33 Best Business Ideas for Women in India With Low Investment

If you are looking for business ideas for women in India do not know where to start, you are in the right place. Here I will discuss some of the best and profitable businesses that women entrepreneurs can carry out in 2021.

According to numerous studies, it costs women more than men to start a business, but on the contrary, when it comes to setting up a profitable business, women fail less. That is true.

So, if you are interested in starting your own business in India then these ideas may help to choose your dream business.

Business Ideas for Women in India

Here is the list of business ideas for women in India:

  1. Clothing boutique
  2. Catering company
  3. Laser Beauty Treatment Clinic
  4. Event organization
  5. Network Marketing Businesses (NWM)
  6. Consulting Business
  7. Translate services
  8. Restaurant Business
  9. Fashion Designers
  10. Makeup Artist
  11. Hijab business
  12. Selling Women’s Accessories
  13. Women’s Bag Business
  14. Sandal Business
  15. Reseller and Dropship
  16. Voice over Artist
  17. Day-care Business
  18. Bakery Business
  19. Photography Business
  20. Editing Business
  21. Cooking Course Business
  22. Plant Business
  23. Create your own Blog
  24. Virtual assistant
  25. Write E-books
  26. Wedding Planner
  27. Cosmetics store
  28. Sell organic products
  29. Yoga instructor
  30. Independent services
  31. Affiliate business
  32. Sell your own crafts
  33. Insurance advisor

Now you will discuss these ideas one by one that a woman can use in India to start their startup business.

Clothing boutique

It will always be a good business idea for enterprising women to set up a clothing boutique. The fashion sector generates a lot of money, since each year millions of people add new outfits to their wardrobes, and more the female public.

You can differentiate yourself from the clothing boutiques in your city by creating your own clothing brand. It is also one of the best ideas for business for women in countries like India.

Catering company

Lately, I have been to a few weddings (as long as it is not mine), and in all, I have seen that they had catering. And I’m not just talking about weddings, it seems that it is difficult to go to a celebration without seeing a catering in between. Before, there were a few who could afford to hire this type of service, but the fact that a uniformed army brings you canapés of flambéed tortilla in a water bath to the table has already become a fashion.

If you are committed to entering these businesses for female entrepreneurs and you want to specialize in a specific sector, prepare to face a seasonal business, unless your idea is a global catering company that covers different services and celebrations.

Laser Beauty Treatment Clinic

Laser hair removal is one of the most fashionable beauty treatments in recent years. This is due to the comfort provided by this type of solution, not only because it is more durable, but also because it can be definitive after a few sessions.

There are several options if you want to enter this world. The most recommended due to the high price of the equipment is to opt for a franchise. And you can even differentiate yourself from your competition by offering home services.

Event organization

Hosting events is fun, and you can be rewarded for entertaining other people at their parties. There is no doubt that organizing events is a profitable business, but it will take a lot of discipline and organization to succeed and be able to make a living from it.

The main activities that you will have to carry out are meetings with your clients to define their needs, prepare the project, present the proposal to your client and publicize it appropriately. So from my point of view, this is one of the funniest female entrepreneur businesses on the list.

Network Marketing Businesses (NWM)

Network marketing or multilevel marketing (MLM) businesses are an excellent option to undertake. Unlike a regular business, network marketing distributes products directly from the producer to the consumer, saving numerous expenses and without intermediaries such as wholesalers or traders.

The company takes care of the logistics systems and all the handling of the product. But before getting involved in a network marketing business, you should know very well the central company, the distribution options, the sales, how it is their compensation method, and look for testimonials from other people who have arisen there. NWM business examples: Amway, a global leader in direct sales worldwide and with more than 4 million entrepreneurs.

Consulting Business

If you are an expert in a special topic, business, communication, or business, you can start a consulting company and start your personal business. A consultancy is a service that you provide to a company to find a solution to a problem.

A consulting business is based on your own experience and knowledge and can become a significant source of income. You help to identify problems within the organization and help to implement strategies that lead to a positive result. You can meet with your clients via Skype and create a consulting business network.

Translate services

Many people think that they are not good at doing anything in life, but it turns out that they studied in a bilingual school, or grew up in tourist areas, or that they like to travel (like everyone else), and have high knowledge in languages. I am not going to proclaim that if you know English or German you can set up your own translation agency, but it starts with something.

Although it is rare to find job offers as a translator, you can always go freelance and start translating texts from friends and acquaintances. Then over time, you will be able to formalize yourself as a freelance translator and become part of the multiple professional associations of translators that are found throughout India.

