29 Profitable Business Ideas for Students in India

Looking for business ideas for students in India? Then you have jumped into the right article. Here we will talk about 29 business ideas for students in India that can give a huge amount of money.

As a student whether you are a college or school going student, you probably have a limited monthly income provided by your parents, and maybe that money won’t last you long. However, there are business ideas for students, there are very easy and affordable ways to supplement the budget allocated by parents. You just have to be willing to give up some of your free time.

Some of the most well-known and profitable businesses were launched by students: Microsoft, Dell, Apple. Even if you do not intend to become the next Bill Gates, and you just want to supplement your income by doing business, you need a clear idea, a business plan and a lot of perseverance.

But the idea of ​​starting a small business is definitely a much better idea than hiring. In addition to the fact that you will achieve your main goal, that of having money during your studies, your own business gives you the satisfaction of being your own boss. In addition, you also have the advantage of being independent and able to do it on your own, with the added satisfaction of being able to support yourself. And the good news is that you don’t even have to invest a lot in these businesses.

Business Ideas for Students in India

Here are the 29 business ideas for students that you use in Indian for extra income.

Become a Shop Clerk

Business Ideas for Students in India

Business opportunities for students and other students can also be done by becoming a shop employee. In this case try not to interfere with teaching and learning activities in schools so stay focused on the lesson. Use only free time to work as a store clerk for example on Saturdays and Sundays or weekdays in the afternoon.

Not a few who need a lot of shop employees to maintain the shop with decent results. This job can be obtained by searching for information about guarding the store. That can increase pocket money and school needs of students and students without asking from parents.

Reviewing Online and Endorse Shop Products

Business Ideas for Students in India

The word endorse is familiar with users of social media entering students. This action can be done for students and students who need additional money. No need capital, just by supporting products from online stores on social media owned, such as Instagram or Facebook.

Business opportunities for students and students are very suitable, especially for people who have quite a number of followers on social media. All you have to do is review the product from the online store and endorse the product. Usually only by uploading photos of the product and then giving an invitation to buy the product.

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Earnings obtained are also quite high depending on how many followers of social media, the more followers the more income. Usually even more rewards can be given. Of course to do this, it needs a process to get many followers.

Try to be active on social media like Instagram, Facebook by providing good content. Eventually more and more people will get the media loyal. But don’t be negligent in doing school work, which changes student obligations.

Become a Radio Broadcaster

Being a radio announcer of course can be done by students and especially students who like to talk. This has become one of the business opportunities for learning and students who are very suitable to find additional money. This side job can make quite a fortune.

Students and students can look for this job on radio stations that are close to the immediate area of ​​residence. Usually there are those who accept announcers for the night so that they don’t interfere with school lessons. Or you can also look for radio websites that require radio announcement

Private lessons (One of the Business Ideas for Students in India)

You can choose the discipline you are most proficient in and give private meditations or, why not, even organize courses with larger groups of children, students. This activity does not require any investment, it will bring you money and will make you even more popular among colleagues. You can later invest the money earned in this way in another business.

To promote yourself you can use online ads, the recommendations of your colleagues, you can place ads in the dormitories where students from the faculties that study the subject (s) you intend to offer meditations, schools, kindergartens live. You can make some leaflets later to leave in the library or in the classrooms.

You should not limit yourself to classical subjects, such as mathematics, English or Romanian, but they can be interdisciplinary, creative and artistic courses, attractive for the little ones and convincing for the parents.

Handmade objects 

If you have extra imagination and creativity, you can start making jewelry, hats or even clothes using the variety of materials available especially for this kind of objects. Of course, the activity will be done with pleasure and ease, and customers are found. Try to always come up with new and original ideas by creating various designs or unexpected color combinations. The resulting products can be sold through your own online store or even to your friends and colleagues, who can recommend the jewelry or other items you make to others. In addition, your work could be appreciated by a great fashion designer. You don’t even know how many opportunities can come up that you don’t expect.

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Imagination and talent will help you in small business in floral design, interior decoration, make-up artist. Not only small objects can be customized. For example, Arts students could set up a bicycle customization company. I can paint them manually.

Opening an online store in various fields

It’s the simplest business possible! You do not need headquarters, employees, warehouses or cars. With just an internet connection, you can control the company’s activities from wherever you are.

