28 Best Business Ideas in Dubai for Indian with Low Investment

There are many ideas for the business in Dubai for Indians as well for the people of other countries like the USA, UK, and even those who are from Dubai itself.

Starting a business in Dubai will grow to its peak level with the right idea and good marketing strategies. Here in this article, we will talk about some of the best business ideas in Dubai that even an Indian can try with low investment.

28 Business Ideas In Dubai for Indian

Here are profitable business ideas in Dubai for Indian, USA, UK entrepreneurs:

Gaming Parlour Business

It is a place that most people in the age group of 12-30 years enjoy visiting. This business is less competitive compared to the gym and fitness business.

You can easily find success in this business if you do it properly. Don’t worry you will few tips online to increase your chances of success in the gaming parlor business in Dubai.

Restaurant Business

Restaurant Business in Dubai for Indians as well any other businessman is quite profitable. People all over the world come here and enjoy almost every type of food that is available worldwide.

Before you set out, decide your objectives, action plans, and the kind of food that you provide to the customers.

It is one of most famous all over the world and in Dubai, many businessmen are already earning huge profits from this business.

Advertising Business

A small digital marketing business or advertising agency requires a small setup and less investment. This can be a suitable business for beginners in Dubai for Indian businessmen.

The main job of an advertising agency is to create, plan and handle the advertising and promotional needs of clients. Agencies need to manage ad placement on a commission basis. An advertising agency is one of the best business ideas in Dubai for India with low capital.

Home Cleaning Business

Cleaning the house is considered as one of the suitable business ideas in Dubai. In this business idea, you need to take a house cleaning contract and arrange labor for the same. This idea requires skills for people management.

Photography Business

If you’re good at taking photos, this business could be for you. You just need a good camera and a little networking to start this business. The success of this business depends on your ability and creativity to deliver the desired results.

Translator Service

The next startup business idea is a translation service. If you know many languages, this business is for you. You need a small place and few clients to start this business.

Gadgets Repair Service

Most university students already lead a very intimate life with technological devices. If you can get a few months of training on this subject, you can easily provide repair service for these products.

It is a business idea with a high potential that you can set up in Dubai with low investment.

Tour Guidance

If you know a foreign language, which you should; This business idea is for you! Go to a tour company immediately and get information about job opportunities. After gaining experience for a while, you can even organize your own tours.

In simple words, after gaining expertise you can teach others and even can open your business to provide tour guidance in Dubai, not by yourself but people who work for you.


If you have artistic talent in painting, sculpture, music, etc. You can create your own products and earn money. Art is among the best business ideas materially and spiritually. But in any case, it is among the long-term business ideas.


It is among the capital-free business ideas that make money in the fastest way in Dubai. You can write articles for various news, e-commerce, and blog or business websites.

You can easily find additional information on this subject online about how you can start this business, how to write quality and well-optimized articles, etc.

Personal Trainer

If you are a good student in sports, you can provide personal trainer services for those who want to improve themselves.

Sales Representative

It is an idea with significant potential to make money for high school and college students in Dubai. The main point you need to focus on is to reach the wholesaler of a product that can be sold and market it by taking it to the people who can buy it.

T-Shirt Business

It is among the business ideas that you can do in Dubai easily. It is one of the simplest ways to start a business. By purchasing t-shirts per sale from businesses selling t-shirts in bulk; You can offer them for sale in areas where people are concentrated.

You can buy t-shirts in wholesale purchases and sell them to the customers.

Opening A Blog

In today’s world, a Blog is a powerful communication tool. Blogs opened in a specific area; within a few years, they can get tens of thousands of daily visitors. Of course, the blog should have an interesting topic. For example, if you have expertise in chemistry. You can open a blog for the information people are looking for about chemistry.

Decorative Candle Making

The demand for decorative candles is increasing day by day. You can create decorative candles to sell on Instagram and put them up for sale.

You need very little capital to make decorative candles. You can watch several YouTube videos to get started and learn how to make candles.

Real Estate Business

The real estate business is quite competitive in Dubai and it has great profit-making potential. Many entrepreneurs have gained success in this business but if you want to succeed, you have differentiated yourself from others.

This business requires small investment initially but with the increasing advancement in technology, and other factors, the capital will be large.

Hr Recruitment Agency

Human resource recruitment agencies are earning great in Dubai. If you look closer to the fact, many people from India looking for work in Dubai and companies may not direct recruit employees and laborers, they hire these agencies.

These agencies provide the human resource to the companies as per their requirement which saves them a lot of time in the process of recruitment.

Courier Business

If you own a vehicle and a telephone then you can go for a Courier business. To start this business you need little investment and also profits are not that much great as compared other businesses we discussed in this article.

Virtual Assistant

Since most of the people in Dubai (whether it is Indian or not) do not have enough time, they find it more convenient to work from home in a limited time.

One of the best business ideas that provide the opportunity to work both part-time and from home is a virtual assistant. For various businesses; you can work as a virtual assistant to assist with internet and computer-related transactions. You can serve dozens of businesses at the same time and earn very good profits.

It is a business idea that can also be evaluated among additional business ideas at home.


If you like to browse YouTube; why not take action to produce content and earn money? Start producing content now to earn money on YouTube.

When you browse the videos you watch on YouTube; if you believe you can do better than these, or if you have a different idea, we recommend that you act immediately. Be sure to check out our YouTube income calculation and YouTube Monetization guide.

Social Media Management

You probably spend most of your day on social media anyway. You can manage social media for businesses and famous people to turn your time into money. For most businesses in Dubai for Indian, 10-20 minutes a day will suffice.

You’ll create new posts, respond to incoming messages, and enforce any other relevant business requests. You can earn money by providing services to dozens of people or businesses at the same time.

Baby-Sitting Business

It is generally a suitable business idea for females in Dubai. If you want to earn fast cash in a short time, this business idea is for you. Especially if you know a foreign language and can transfer it to children; you can be more preferred and earn more money.

Graphic Design

You can provide graphic design services for businesses. But of course, you need to have a certain ability in this regard.

If you have time to improve yourself; by participating in an online course, you can reach the level of serving others within 2-3 months. You can also apply online to businesses that need graphics to provide such services.

Web Designer

Again, if you have a talent for web design such as graphic design, you can easily turn it into money. Reach out to businesses that don’t have a website and provide them with offers. A standard web design job costs 5-6 thousand dollars. Since you are alone, you can provide lower costs and thus get more work.

Web design also requires technical knowledge. After being included in a course program, you can do a successful study on this subject.

Dress Designing

Are you good at fashion?

So can you design dresses suitable for new fashion trends? Make an offer to a fashion – textile – clothing business now! (Of course, you will need to provide a few examples).

Organic Soap Making

Organic soaps are among the best-selling products on Instagram recently. You can easily make and sell organic soaps by watching a few YouTube videos.

Write E-Books

One of the best business ideas for Indians in Dubai is to write eBooks. Especially if you have great information that you can pass on to other people; you can write an informative e-book. It is among the most recommended business ideas among passive income ideas and can provide a regular income flow for many years.


It is a business idea that is very popular, especially in Dubai, and provides great income for many Indian people. E-commerce is a completely different world and when done right, it can take you to great places.

It will take a few hours at most to identify a product that can be sold on the Internet and set off. Because with the development of technology, you can easily set up your own e-commerce site even by watching a few YouTube videos.

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