Restaurant Business

Although many say that this is a very sacrificial type of business, it also offers you the possibility of earning good amounts of money and becoming a very profitable investment. If you really have the talent for gastronomy, feel free to start one and become one of the pioneers in the market.

Women are great at managing things, a restaurant business can be a profitable option for business in India.

Remember that you can start with a small restaurant and grow into a chain of restaurants. Do not forget to always offer an exquisite, elegant, and friendly treatment to your customers, not only in the food but also in the service.

Fashion Designers

Some so many Indian women have a passion for designing or drawing fashion sketches, so it is very appropriate if you can sell your work.

Promoting your work through your personal social network is one of the most effective strategies nowadays because it is the most effective and of course the cheapest way.

One day your work may be used by well-known brand owners. An extraordinary thing is not it. Thus the point is never to just hold back and continue to develop your talents because a fun job is a paid hobby.

Makeup Artist

Are you a person who really likes cosmetics? Even very good at doing other people’s makeup? So if so, from now on you can try to take advantage of that expertise to generate rupee coffers.

You can become a professional make-up artist as you gain experience. Because a profession like this is very necessary and has very good prospects. It is one of the most popular business ideas for women not only in India but all over the world.

In addition, such work can be an interesting and inspiring experience. As an Indian woman, if you can make up by creating a beautiful hijab, it will definitely add a high selling value.

Hijab business

The most suitable business idea for women is the Hijab Business. The business of selling Hijab is still one of the most profitable women’s businesses.

Every month, there are always new sellers and business people who have their own brand. This means that the Hijab Business is very profitable.

This is because of the growing trend of Muslim clothing. If you want to start a Fashion business, Hijab Business is the right choice.

Selling Women’s Accessories

When it comes to accessories, it is women who most often collect these items. Starting from jewelry, earrings, bracelets, to beautiful accessories.

Accessories cannot be separated from women. This is a very profitable business opportunity. You can run this accessories business online or offline.

Women’s Bag Business

Take a look when women travel, they always carry a bag. A Women’s Fashion Business Idea that is no less promising than shoes is a Women’s Bag.

The trend of the need for Women’s Bags is increasing with unique and beautiful models. Women like to feel something is missing when traveling without a bag. In addition, the bag also functions to store women’s cosmetic items.

Sandal Business

Apart from shoes and bags, sandals are also a part of women’s fashion that cannot be separated. Just look at the models and types of women’s sandals, ranging from ordinary sandals to high ones.

Sandals business is also the right idea for Businesswomen.

Reseller and Dropship

In between free time, Moms can run a reseller or dropship business that has big profits if they are diligent.

Any product can be tried to run this reseller business, it can be in the form of children’s clothing, cosmetics, adult clothing, food, and so on.

Moms only need to be active on the internet, be it social media or marketplaces to offer products that they resell from the company.

Not only that but these resale items can also be offered offline to neighbors or friends.

Voice over Artist

If you live at home and have a great voice, you might consider being your voice. You can lend your voice to great works of art like audiobooks, radio jingles, and more.

Day-care Business

Do you live in a big city? This business is a booming business.

The existence of daycare can be a childcare solution for working parents. In addition, this business can also bring good profits.

For the upper-middle class daycare, the business margin can reach 40-45%. As for the lower-middle class, the business margin can reach 20%.

Bakery Business

Are you someone who likes to make snacks, snacks, or cakes and snacks at home?

If Moms hobby and can make the various types and flavors of cake then this could be a capital to open a business making a birthday cake.

So that consumers are more interested, Moms can make birthday cakes with beautiful and interesting toppings.

Photography Business

Many businesses or companies such as magazines, advertising agencies, web designers, use stock photography sites to find photos.

Moms can sell photos to several websites, such as istockphoto.com, 123rf.com, alamy.com, Shutterstock.com, and other websites.

Editing Business

Currently, publishers are belonging to the self-publisher category (a writer who is also the publisher of his own writing) have not been able to hire permanent employees.

Of course, he needs the freelance services of an editor so that his book is worth selling and can compete with books published by well-known publishers.

An editor needs to edit the script, namely the wrong words, use of inappropriate punctuation and conjunctions, synchronization of sentences, paragraph coherence, blending of content or material as a whole, as well as a layout model or arrangement of the layout of writing or images.

Cooking Course Business

Do you have the ability to cook? Maybe this business is suitable for Women. Today, quite a lot of people want to be able to cook well and be guided by those who are experts.

