21 Best Small Business Ideas in Delhi with Low Investment

If you are looking for the most profitable and best small business ideas in Delhi with low investment? Then you are at the right place. Here I have mentioned some of the most profitable and successful business opportunities for your business in Delhi.

Delhi is a populous city in India and those who are looking for small business ideas in Delhi with low investment, can start their business and earn great profits.

Starting a small business in Delhi is a profitable and right decision. With low investment, you can start many profitable businesses in the capital of India, New Delhi. Being popular means there is high competition in many sectors but also the profit will be high.

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21 Business Ideas in Delhi with Low Investment

Online Classes

In Delhi, internet services are available in all areas and most students buy online courses to prepare for their exams. To start this business in Delhi, you need to have good knowledge of that subject, a computer with internet access, and a camera.

So if you are a teacher or certified professional with experience in a particular subject, you can offer online classes for those who want to learn that subject.

To do this, you can make use of online teaching and learning platforms that allow you to become an instructor and upload your video course, for example, Udemy. You can also teach students via Skype, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams.

Event Organizing Business

Many companies require organizing events for clients, partners, teams, promotions, etc. This is a task that requires a lot of planning, time, and knowledge and that is why companies decide to hire a specialist to handle these situations.

It is there where an opportunity arises and you should come forward and start your business. You can provide your services as an event organizer to different companies and clients. If you have the skills, knowledge, and experience in this field then for you it will become easy to manage.

The requirements to become a good event organizer are organizational capacity, good negotiation skills, and good suppliers. The advantage of this business is that with a simple and informative website, you can promote your business and sell services.

Tourist Guide Services

It is not a secret for anyone that tourism is one of the sectors that has boosted the economy in Delhi. That is why this is one of the most profitable small business ideas in Delhi with low investment.

That is why businesses in this area have great potential for success and growth. However, many tourism businesses require high investments to start, but there is always an exception. And this is to offer tourist guide services in different destinations in Delhi.

This is one of the business ideas in Delhi with little investment related to tourism that has been growing year by year. To be a tour guide it is important to have a certificate that helps you increase your skills and you should have a good command of the English language and regional as well.

In addition, you have to analyze the most common type of tourists that come to Delhi to adapt to their needs. To start you have two options, do it as an independent or start with travel agencies and other tourism service providers. In this way, you can learn and grow until you start your tourism agency.

Web, Graphic, or Programming Design Services

The movement of companies toward the digital world is growing day by day. Ultimately, the powerful Internet dominates the world and this is where you come into action.

If you studied or are self-taught in web design, graphics or you know programming, you have a business opportunity anywhere in the world.

You can offer services like designing websites, banners, logos, applications, etc. To do this, the first thing you should do is create your website for promotion and it is the best way to sell your services professionally not on freelancing sites.


One of the successful business ideas in Delhi is to be an influencer from which you can earn money online. First, you should know what topics attract you and in which you have interest whether it is Fashion, food, travel, makeup, video games, or sports.

In short, the list of topics can be immense to create a specialized profile, upload attractive and authentic content, start to gain followers, then your final part comes which is monetization.

52% of the world’s population uses social networks, and among them, the most used are Facebook and Instagram, make sure you start on this platform and also on your favorite platform YouTube.

Did you know that you can earn millions of dollars with these platforms? And you don’t need to be a celebrity like Cristiano Ronaldo or Priyanka Chopra to make money. The important thing is to achieve engagement and retain your followers through your content.

In other words, “speak in the language that your audience speaks.”

Sell Second-Hand Items

The selling of second-hand items is very popular these days because people can get the goods for a lower price than the original product price in the market (other small factors may affect the quality of products, but that is a secondary thing).

Take advantage of this opportunity and create your second-hand products store online and offline (If you want to invest more). But what products you can sell?

Everything you should have thought of. A good idea is to start a second-hand clothing business. Take advantage of those clothes that you will no longer wear!

But the question is where you can sell them?

You can sell in markets (In Delhi you may have seen many small shops like this). Another way is to sell on eBay, Amazon, etc.

Later, you can create an online store to sell your products. For this, although it requires little investment in hosting and domain purchase, for the offline store you will have to think about other details such as distributors, storage location, payment methods, etc.

Repair of Mobile Phones, Computers, and Electronic Devices

With the current price of smartphones, the opening of repair shops for these devices has skyrocketed, although honestly, I do not think that the profitability of this business is in the repair (which is also), but in everything that they can later sell you in the store itself, including selling smartphones and accessories.

At least from what I have been able to observe in some of the stores, the ones that had the most people queuing, it was precisely because of what they sold and not so much because of what they repaired.

As the idea of this business is to do it in a physical store, we can also sell certain products on the internet through an online store, which will also help us to advertise your store.

Beverage Business Ideas

The first example of a small business in Delhi is the beverage business and the business is very profitable because Delhi is a hot place where beverages are always in demand.

