10 Profitable Business Ideas for Ladies With Low Investment

Are you looking for business for ladies with low investment? Then these 10 profitable will help you to earn a good amount of money.

All these businesses can be started from with ease and low investment.

Business Ideas for Ladies With Low Investment

1. Felt embroidery at home:

The art of embroidered felt is very practical and beautiful at the same time, and all people of different ages can use this art according to their needs. Felt embroidery at home is a low.cost and wide range of products. This variety of products and low cost of setting up this home-based entrepreneurship has attracted a lot of fans. Felt embroidery requires skill, but you don’t need to go to class. You can easily learn embroidery felt online.

2. Leather embroidery at home 

In technical training and art classes, leather embroidery training is very common. Leather embroidery at home, like felt embroidery, requires skill, and of course, a small amount of capital is required to set up this work at home, but the difference between leather embroidery and homework. Embroidery felt is that in sewing and manufacturing leather goods, precision and elegance play a key role. You should practice a lot in this way and after becoming a professional, you should start selling your leather products. Many people can be found to have a very good income by embroidering leather at home, so it can be said that if you are a professional and have the ability to sell products, it is a great idea .

3. Sewing at home 

The idea of sewing at home for women is an idea that has occupied the minds of many women to start entrepreneurship at home. In most USA and Indian homes, you can find a sewing machine. If you are skilled in sewing and cutting clothes, you can easily and. You can start with minimal capital. Even if you are not good at sewing, you can download and practice it online.

4. Puppetry at home 

Puppetry at home This idea of entrepreneurship at home requires a little creativity! To be successful in the doll making business, you need to be familiar with children’s tastes. You need to design and produce dolls in such a way that children will fall in love with them when they see your doll. Masoumeh Tajik is a successful entrepreneur in this field. By combining her ideas and creativity, Tajik makes unique dolls with different dolls that she has seen on foreign sites and sells them on the Internet.

5. Candle making at home

Candle making is one of the attractive and beautiful arts that has many fans and we often prefer to use stylish candles for home beauty and decoration. Candles are not difficult to class and special skills do not have time to launch this business requires a license and major investments does not, of course, if we are in terms of revenue it looks better to know the idea of making money is through this Art can have a mediocre income.

6. Production of home kitchen set

Making a kitchen set and selling it online is an interesting idea. Let’s take a look at the number of telegram channels that work with the subject of selling a kitchen set.

  • Home cook apron
  • Oven gloves
  • Home cook handle
  • Fabric bread basket
  • kitchen towel
  • Gas towel front
  • Types of breakers

7. Packing beans at home 

Packaging beans at home is one of the great ideas for making money at home. To pack beans at home, you need to get the necessary permits from Jihad Keshavarzi and the health network, but if you are a producer and industrial worker, you can invest less than ten million tomans. He started packing beans at home.

Due to the wide range of products and a large number of customers, this idea has become one of the most lucrative entrepreneurial ideas in the home.

8. Dried fruit packaging at home

Packaging dried fruits at home, like packing beans at home, is one of the most lucrative home-based businesses. You put the dried fruit packing machine. This machine washes and cleans the products and then packs the dried fruit in special packages. Due to the good income of this business, it offers professional training in setting up dried fruit packaging at home. We have put this site

9. Building a terrarium at home 

Building a terrarium at home is suitable for people who are interested in growing flowers and plants. To be successful in this work, you need to spend a little creativity and taste. Building a terrarium at home does not require a training class. The capital required for this idea is less than one hundred thousand tomans. You can search on Google and see the creative ideas of exterior terrarium design and use those ideas.

10. Growing medicinal plants at home 

Often we all keep ornamental plants in pots or some plants in our garden because of their beauty, but many of us may have asked to plant plants instead of growing them that have nothing but beauty for us. Let’s say that in addition to their beauty, they also have medicinal properties. In general, many medicinal plants are grown as a car in our home garden, such as cheese, clover, nettle wheat, etc. But most medicinal plants need to be planted.

Many medicinal plants can even be grown in the apartment environment inside the roof terrace and behind the window. You might think this is new, but planting medicinal plants at home is one of the ancient USA and Indian customs.

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