like  snacking as a business opportunity. You don’t need to think about the difficulty of the production process, you can join as a snack reseller with photos or product samples.   

3. Reseller of fashion products

Until now, fashion products are still the target of women whenever and wherever they are, especially for modern women in your office. Because of that, you can join as a reseller of several online shops that sell fashion products at affordable prices.

4. Reseller of household products

Apart from cosmetics and fashion products, it turns out that household furniture is also quite attractive to women. Since the last few years, household furniture products with plastic materials are becoming a trend. Maybe you can join as a member and reseller.

5. Freelance make up services

If you have makeup skills, you can try this side business idea. The capital is quite cheap, you can use the make-up tools you have as a business asset. Then you can start serving graduation make-up services, make up for pre-wedding needs  , and others.

6. Business healthy diet menu

The ideal body weight is the dream of almost every woman. In fact, not infrequently some women are willing to do various diets to lose weight. Seeing these conditions, you can use it to open a healthy diet catering business. For example, such as making the mayo diet menu, carbo diet, keto diet, vegetarian catering menu, and others.

7. Home cake business

The hobby of making various kinds of cakes can also bring in extra money. Take advantage of your free time at home to make various kinds of home cakes, both cakes and pastries. Bring product samples to the office, and inform them that you are ready to receive cake orders from fellow employees.

8. Production of women’s accessories

Various kinds of accessories are also wanted by women. For those of you who have skill capital in this field, you can start producing beautiful accessories. For example, various kinds of hijabs, necklaces, bracelets, bandanas, cellphone cases, and other trinkets that many women like.

9. Become a private tutor according to expertise

Well, for those of you who like to teach and have skills in that field, there’s nothing wrong with offering private tutoring services for the people around you. For example, opening private tutoring services for lessons, or you can also open foreign language private lessons for friends at work.

10. Event organizer

A side business that you can also do is an event organizer. This type of work is relatively easy, only requires a lot of relationships. You are required to make an event plan and contact people who have abilities in their fields. For example, event organizers for children’s birthday events, you need to contact mc, clowns, caterers, birthday bakers, photographers and others. This side business is relatively easy to do and inexpensive, because it only has cellphones and business cards for people who are engaged in supporting events.

Small Business Ideas for Girl Students

You may be a housewife who wants to have new activities, or a girl student who wants to work more from home. Either way, check out these business ideas for girl students. 


If you are a girl student who has spent a lot of free time devouring books, choosing a second career as a writer is very likely. Reading, indirectly, hone your ability to think sequentially, hone logic, enrich vocabulary, as well as the ability to tell stories. These are the main assets of a writer. Next, you just need to hone more.

Not only through short stories or books, now there are many opportunities for writers to be able to make money, or even business, faster. Providing content writing services, for example. All the time, the mass media needs fresh content. Apart from that, there are many companies that need the services of writers to fill their internal content needs, be it in the form of newsletters, press releases, office magazines, to annual reports. Likewise in the creative world.

Advertising agencies, for example, usually open up space for copy writers. If you are close to poetry, the ability to condense sentences to very short ones can come in handy. You can also try writing a script. Salman Aristo, the screenwriter for the film “Laskar Pelangi ‘, once said that currently there are still a handful of screenwriters in the USA and other countries. This means that the opportunities are relatively large. The money a screenwriter makes is pretty good. A new screenwriter can be paid around IDR 2.5 million for one script.Imagine if you are involved in the production of soap operas or series films.

Event organizer

You are a girl student who is multi-tasking? Like to party and socialize? Or, you like to be adventurous and always curious about new things? If so, building a business event organizer is the right business idea for you. Moreover, data from The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows that this industry will grow by 43.7% during 2010-2020. 

Several things need to be considered when deciding to do this business. First, start small. Instead of making a complex proposal right away and targeting the big sponsors, why not try organizing your best friend’s birthday party first, or putting together a large family reunion. The second thing is to pay attention to what you like. If you love fine art, then designing a painting exhibition will be easier than holding a classical music concert.


Have a passion that is not channeled into your career? Well, maybe you can channel it through the community. Gather friends, relatives or those closest to you who have a similar vision and mission. Then start your community. The theme can be anything from the book community,running community , or something unique like the cat-caring community . Unlike in the past, building a community in the digital era can be much faster and more practical. Without the need to always meet face to face, interactions can be done via Facebook Group, or as simple as WhatsApp Group.

Every now and then, have an off-air activity to get the members closer together. Later, if it is solid and consistent, it is possible for your community to make money. This community-based business idea has been widely used. For example, members of the organic food community who eventually set up an organic food store. Or a running community that ends up designing a sponsored event. Who, the hell, doesn’t like getting money from their passion?


You have had busy years as a business girl student. Now, when you want to have more time at home, why not just try building a consulting service? There are many things about business that cannot be obtained through formal education and the internet. For example, about how business girl students negotiate ,  choosing the right business accessories , to other important things that business girl students need to know.  That’s where experience will make you a valuable consultant.

Healthy catering

This one is a never-ending business idea for ladies. Love to be creative with food? You can build a healthy catering business at home. Find as many references to healthy food recipes as you can online, and start experimenting. Market your healthy catering products by word of mouth, neighbor to neighbor. Target events such as social gathering, events on major holidays, as well as other agendas in your home environment. 

In this fast-paced and connected digital era, many business ideas for girl students can be executed quickly. After all, business is business. Consistency, persistence, and the desire to continue to learn and develop are must-have things. 

Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

Even though you work, it does not mean that a portion of your salary can be used for business capital. Determine the capital that you will spend and adjust it to the type of business that you will run. That way you will find it easier to find the business you want to run.

List of Business ideas for women entrepreneurs

Selling clothes

This business may be a business that is quite popular with women. Clothing, is a mandatory thing that is always wanted by anyone. Even though they are married, sometimes they will buy clothes for their spouses or children.

