30 Profitable Small Business Ideas in Delhi with Low Investment

Delhi is a populous city of India and those who are looking for small business ideas in Delhi with low investment, can get profitable ideas with great profit-making potential here.

Starting a small business in Delhi is a profitable and right decision. With low investment, you can start many profitable businesses in the capital of India, New Delhi.

30 Business Ideas in Delhi with Low Investment

Here are the profitable business ideas in Delhi with low investment:

1. Franchise Beverage Business

Business Ideas in Delhi with Low Investment

The first example of a small business is a franchise beverage business. Franchising or what is known in English as a franchise is a very profitable small business.

A beverage franchise is one type of franchise that can give us an advantage. Running this type of beverage business is being carried out, and we will find many in big cities.

Various types of small business examples from franchise drinks, ranging from tea, milk, chocolate, coffee to soda are widely used. It’s very easy to start this beverage business. If we want to be more focused, just choose one type of drink.

2. Sell Credit and Electricity Tokens

Business Ideas in Delhi with Low Investment

The next example of a small business is selling pulses and electricity tokens. Currently, every society has used gadgets as the main means of communication. Therefore, each person needs credit for his gadget.

The advantages of running this type of business are not too many. However, if taken seriously, we will benefit a lot, even if only a little. A small profit is obtained from a large amount will both provide benefits as well.

3. Become a Reseller in an Online Store

Become a Reseller in an Online Store

One of the small businesses that can generate income is to become a reseller in an online store. We can get many benefits by becoming an online store reseller even though it is included in the example of a small business.

The number of popping up online stores today can make this type of business a recommendation for the business that we live in. We don’t need to rent premises or buildings to run this business. We can run this business at home.

Whatever the business, if it is done consistently, it will give us abundant benefits, including this example of a small business.

4 . Sell Snacks

4. Small Businesses Sell Snacks

There are many snacks or snacks that we can make as small businesses. There are also many examples of small businesses on this one that has been proven to provide many benefits for business people on this one.

The thing that makes this small business profitable is that many Dolphins really like snacks. Dolphins often spend their free time snacking on light snacks.

Starting from sweet snacks, salty to salt. Therefore, this one small business example is very profitable to do.

5. Pastry Business

Business Ideas in Delhi with Low Investment

For example, this small business has been proven to be able to deliver very abundant profits. Especially if you sell the pastry business at certain moments. Usually, cookies will sell well if they are sold during holidays.

Making cookies is not too difficult and the ingredients needed are very easy to get and the price is very cheap. We can get more and more benefits from running this small business sample.

It is customary to have cookies available as the main dish on Hari Raya, juxtaposed with various other heavy dishes, such as chicken or and curry. The holiday will be more complete with the presence of cookies. This is what makes this one business very profitable.

6. Selling breakfast

Sells breakfast

It has become a habit for people in Delhi to always buy breakfast. This is because Delhins rarely cook in the morning. Also, this example of a small business charges a very low price.

This is what makes Dolphins prefer to buy food for breakfast rather than cooking directly. Commonly sold breakfast is porridge, ketoprak, ketupat, and soup.

7. Parcel Making Business

This small business example is very profitable to do, just like cookies. This one effort also remains a single order when entering the moment of the Hari Raya. Many people share and send parcels to relatives or colleagues.

As proof of friendship or also proof of extending friendship. The parcel is a symbol of love for Hari Raya. Running a parcel business as an example of a small business is very profitable.

8. Internet cafe business

Although today many people install their own internet in their homes, making internet cafes as examples of profitable small-scale businesses is a natural thing. Because internet cafes are still the prima donna, especially game cafes.

Because playing games requires a computer with high capabilities. Making gaming internet cafes still survive and is still very much needed by hardline gamers. No wonder many internet cafe entrepreneurs are still surviving.

9. Frozen Food Business

Frozen Food Business

This one business is an example of a small business that we can sample. Because nowadays many people like frozen food because of its very long durability. We can see that in every supermarket there is definitely a lot of frozen food on offer.

This is due to the high demand for frozen food. We can make frozen food as an example of a small business that we can sell online and keep food frozen at home.

10. Selling Children’s Toys

Selling Children's Toys

One example of the next small business is selling children’s toys. We can make huge profits by selling children’s toys. Because children will easily be tempted by toys.

Especially if we sell toys for boys and girls. So we provide many types of toys that will make a bigger profit.

11. Selling handicrafts

Selling handicrafts

The next example of small businesses is selling handicrafts, especially the handicrafts that we make are typical handicrafts that are not owned by others. Also, running this business allows us to take advantage of plastic waste.

Many handicrafts are made from plastic waste, this is good for our environment. Plastics that have a bad impact on the environment can be made into crafts such as bags, wallets to carpets.

12. Chickens

Chicken Livestock

Chicken farming is also an example of a small business that can provide benefits. Owning a chicken farm is a business opportunity that can deliver blessings and benefits to many people.

Delhi people really like chicken, besides that many food entrepreneurs sell chicken as one of their diet menus. We can take advantage of the Delhi people’s interest in chicken meat so that our chicken farming business is selling well.

13. Car rental

car rental

This example of a small business does require a lot of capital at first, but even so, the car rental business is still included in one example of a small business. This business opportunity will be very strategic if we open it in a tourist area.

Many tourists come to tourist attractions without bringing a vehicle. Opening a car rental business is a business opportunity that will bring big profits. Large capital at the beginning will quickly close.

14. Wedding Organizer

Wedding Organizer

Opening a wedding organizer is a promising business opportunity. Many couples who are getting married need wedding organizer services. The trend of using wedding organizers nowadays has become a trend in weddings.

