What Is Bounce Rate? 8 Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate

Do you know what is Bounce Rate? And what are the ways to reduce bounce rate? Here I will tell you what is bounce rate and how to reduce bounce rate on your blog.

You may know about how Bounce Rate affects your blog SEO, if you don’t anything about this, then you do not need to be depressed. We will discuss this here. If you have a blog then you must know the bounce rate.

If you always check your blog’s Global rank, Indian Alexa rank, page per visitor in Alexa then you may also see Bounce Rate along with it. But a blogger feels bad when your site’s bounce rate increased. From this, the authority and rank of its blog fall on its own.

Because any site has a higher Bounce rate than that meant it is not good for the users. Bounce Rate is very bad news for your website. If your blog or website is new then the bounce rate is much more common.

But if it is old, then Bounce Rate is more than that, or you have your fault. But do not worry, because after reading my article today the bounce rate of your website or blog will be reduced. I mean to say that you will get all the information about Bounce Rate here which help you in reducing it also.

You will be able to understand it even better, and you must read the entire article because, in the last, I am giving you some tips for people who are working hard on their blogs.

What is Bounce Rate?

What Is Bounce Rate, 8 Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate,

If you are doing your best to increase the search performance or SEO of your blog or website, then there is a hidden secret behind it. First, reduce the Bounce Rate. But there are also some mistakes in it, there is some disturbance in your plan. We will talk further about what’s wrong.

So what is this Bounce Rate, when a visitor comes to your website, Bounce Rate is the rate at which people goes back from your blog. But Bounce Rate means this is the percentage of visitors who come to your page and go back without clicking on any other page.

This means that visitors come and immediately go back without opening any other page or open your article without reading it. But if this is happening to you, this article will help.

Apart from this, it can also be that its design is also not something special, the heading is not too attractive. If Bounce Rate is high then you should understand that visitors to your site are decreasing, which means Bounce Rate is increasing and if the number of visitors decreases then the ranking of your website decreases which also affects your earning.

Let’s take an example.

If someone has a website whose bounce rate is 65%, this means that 65% of the visitors on the website are those who open a page and immediately go back. Perhaps they have not got anything to read there or they have not found what they are looking for. There can be several reasons for this.

Does Bounce rate Need to Be Zero?

So far, you have to think a little bit about what the Bounce Rate is. Now the question arises, does the bounce rate need to be zero? To understand this properly, I have divided it into four parts.

  • 1 to 20%
  • 20 to 40%
  • 40 to 75%
  • More than 75%

Within 1 to 20%, a blog has a bounce rate, it comes in the list of the world’s most successful websites. After that, if it comes from 20 to 40% then it is also good. In the third, which is 40% to 75%, most of the websites are included in it. Which is not that good but you can reduce it.

If we talk about all the websites then 75% to 80% of the total website comes in this CATEGORY. And finally, the websites whose bounce rate is more than 75%, Bounce Rate is not right and they have to work a lot on their website. Now let’s know which of the mistakes bloggers do which increases their bounce rate.

If you are wondering if the bounce rates of all types of websites are similar, then the answer is no. Bounce rates are different for different types of websites.

It is possible, near to impossible to have zero bounce rate.

Different types of businesses have different bounce rates like if you are running a shopping website then your bounce rate will be minimum than a blog that writes a detailed post on some topic.

What are the mistakes bloggers do?

Here are some mistakes that blogger do which increase their bounce rate.

  • Low website speed
  • Poor quality of the contents
  • No internal linking
  • Ranking on the wrong keywords for traffic
  • Bad quality and no user-friendly content
  • The design of your website is weak
  • Bad Formatting
  • Headings are not understandable

8 Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate

I know you are thinking about how to reduce the bounce rate? Here are the top 8 ways to reduce bounce rate on your blog or website.

1. Write Content Quality

If you have high-quality content on your website then your site or blog will be very helpful in branding and Brand means you will understand. If you pay more attention to the branded and valuable content of the site, it will take some time, but you will reach your goal sooner.