There are many types of clothes, for that you have to re-specify what kind of clothes you want to sell. This is to make it easier for you to determine the right consumer and also how to sell clothes that are in high demand.

For example, you sell children’s or baby clothes. You can also sell robes or house dresses if you target women. You can sell Muslim clothing to target Muslim consumers. In addition, you can also sell men’s clothing or men’s accessories such as shoes, bags, watches and other products.

Clothing Selling Tips

Before you sell clothes, you must know the tips for selling clothes. You have to know how to make the products you sell sell well. What are the tips?

  • Find out what fashion is currently in full swing
  • You have to know what kind of clothes you want to sell
  • Learn about clothing fabrics
  • Find the right supplier
  • Provide various variants

Selling food

Selling food is also a choice for women to start a business . Especially for those of you who like cooking. Selling food can be a side business for career women, you can sell food for breakfast, snacks, and also sell other foods. Like brownies and other snacks.

If you don’t have time to cook, you can work with these food sellers. You just need to be a reseller. By taking advantage of this food, you can make a purchase agreement.

Do you just pay for what is sold or by buying all the food. And you sold it back. Nowadays there are many people who become food resellers . You can also become a food reseller by collaborating with food makers around you.

Food selling tips

Selling food is easy. You have to know the market share first, because food is a thing that spoils quickly. So you must have a target within a number of days, the items you sell have all been sold.

For starters in the food business, you can sell to the people closest to you first. Like selling to work friends first, your closest family, you can even sell food online now . Isn’t it easier to sell food these days?

Selling Cosmetics

Women are very smart by choosing various types of cosmetics, you can sell cosmetics to start a side business. For those of you who like to make up fun, of course this is your opportunity to get additional income. You can look for make up brands that are quite famous. If you can, find a supplier of make up products .

What’s more for those of you who have career woman friends too. Of course they need a variety of cosmetics and body care products to be able to look elegant at work. Selling cosmetics is currently an interesting opportunity to try.

Cosmetic Selling Tips

There are some tips for selling cosmetics for you career women. What are the tips:

  • Find legal products
  • Find a trusted supplier
  • Recognize the types of cosmetics
  • Get to know the composition of the product

Cosmetics are products that are directly used by the user to parts of the body. You have to be careful selling cosmetic products. Why is every material used to know if there are any harmful substances or substances in it. Don’t even make your sales problematic.

Selling Women’s Accessories

Side businesses for career women are quite diverse. You can easily find various needs for women, one of which is women’s accessories. A wide selection of accessories, from necklaces, bracelets, rings, to accessories on clothes.

If you are an expert at making crafts or are quite creative, maybe you can make various accessories with your hands. But if you can’t make it, that doesn’t mean you can’t sell it.

You can sell ready-made accessories, you can offer them to office colleagues or sell them online. The most important thing, you can find accessories products that are indeed an attraction. You can look for accessories craftsmen or buy them from accessories sellers with party sales or large purchases.

Tips for Selling Women’s Accessories

  • Expand the variety of accessories
  • Product updates
  • Accessories must be unique
  • Show trends
  • Set trends

Selling Household Furniture

Many household needs really like it, one of the household needs that is quite attractive, especially by women, namely household furniture. Currently, the trend of household furniture is more minimalist and wood patterned furniture. Such as furniture made from rattan, teak, and mahogany are still the main attraction.

In addition, furniture with a futuristic appearance is the target of furniture that is very popular with many people. You can make this business your side business. Currently, there are many jastip traders, aka household furniture entrusting services.

They choose furniture from major European furniture retailers. The retailer always presents unique, funny, and interesting household furniture. Anyone would want to have it.

You don’t need to go to big retailers to find suppliers, you can look for furniture craftsmen around you who you can work with. And you can produce furniture with unique, trendy, to catchy styles .

Starting a household furniture business, requires a large amount of capital. Because you have to spend money to buy the product, then sell it back. But big capital also generates big profits.

Tips for Selling Household Furniture

  • Look for products that many people don’t have
  • Choose a furniture design that is trending
  • Get to know each furniture material and construction

Selling Plants

Around 1-3 years ago, a minimalist lifestyle was in trend. Like using a small house but still attractive with minimalist furniture. One of the things that makes a minimalist look even more memorable is the presence of plants at home.

Of course you can make this an opportunity. Selling ornamental plants that are classic in shape to enhance the beauty of the house. This opportunity is promising for anyone who wants to do ornamental plant business .

There are several plants that attract many people, such as aloe vera and monstera. Selling plants is not easy. Because you also have to take care of it painstakingly. Especially after work, then packing the plants if someone buys them.

The plant business is a promising business for you to try. You can start right away to get quite a lot of results.

Tips for Selling Plants

  • Have sufficient location to display each plant
  • Take care of the plants as best as possible
  • Check out trends in houseplants
  • Selection of plant containers, can be an attraction

Property Broker

Another business that you can do by becoming a property broker. This one business is quite promising, because you only have to look for houses to sell. Then, you find a buyer for the house. The benefits of this business are also not bad.

Even though it is difficult for you to find houses that you want to sell while working, you can try traveling with your husband to buy houses to sell. The results from selling houses are quite large, because you can get a large percentage of profits from selling houses.

Currently, real estate brokerage is a promising profession. There are quite a number of houses that you can manage and resell. Besides that, you can also buy cheap houses, then you renovate them, after which you sell the houses again. And the benefits are really big.

Property Business Tips

  • Try to find houses for sale in the neighborhood
  • Check Ads on the Internet or Newspapers
  • Contact the Home Owner
  • Offer Cooperation
  • Find a Buyer

Those are some tips you can do to start this promising property business. Easy right?

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