10 Most Profitable Business Ideas for Single Moms for Their Startup

There are many ideas for business that single moms or mothers can use for their business and earn profits.

Being a single mom or mother is not easy. It seems that there is no woman in this world who wants to live alone when she is married. But sometimes fate leads women to have to live a household life without a husband.

Several things cause a woman to live alone, such as divorce or the death of her husband. Of course running a household, caring for your own baby without a family head figure is very hard. That’s why being single moms is often something that women avoid.

Apart from being very heavy in terms of family finances, single moms also have to be prepared with a bad stigma as a widow. But calm down, being a single mom is not hell and the end of everything. Women are strong figures who can even be strong for their children even though their life is tough.

For those of you who are currently living the rigors of a single mother life, here are some profitable business ideas that are worth trying. Because like a man or a married woman, single moms deserve to be happy and even live a financially prosperous life.

10 Promising Business Ideas with Big Profits for Single Moms!

Here are the most promising business ideas that single moms can go for:

1. Social Media Influencer

business ideas for single moms

Today’s social media is not just a daily sharing platform. With technological developments and the ever-increasing number of users, social media can even be a place to pan for Rupiah coffers. One of the most promising professions that come from social media is the social media influencer. Like celebrities on TV, influencers are influencers.

Whether on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube, influencers are highly sought after by business owners and leading brands. Of course, the greater the number of your followers, the greater the opportunity for brands to invite collaboration to provide income.

You can present content about the independence of being a single mom and just share tips or experiences of single mothers. Of course, content like this has its own target market. You can even receive endorsement services by creating ad content at home while watching your baby.

2. Tutoring

Home tutoring

The next business idea that is perfect for single moms is to provide tutoring services, aka tutoring. You can offer this tutoring service at home in the afternoon or evening, targeting children in the neighborhood.

Indeed, there are already many tutoring institutions that are much bigger or even online tutoring. However, the home tutoring business opportunity is still promising because parents feel much more comfortable if their own neighbors teach their children. Especially if you have a bachelor’s degree in education, it will certainly increase the trust of the parents of students.

3. Online Shop

Online Shop

This is one business that is very promising and worth trying for single moms. You don’t need to have a store and large capital, through an online shop you can provide various consumer needs via the internet. Whether promoting products sold on social media or marketplaces, the only media needed is a smartphone.

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There are tons of products that can be sold online, from shoes, bags, clothing, electronic devices to beauty or health products. For your online shop to be a choice, make sure to offer truly quality products, competitive prices, and satisfying service.

For this reason, try to find the right distributor and take the matter of shipping goods into account. What if you want to start an online shop business but don’t have enough capital? Relax, you can take the dropshipper concept which can even be started without capital.

4. Consultants

business ideas for single moms

Have a lot of experience and have been a career woman before? You might consider opening a consulting service. This consulting business can be done with a flexible amount of time and of course, it is still focused on caring for the baby. However, to be successful in this profession, of course, it must be adjusted to your educational background.

For example, if you are a graduate of Psychology, you can become a psychologist of course after obtaining a license to practice. Another option for this profession is to become a PR consultant, Media Relations & Event Management which is not impossible to make you an entrepreneur who can still share time with children. Apart from PR, other consulting fields that single moms can choose from are financial consultants, career consultants to marriage consultants

5. Home Cookies

character cupcake business

One of the businesses that are so loved by single moms with a hobby of cooking is making homemade pastries. Starting as a hobby, baking can be a very promising business. Being able to do the production process at home, the cake-making process is definitely fun and even the kids enjoy it. You can start this business by selling traditional wet cakes that are sold in front of the house or entrusted to sell in shops.

However, if you want the business to make this cake to grow, try studying a variety of contemporary cakes with mouthwatering toppings such as tarts or character cupcakes. The more unique the cake idea you offer, of course, it will be sold at a higher price. Take advantage of social media to sell the cakes that you make to potential customers. It is not impossible that if the business continues to grow, you will be able to recruit employees.