A beverage business is one type that can give you an advantage in getting success very quickly and easily. Running this type of beverage business is already being carried out in many big cities like Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi, etc.

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Various types of opportunities in this beverage business are selling healthy drinks, tea, milk, chocolate, coffee, soda, etc. It’s very easy to start this beverage business. If we want to be more focused, just choose one type of drink.

The beverage business in Delhi is continuously growing day to day, various beverage brands continue to emerge with various innovations in their fields.

Not just a momentary business trend many contemporary beverage businesses have managed to survive in the last 5 years.

There is much evidence that the current beverage business opportunity in Delhi still has high potential and is not easily eroded by time.

If you want to open a beverage business, you may be confused about what beverage business people like.

For that, you can pay attention to the movement of the current drink trend from year to year and see what contemporary drink brands have managed to survive for at least the last 2-5 years.

Sell Credit Tokens in Delhi

The next example of a small business in New Delhi is selling electricity tokens. Currently, every society has used gadgets as the main means of communication. Therefore, each person needs credit for their gadget.

The advantages of running this type of business are not too many. However, if taken seriously, we will benefit a lot, even if only a little. A small profit obtained from a large amount will both provide benefits as well.

To understand this, I will simply give you an example of a telecommunication network like Reliance Jio. Think how they earn great profits with just Rs 149 per month from a user. Now multiply this with millions of people, and you will see the potential of this business. 

Selling credit and electricity tokens is not the same business in every aspect as Jio, but the profit earning pattern will same to some extent.

Reselling Business With Low Investment

Reselling means that you will sell products from other people/stores or commonly called suppliers. Well, usually a reseller does not produce their products or deal directly with the factory.

Instead, the reseller will have a cooperative relationship with the brand owner. But the digitalization has made it even easy that you can sell online.

However, the price given to you as a reseller is usually the selling price, so you can increase the price when it is sold to your customers, and earn good profits.

One of the small business ideas in Delhi with low investment that can generate income is to become a reseller in an online store. We can get many benefits by becoming an online store reseller.

The number of online stores available in Delhi suggests this business to everyone for earning huge profits. You don’t need to rent premises or buildings to run this business. We can run this business at home.

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Whatever the business, if it is done consistently, it will give us abundant benefits, including this idea of a small business.

Snacks Business Ideas

There are many snacks which you can sell and make a good business from it. There are also many ideas for small businesses on this one that has been proven to provide many benefits for the people living in Delhi.

The thing that makes this business profitable is that many people like snacks. They often spend their free time eating snacks. 

Starting from sweet snacks, spicy to salty, there are many things you can offer. Therefore, this business idea in New Delhi is very profitable to do. You can also start this business from home.

Food is a human need at all times. Therefore, businesses in this field always have many enthusiasts. Especially now that food innovation is increasing.

Here is some snacks business idea that you can use:

  • Omelette Roll
  • Macaroni
  • Pizza 
  • Fried Meatballs
  • Crispy Fried Chicken
  • Crispy Mushrooms

Pastry Business in Delhi

This business in New Delhi has been proven to be able to deliver very abundant profits. Especially if you sell the pastry business at certain moments. Usually, cookies are sold during holidays and are in high demand.

Pastries are often one of the dishes that must be served in the living room or family table during celebrations or certain events, such as Eid al-Fitr, Christmas, Diwali, Social Gathering, or Parties with friends at home. Not only that but nowadays pastries are also used as parcels or gifts.

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For those of you who have expertise in making various kinds of pastries, you should take advantage of your skills by opening a pastry business in Delhi.

Making pastries is not too difficult and the ingredients needed for it are also very cheap. We can get good benefits from running this small business. We all know that pastries are more demanded in holidays but their demand never falls. It may be a profitable idea for you to start this business in Delhi at a small level. 

Breakfast Business in Delhi

It has become a habit for people in Delhi to always buy breakfast. This is because the people of Delhi rarely cook in the morning. Also, the investment for this business is low and you can also start this business with home delivery services. 

If you live in a densely populated area, then running this business has very good potential to try, especially the breakfast business which has become an absolute necessity for the community if you want to eat and are lazy to cook at home.

Indeed, the situation in the morning often makes many people busy with their respective activities, for example taking children, going to work, working at home, and so on.

You can offer many types of breakfast that your customers like. You need to analyze what most people of New Delhi like in breakfast and satisfy their desires and needs by providing good food and quality services.

Internet Cafe Business

Although today many people install their internet in their homes, making internet cafes a very small business in a city like Delhi. But there are still some areas in Delhi that can’t afford Wi-Fi connections in their home and need fast internet for their purposes.