Therefore, a wedding organizer is an example of a small business that we must try because it can provide us with abundant benefits. However, running this one business requires a large team with resilient and disciplined work.

15. Barbershop

Opens the Barbershop

Barbershop is an example of a small business with high business opportunities. The haircut business has long been run and done by many people. However, a barbershop concept haircut is something new.

Not to mention if we provide many types of services. This will further add to the attractiveness of the barbershop business. Additional services such as shampooing, hair dye, and others can make a barbershop a very profitable small business.

16. Child Care Services Business

This type of business is a business that we can try. Currently, there are many young parents who both works to get enough income for their monthly needs. Therefore, many children were entrusted to relatives or families.

Some parents are confused about entrusting their children, therefore daycare services will be an attractive business opportunity. Also, opening a child care service is an example of a small business.

Apart from that, child care is also a promising endeavor with little capital. We just need enough space, and also the ability to care for young children. This type of business is very helpful and needed by some parents who have busy jobs.

17. Property Realtor Business

Property Brokerage Business

This small business example only requires the ability to talk and convince buyers. We can get profit from every property sale. We don’t have to own property first, all we do is sell and offer it.

This business is very profitable and we can use it as a recommendation or example of a small business. Because this one business does not require material capital at all, except for our ability to trade which is needed as the main capital.

18. Running a Franchise Business

Running a Franchise Business

If the point above is only a beverage franchise business, we can run a general franchise business. A franchise business is a business that runs in partnership. We will work with companies that have products that are well known to the public.

We only have to sell the product with several agreements with the company in question. Currently, there are many franchise business options that we can choose to run. Also, the franchise business is not just an item.

19. Selling Used Books

Selling Used Books

Have a lot of quality used books? It can also be used as a business opportunity. In Delhi, there are a lot of book readers who really like used books. Especially if we have old and antique books.

Many book collectors look for old books because they have a love for books. Making book collectors a target market and providing benefits in running this one business.

We can make book sales as an example of a small business that is very profitable because many booksellers have proven successful and have many advantages from just selling books.

20. Selling Translation Services

Selling Translation Services

Language skills are an important factor in running this small business example. Many companies or academics need translation services for their respective affairs.

Companies usually need translator services for proposals and correspondence, while academics need translation services for journals or ongoing research.

Becoming a translator can provide enormous benefits. Because we can set translation rates according to our wishes. However, generally, the translators charge the translation per sheet or page.

21. Writing Services Business

Writing Services Business

This profession can be used as a business opportunity. For those who have an interest and interest in writing and the world of literacy, you can try this profession as a very profitable endeavor.

Also, at this time, media companies need a lot of freelance writing services to fill their content. It is said that being a freelance writer in the media has a very attractive fee.

This proves that being a writer is an example of a small business that we can work on slowly but very seriously.

22. Photographers and Videographers

Photographer and Videographer

Photo and video skills are currently in great demand. Many parties need photo and video services for documentation purposes. Especially in the digital era like today, the need for visuals is very high.

Therefore photographers and videographers are examples of small businesses with large business opportunities. Many activities almost always require documentation, be it photos or videos.

Such as weddings, seminars, to graduation. Almost all activities require documentation, either as a memory or as a report. Therefore, becoming a photographer and videographer is a very lucrative business opportunity.

23. Graphic Designer

Graphic designer

Still related to the world of digital marketing, graphic designers are one example of a small business that has been under the spotlight in recent years. This is because the high need for visuals is currently high.

Apart from visual needs, the digital era also greatly influenced the birth of graphic designers as a business opportunity. Those who have good visual skills, they can make this one profession a very profitable business opportunity.

24. Influencer

There are many platforms that we can use, such as Youtube, Instagram, and also other platforms that can provide us with high income. Therefore, becoming an influencer is one business opportunity that should be considered.

Because the world is entering the digital era, making this small business example is very busy being tried by many people.

25 . Opening a Catering Business

Opening a Catering Business

Having a caterer is also an example of a small business that can provide us with many benefits. Many activities or events require catering services. Such as weddings, seminars, to the inauguration of activity or office.

All of them require catering services to ensure consumption in these activities. This is what makes the catering business a business opportunity that can provide lucrative benefits.

26. Make-Up Services

Make-Up Services

The profession that is currently busy is the profession of make-up artist. Running this one profession can be used as an example of a small business. Make no mistake, if we have become a professional make-up artist, we can get a very large fee, you know.

27. Become a Tour Guide

We can also make this one profession a business opportunity, as well as an example of a small business that can be imitated. Make no mistake, being a tour guide can provide us with a high income. Apart from guiding services, we will also get tips from tourists.

28. Opening a Laundry Business

Open a Laundry Business

Another very tempting example of small businesses that we can do is the laundry business. Especially if you open a laundry business in the education and shopping areas, many students or employees are too lazy to wash their own clothes.

Opening a laundry is guaranteed to give us big profits, even though this type of business is included in the example of a small business.

29. Business Survey Data

Data Survey Business

Many students are writing theses and/or final assignments that require a lot of data. However, they usually don’t have much time for research. This is an example of this small business that will be very in demand, because of the needs of the people who need it.

30. Open a grocery store

Open a grocery store

An example of a very promising small business is selling groceries by opening a stall or shop. Warung is a common home business opportunity in the village that we encounter. This is because groceries are the main needs of the community to survive.

There are many ways we can do to make the grocery store more in demand. We can carry out promotions or collaborations with basic food suppliers. The most important thing is to establish good communication with every customer is the main key to developing the grocery store.

One more way we can do to promote grocery stores is by joining the SuperCenter Partners owned by Super Applications. The Super application is a digital platform engaged in the basic food sector. Even though it is only an example of a small business, it can bring you many benefits.

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