If your content is not quality then the visitor will automatically go back to your site, because many websites will provide you better content than the website. Bounce rate is like if you are writing content and not giving the right information there, those who are in the mind are writing the same. This will reduce the ranking of your site.

If you are giving inaccurate information on your site then the user means the visitor will take a wrong decision according to which the wrong result will bring. Remember this thing. Keep content size 500 to 1000 words and use simple language.

As soon as the Visitor quickly understood what you wrote and increased on the site. If you will give quality content it will take some time but the visitor will come well and your site’s Bounce rate will also be reduced.

2. Attractive Headings

Anything from outside will be bad for anyone else to do this. Often bloggers make these mistakes and use clickbait titles and other related headings, which is not exactly right. So this is the thing that we link with Blog, the thing is if you have given your heading well, according to your own opinion but that the visitor does not understand.

What is Bounce Rate and what is given in the Heading is written about something else in the topic? This will reduce the confidence of visitors from the top of your site. My speaking means that the heading of your post should be understood. Like giving an example.

If a visitor came to your site and he read an article well and after that, he went back after reading the heading of another article. So what will happen to you when you will know that your blog has a higher Bounce Rate? Keep your content updated as soon as possible. Get the right information and visitor stay on your side. Due to good content, Google will rank very fast.

3. Website Layout and Design

If your website and blog look good, then visitors will come to your website automatically and they will also like to read the content, then Bounce Rate will reduce. You need to know about Colour Combination while you’re designing your blog. You have to understand your visitors who would be good so that the visitor can easily understand.

Select the font color and text size correctly, like if you make the whole text font red, then the reader will be reminded of it and keep the text size correct, which makes it easy to read. Because there is a saying that the customer is a god.

If you have given an animation on your blogs’ landing page, that too is not something special. Make the site simple and readers friendly.

4. Load times of your website

If your site has more page load time. It means, coming back to the visitors before reaching the blog. If you are a blogger then it is very important for SEO too.

  • Load time Analysis
  • Less than 1 second – Perfect.
  • From 1 second 3 Second- Above average
  • 3 seconds to 7 seconds mean- Average
  • Meaning more than 7- Very poor

If you want to make visitors happy then increase page speed. Use less number of images and low-size images on the page, this will reduce page load time.

5. Well Formatted Article

It is a straightforward thing to write as well, if you would like to write about it here and there, meaning it will not affect your website but performance or your website in SEO. When you edit the post, put a little emphasis on the tag that keeps on pouring it.

Have a Bounce Rate and do a little Focus on Paragraph formatting. Do not write too long a paragraph, if you read the Visitor, you should not be boring in reading it. Let’s bold the word which will increase the Focus of visitors. Also, everyone likes to read Formatted Contents.

6. Internal Linking

If you do not enter the right internal link in the Post, then the bounce rate will increase. That’s because readers will often read your contents in a while and after that, they will go away. And if you insert a related internal link then they will also want to read that related post.

Also, add related external to your post and also give some internal link which you need to read the visitor. It depends on your Bounce Rate is how you have content on your site and it is best to put an internal link. These tips will also help reduce the bounce rate of your blog.

7. Linking doesn’t affect the current page

If you are putting your internal link on your site, then focus that it will not affect your current post. Whenever the visitor clicks on the link of your post, you should open it on a new page. From which the visitor reading was also open in a tab and the second one opened in a tab. This also reduces the bounce rate.

8. Mobile Friendly

As we all know that nowadays there are many mobile users. That’s why we should pay more attention to making our blog mobile-friendly. The more mobile your blog is, the more your visitors will like your blog. 50% of visitors are mobile users, according to me. Then use your site’s template mobile friendly.


Now you have learned what is bounce rate and how to reduce bounce rate on your blog. I have told you information about bounce rate, hope you like it.

My final suggestion to you guys is that write content that users want and give them what they are looking for, this will reduce your bounce rate.