Advantages of the internet cafe business are as follows:

  • A much faster and more stable internet network
  • Internet cafes do not only provide internet service but also you can set up a game studio with it so that youngsters can come there and enjoy their free time because everyone can’t afford the game PlayStations like Xbox, PS5, etc. The online gamers still prefer to choose the internet cafe for reasons of popular PCs which are not available at everyone’s home.
  • Can enjoy cheap internet connection with good speed
  • Suitable for making school assignments, and office work that requires a fast internet network

Weaknesses of Internet Cafe Business

In addition to the advantages, internet cafes also have some disadvantages as follows:

  • The competition is tough because people can already enjoy the internet at home through the internet network from cellular phone providers.
  • Not suitable for entrepreneurs with very small capital

Frozen Food Business

It s one of the profitable and amazing business ideas in Delhi with low investment. Because nowadays many people like frozen food because of its very long durability. We can see that in every supermarket there is a lot of frozen food to offer.

This is due to the high demand for frozen food. We can make frozen food even at home and sell it to the customers online as well as offline. It is up to you how you find it easy to provide the products and service to customers.

Toy Business

One f the best examples of good business ideas in Delhi is the toy business. We can make huge profits by selling children’s toys because children will easily be tempted by toys.

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Especially if we sell toys for boys and girls. So we provide many types of toys that will make a bigger profit.

This niche of innovative business ideas ranges from toy recovery to making special toys for children with disabilities. With this proposal, toy hospitals were born, for collectible toys, which are well worth repairing for their economic value. And also toys with braille writing, building blocks for children with cerebral palsy, light and sound games to train the senses, or inflatable balls to promote coordination.

If this niche appeals to you, think about new business ideas and ideas for complementary services that you can offer to families to help their children’s development.

Handicrafts Business

The best profitable business in Delhi nowadays is selling handicrafts, especially the handicrafts that you make will unique. Also, running this business allows you to take advantage of plastic waste.

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Many handicrafts are made from plastic waste, this is good for our environment. Plastics that have a bad impact on the environment can be made into crafts such as bags, wallets to carpets. It is up to your creativity how you can design and attract customers with your handicrafts.

Creativity is an inherent ability of many people. This can be enhanced in the production of products such as handicrafts, jewelry, and handicrafts. Then all of these can be sold at a good price and represent a significant income for their manufacturers.

E-commerce platforms have become a key ally in promoting this type of business with little investment. These allow you to enter the market more quickly and easily, even if you do not have the budget to launch the business.

An example of this type of platform is Etsy, an online marketplace that connects creative people who want to sell their products with people interested in buying them. Here, handmade products such as gifts, clothing, jewelry, decorative objects, art, and crafts are especially sold.

This is a community made especially for independent creators. In addition to this option, there are the most famous platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Aliexpress, etc. Although they are more global, they also allow you to market this type of product.

Chickens Business

Chicken farming is also an example of a good business idea that can provide you with huge benefits. Owning a chicken farm is a business opportunity that can deliver blessings and benefits to many people.

People in Delhi like chicken and many food entrepreneurs, rs sell chicken as one of their diet menus. We can take advantage of this business in Delhi and provide quality meat without any comprise.

You can start this business in a small area in Delhi and earn a good amount of profit. Please note this may be a competitive business in many parts of New Delhi.

Parcel Making Business

A Parcel-making business may look weird to you but these days most people make custom parcel packages and impress their customers.

You may wonder why people order customized parcels! The answer is simple, they want it to be attractive maybe for romantic purposes or other occasions.

If you want to know how this business is profitable? Go to Instagram and other popular social media platforms you will many examples of parcel-making businesses that are earning passive income. 

T-Shirt Printing Business

The t-shirt printing business has grown in recent years because the demand for the product has increased but due to high competition, you have to differentiate your product from others to shine and thrive in the field.

People all around the world now prefer wearing t-shirts because of the comfort that it provides. Also, it is a never-ending fashion and many young entrepreneurs of Delhi have gained success in this business.

If you are interested in the business then you should definitely give it a shot. The profit in this business will b determined by the customer base, size of the business, and creativity that you present to the customers.

Franchise Business

The best business idea in Delhi with a high rate of return is to get a franchise with decent benefits and low cost. Franchise owners are growing day by day because the business has already gained popularity over these years.

Analyze the market and check out the demand for the product or service than buy a franchise accordingly. Franchise business has covered almost every field that is from the clothing business to restaurants.

The franchise business is profitable to start in Delhi because it has a low failure rate and a built-in customer base. You can choose many well-known franchises such as McDonald’s, Subway, Ambani Home Solutions, and Juice.

FAQ on Business Ideas in Delhi

What type of business should I start in Delhi?

There are many types of business you can start in Delhi like reselling business, restaurant business, internet cafe business and most profitable one as per my opinion is dropshipping.

Which business is profitable in Delhi?

The profitable business in Delhi is the food business and others include handicrafts, accounting services, and online classes.

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