They want to learn how to mix recipes up to the presentation process so that the delicacy is visible to the eyes and felt by the tongue.

Plant Business

If Moms love to plant and care for plants, it also could be a business. Even if accurate, income can exceed the salary of the office, you know!

The plant business is one of the fastest-growing business models. Many variants can be used as a business such as herbal medicine and spices, or selling various types of ornamental flowers.

Create your own Blog

You can become a blogger (like me) There are very easy ways to create a blog, and you can talk about anything that interests you or that you are an expert in. In addition to monetizing it and generating very good income. But it requires patience and perseverance.

Virtual assistant

As freelance writers, there are many pages online where you can find virtual assistant jobs and earn money for each job, plus you can do it from home.

Write E-books

If you are good at writing and also believe that you have something that you can contribute to others, you can write your own E-books, whether they are recipes, teaching a skill that you already have. You can generate a good income with a good audience and then sell it on Amazon.

Wedding Planner

The exponential growth of wedding planner services in the last decade has been demonstrated.

Many people are willing to hire professional planners to help them make one of the most important days of their lives something they will never forget. So if you consider having the skills to make everything work and be ready in time for a wedding this would be a great opportunity for you.

Cosmetics store

Cosmetics and beauty are on the rise, there is more and more demand, so a business of cosmetics and beauty products, in general, maybe a good idea. Just look for how you can give more value to your services, something that other stores do not offer. It could be that your store specializes in some type of product, for example, Korean makeup or whatever else you can think of.

Sell organic products

With the increase in pollution and environmental problems, more human beings have started to take the initiative and use more ecological products, there is a great variety. You can open your store of personalized ecological bags, reusable straws, bags for ecological fruit and vegetables, bamboo toothbrushes, etc.

Yoga instructor

If you are good at yoga and it is something you enjoy and also know that you can teach someone else, you can set up your own yoga center and teach classes at different times of the day. You can offer both group and private classes.

Independent services

Depending on the subject you handle here, you have the gift of developing any activity, the truth will depend a lot on your knowledge and how you want to take advantage of it, not everything in this life is easy and if you have already done the work of training with the necessary experience you can offer your services autonomously to companies or other people.

Affiliate business

It is a way to monetize from home, you just have to create a website where you can offer different products or in this case third-party courses, earning you a small commission that allows other people to improve and improve themselves.

Sell your own crafts

Of course, for this you must have talent, the important thing is that you use that creativity in making things that you can sell. When it’s a home business, this simple thing can give you a considerable boost.

You can use social networks, to sponsor your businesses and little by little also sell on platforms that are dedicated only to selling products.

Insurance advisor

A talent that you may have hidden, at this stage you have lived one and a thousand experiences, so sales are the least of it. A reasonable area, by considerable improvement, you can dedicate yourself fully to selling the services of a private insurer.

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There are many sectors such as health or vehicles that is a good sector to include yourself and work. Although it is a job, it is something that you can do remotely or in that case, spending little time on it.

Tips for Starting a Business as a Woman

  • Believing is power, each person has the duty to seek their personal self-realization, and one of the most frequent ways to do it is by applying these simple businesses from home.
  • Like any business, it deserves its sacrifices, but thanks to the internet you can easily materialize any idea, you just have to follow your intuition and as an entrepreneur, get the most out of the situation beforehand it is not complicated, but if you do not have the necessary time to start from home is the best.
  • However, something to consider is that you must handle certain skills that will be on par with what you will achieve, for example, you must align your life purpose. In other words, undertaking a project in something that you really like is a way of achieving consistency and value in everything you do.
  • You really don’t have any kind of escape. The great things in life begin with why and why, when you have it, everything begins to emerge. It is there where you then begin to learn to sell, serve your customers, manage teams, be a leader and, above all, give the maximum value to others in every way.

Advantages of Starting a Business as a Woman

Time is the gold coin that is earned when it is possible to create a business directly online or that you work from home, however, here you will see its most direct benefits:

Less stress

As a mother or woman, we are always under pressure to be able to help, contribute or generate our own income in a particular way to have our personal things, there is a young age that money can be spent, but this other stage that we need money to undertake a business in parallel if possible and feasible.

Longer time

You can enjoy time with your loved ones, you do not need to spend 8, 10, and 12 or 14 hours in the office, although it is recommended to do it in your business where you can vary a little.

Decrease spending

It will be a support to pay the bill, certainly, this is the headache of many women and men.

Create passive income

There are so many alternatives to generate money that if you create a good funnel there will come a time when you will not have to work to earn money.

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