You can sell your own products or goods purchased from several suppliers. You can easily test which products “work” and which don’t. And that’s without actually owning that product. You can open an e-shop without stock, ordering products from your supplier only after you have firm orders for it. The advantage of an online store is that you can greatly reduce the cost of a product. These costs are, for a classic business, those related to distribution, storage and sales. If you have an optimized website and attractive prices, it won’t take long for customers to find you and your business will catch on and make a profit.

Technical assistance in the installation of computer programs

Given that almost every student owns a computer or laptop and not all of them are computer science graduates or have technical knowledge, the customer base is quite large and handy.

So if you know how to install various software, take care of computer maintenance, or provide explanations for various technical issues that may arise, this is the right business for you. For promotion, you can use colleagues’ recommendations or place ads. in various places: dormitories, canteen, etc.

Business of creating or managing sites

Do you have experience in HTML and graphics? You can make good money by creating small business websites. You can earn from 200 to 1,000 lei for a site, depending on its complexity, but prices can go up to 4,000 lei or even more. So, if you are passionate and knowledgeable in the field, this business could be very profitable.

If you like this field and want to stay on Facebook for a purpose, learn and read all about the network, first open your own page, experiment and then offer the services of brands or agencies that need administration for their Facebook pages.

Design activities

If you have a talent for design and know how to use various design programs such as CorelDraw, Photoshop, QuarkXPress, etc. you can offer your services in this area, either to other students who have small businesses, or to teachers with whom you get along and know that they need such services: books, studies, articles. To gain more customers you can make a portfolio of online and offline works to show when you want to offer your services. For such a business, you need a computer, design software, and a printer (although you can use copy center services).

In terms of business promotion, an interesting logo and attractive business cards to distribute everywhere would help you or a presentation website on which to put your portfolio of works and a list of services offered.


If you are an accounting student and know how to do this, you could offer your services to either colleagues who already have a small business but still need help with accounting and tax activities, or to smaller companies that do not. they can afford to hire an accounting firm. In both cases, however, you need to be sure that you know what you are doing, because accounting activities involve a great deal of responsibility. To promote, you could make business cards and flyers to share with your colleagues or post them in various places, or place your ad on specific ad sites.

Blogging (One of the Business Ideas for Students in India in today’s era)

Because you are still in your student days, when you have various articles to write, essays, dissertations, reports to complete, and so on, you can take advantage of these mandatory topics to perfect yourself to make money. These can be written as articles on a blog. Finding a suitable platform should not take much time and on top of that, it does not involve any cost. Then you can upload articles on various topics, any, but ideally it would be to choose an original topic that will attract the general public and make curious potential readers. This is to gather as many visitors to the platform as possible and to ensure high traffic. When you’ve written enough articles, monetize your site through various programs like Google AdSense or Paid to Click,

Copywriting  for various sites

A business idea with potential, if you have a talent for writing, is one aimed at creating written materials for various websites and online businesses. In this case, the texts are different from the offline ones and involve knowing both SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization). In order to be able to implement such a business, you will need to access various sites and forums dedicated to  online copywriting activities . For promotion, you need a website to showcase your services and post online ads on various websites.

Pet care

Many people travel or have a busy schedule and need someone to take care of their dog / cat while they are away. Whether you take them for a walk, feed them or clean them, these activities can be a great deal for you. You can promote them through online ads, posters with the ad in specially designed spaces for animals in parks, pet shops or offices Directive.


Do you like children and do you have a more flexible program in college? Hire a babysitter. Maybe not full time, but in the evening, or on weekends. It’s a way to make money, but even this simple job can help you gain the experience you need to set up a blog about children and babies or even organizing children’s events.

Offering meditations during the state with the little ones raises the price.


If you have a special skill or are skilled in a field, teaching others can be a great business for you. You may know how to teach music, painting, drawing, acting, dance or horseback riding. You can promote it through online ads or on your own website.


If you’re the type who doesn’t save on entertainment, you like music, you like to mix and you don’t miss any new songs, choose a stage name and be bold. If not in a nightclub, at least at events and family parties where you can earn 100-200 euros per night. The promotion is done through online ads, websites, etc.

A business with personalized t-shirts

If you have a developed sense of humor or are a good designer, you can try such a business. After you make a few sketches and a plan with some good ideas, the next step is to go to a company that can print them and as long as you apply for T-shirts you will also make a profit. The promotion can be done online, flyers, or even better on a website where you can post the different crazy ideas of t-shirts.