6. Content Writer

business ideas for single moms

A woman who has the ability in the world of writing cannot be underestimated, because writing is capable of producing promising rupiah coffers. One of the professions that a single mom who likes writing should try is a content writer. As the name suggests, you will become a content writer whether on a personal blog, on another website, or offering writing services on a freelance site.

Being a content writer doesn’t take all day long like being a writer in the media. You can do this at home when the kids go to school or take a break. Even if you can divide your time properly and always pay attention to deadlines, your writing schedule will not interfere with quality time with your beloved child.

To be more focused, it is better to provide a special room to do assignments as a content writer. The more professional you work, of course, the writing rates offered will be greater. In fact, you can get more benefits if you become a travel blogger or food blogger, thus increasing the chances of being endorsed by big brands.

Always improve the quality of writing and complete with photography skills, so that you can become a content writer who is much sought after. Writers who are experienced and able to make good articles, even have the rate for one article to penetrate hundreds of thousands of Rupiah. Even now, there are lots of content writers who have a much better income than office employees. Even more, fortunately, this profession is carried out without spending time watching your beloved child at home.

7. Tailor


Another hobby that can become a field of income for single moms is sewing. As long as you are diligent and always want to learn, of course, the clothes sewing business will meet the financial needs of the family. There are lots of single mothers who offer sewing services and can send their children to college. To become a successful tailor, it is better if you take a sewing training program and continue to develop your skills.

When the business is running, don’t forget to focus on the sewing services that are offered, such as specifically for Muslim clothing, specifically for school uniforms, and receiving various sewing orders. For your information, sewing a kebaya, batik cloth or dress requires more effort, time, and ability which makes the rates much more expensive. If indeed this sewing business is an option, be sure to prepare capital to buy a sewing machine and various supporting devices.

8. Credit Agent

credit agent business

What if you can’t cook, write, sew or have a certain educational background? Can a single mom be able to support her child? The answer is yes! Consider getting into a credit agent business that is easy for anyone to do. Yep, credit agents are a business that is arguably the most common and already has a target market. Even though the pulse counters have mushroomed, the credit buying and selling business is never said to be bankrupt if it is run responsibly.

To become a credit agent, you certainly have to choose a quality distributor. Make sure the distributor provides various pulse products to additional products such as PLN tokens, internet data pulses, PPOB payments to e-money, or e-wallet needs. The main reason why the credit business is very easy and can be done by anyone is that the initial capital needed is very affordable. Some credit distributors even accept initial deposits starting at IDR 100,000.

9. Makeup Artist

Make Up Artist

Interested in a business in the beauty sector but can’t afford the capital yet? Then you can consider undergoing a profession as an MUA (Makeup Artist ). Even if you have never been a make-up artist, MUA can now be done by anyone willing to learn.

How to? Learn the many makeup tutorials you can find on Youtube or take training to become an MUA. You also have to start saving for investments in beauty products and makeup tools. An MUA who is already popular can even charge tens of millions of Rupiah for one make up. Anyone? Buba Alfian, Ryan Ogilvy, Bumiauw, Marlene Hariman, Irwan Riady to Khadijah Azzahra are some of them.

10. Catering

home catering business

A mother is synonymous with cooking. Well, if you are confident enough about the results of your cooking, you can consider opening a catering business. It doesn’t have to be massive, a home caterer can start small and sell it online. You can even offer a catering business to your neighbors or offices near your home.

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The key to the success of the catering business is always being able to maintain the quality of taste and cleanliness of the product. You can develop a catering business into a more specific theme, such as catering specifically for office employees, catering specifically for boarding children to healthy catering for diets. Use the best cooking ingredients so that the quality of the products produced is always maintained. You can also offer this catering business online so that it is much more efficient and can be run at home.


Of course, of the 10 businesses described above, single moms can run them from home. That way you will not lose time with your beloved baby, but still earn income for family finances. A single mom who can live independently and be financially prosperous with her children will certainly be a figure to be respected.

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