Open your own online shop (Olshop)

Opening an online shop or olshop is like doing a reseller or dropshipping job. The difference is that students and students sell their own products and not those of others. The place to sell products is done online and payment transactions are also done online.

Students can use social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as a place to sell products. So this can be done anywhere and anytime using only an android smartphone without interrupting learning. Products that are sold can be anything, such as clothes, accessories, household items, food, etc. that are needed by many people.

Opening an online shop business is perfect for students and students who need extra money. Especially at this time there are already online application places to sell such as Shoppe, Tokedia, Bukalapak, Lazada, and so forth. How? Of course this is very easy for everyone to do and is very helpful.

Cultivating Plants

Cultivating plants can be one of the business opportunities for students and students who need additional money. This of course will not interfere with study time, because it is done at leisure. Cultivating plants can be a side job in a way that is not too difficult.

Students and students can plant crops that do not require too much care. Plants that only need watering, fertilizing, also good planting. So it does not take up too much time, and the selected plants can be banana or cassava.

Especially if you have a yard that is large enough it would be nice to use it for planting. Or if the land is not large enough to grow plants such as ginger or chili in a pot. In addition students can also make their own homemade fertilizer with animal manure or leaves.

Start a shopping service

The more people are pressed for time, the more they hate shopping. As a high school student, you can start a business to run errands for people who don’t have the time. You can do the grocery shopping, take the dog to the vet, pick up the kids at daycare, and drive the older kids to the mall or to friends.

You have to be a handyman, but it’s actually an easy job, and it pays off. The student may need a reliable car depending on the neighborhood, as it is a small business, but a car would be very useful.

Become a moving assistant

Moving is stressful, especially when you have a lot to do or a large house to organize. A high school student can easily offer moving assistance services to help people when they move houses. It is a popular service, especially for the elderly who find it difficult to pack and move physically and emotionally. In current times it one of trending business ideas for students in India.

Become a babysitter

One of the most popular part-time jobs for students is babysitting, and this business can easily be taken on by a high school student. All you need is an excellent reputation or good credentials and the ability to find local parents. You should also post leaflets in your neighborhood to advertise your services. Remember that if you have special skills such as CPR training, you will stand out.

Become a Scrapbooker

This is another interesting business idea for high school students. The student can offer personalized scrapbooking services to people wishing to preserve their memories without doing the work themselves.

Offer home inspection services

As a high school student, you can ask to carry out or carry out home checks for people for a small fee.While people are out of town, you can stop at their place and check that their house is in good condition, make it look alive, check light bulbs, flush toilets, etc. It’s very easy and it can be done every week for a lump sum of 20 USD, for example.

Become a personal advisor

For those who enjoy shopping, you can start a business as a personal shopper and help others choose the items that suit them best. Students can also start this business while they are still in high school. To get started, you need to know your demographics, which can be elderly or disabled in the fashion industry, and offer them that service at your convenience and for a fee.

Start a snow removal service

If you want to earn some money during the winter months, you can offer to shovel the snow for your owners for a small fee. This business can be started comfortably at the same time as your schooling as it will not take a long time for the student and, more importantly, he would be paid for it.

Become a holiday decorator

If you love decorating for the holidays and are creative and manageable with tools, a holiday decoration business can be a profitable business for you. Holiday decoration companies make homes and businesses outside and/or outside festive, and due to their seasonal nature, high school students can effectively combine this activity with schooling. It is also one of the most prominent and Business Ideas for Students in India.

Become a garage sales organizer

A garage sale is a sale of unwanted household items, usually held in someone’s garage or garden, hence the name garage sale. Garage sales can be a great way to earn some extra cash. It is a perfectly suitable choice for high school students, as you can adjust your time to your liking. get rid of it so you can help them. You can transport the items to your home or organize your sales right outside your client’s site. It all depends on the agreements in force.

Become a party artist

If you want to start a business where you work mainly at special events, you can start a business as an artist, such as a juggler, a balloon artist, a mime or even a magician who entertains people during events. It is a good home business that allows flexible hours, good income potential and lots of fun. You can even involve other students who can play other roles in entertainment so that you can form a complete group.

If have any question regarding these business ideas for students in India feel free to contact us.

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