Body Shop Franchise Opportunities and Cost

Beauty products have become an excellent opportunity to start your own business and achieve financial independence. Either through catalog sales or acquiring a franchise. With franchises, you have the possibility to invest to market the products of a recognized brand. So you will have the support of a profitable business with a track record and positioning in the market. For this reason, since its inception, the brand of natural beauty products The Body Shop has worked under the franchise model to achieve its expansion.

As of today, it has more than 3,000 stores and franchises around the world, 200 of them located in Latin America. Having The Body Shop franchise means being part of a competitive business system, focused on a fair trade policy.

This brand of cosmetics may be the option you’ve been looking for so much to start your venture. Therefore, here we will tell you more about how to acquire The Body Shop franchise. As well as the entrepreneur profile that the brand seeks, its investment cost and the advantages of this business.

What is The Body Shop?

The Body Shop was born in England in the year 1976 as a brand of natural beauty products at the hands of Anita Roddick. This entrepreneur revolutionized the market with her business idea focused on harmony with nature and sustainability.

Its products are characterized by being 100% vegetarian and free of ingredients obtained through the slaughter of animals. The brand’s philosophy is to search the world for the best ingredients to create natural-inspired beauty products

The Body Shop is dedicated to creating skin and hair care products as well as fragrances and makeup. In 2017, it became the property of the Brazilian company Natura Cosmetics.

Since its creation, the brand has been inclined to work under the franchise model, ensuring that it has the necessary team of managers, market studies, operations and training guaranteeing successful professional associations.

And it was in 1978 that the first The Body Shop franchise was opened in the city of Brussels. To then continue its expansion in New Zealand, Denmark, Ireland, the Netherlands and more countries in Europe. Reaching Latin America, where it has franchises in Brazil, Chile and Mexico.

Benefits of owning a franchise The Body Shop

The Body Shop has been expanding for more than 40 years, which has made it one of the largest cosmetic brands on the market. It has a presence around the world, represented in thousands of shops, stores and franchises shop in shop.

This makes belonging to its network of franchisees a guarantee of a successful business with proven experience.

Next, we will see some of the benefits of acquiring The Body Shop franchise:

  • Being affiliated with an ethical brand committed to caring for the environment. And that also promotes transparent and responsible social work.
  • Work with competitive products that serve the diverse needs of young and adult clients.
  • Access to all brand tools for business promotion.
  • Personalized welcome program accompanied by professionals from The Body Shop.
  • Constant support for inquiries about stocks, store equipment and other business related issues.
  • Continuous education and training in business management, sales strategies, promotion, operations, among others.
  • Support of 6 months in the start-up of the franchise with a manager assigned for your project.
  • Possibility of meeting franchisee communities to share experiences and knowledge.

Types of franchise that The Body Shop offers

Before talking about the franchisee profile that The Body Shop is looking for, it is important to mention the types of franchises it manages . These are:

1. Master franchise

It consists of granting the license of the entire market in a country . Generally, this is a type of macro business in which the brand is associated with a company already established in the country in question. In other words, this company is granted the management of the entire brand in one country.

2. Sub-franchise

This is the type of The Body Shop franchise in which entrepreneurs can start a new business . It refers to granting the brand license and the “know-how” for interested persons to manage a store within their country of residence.

Profile to acquire franchise of The Body Shop

Now that we have distinguished the types of franchises The Body Shop, let’s talk about the profile of the entrepreneur. The requirements are basic: motivated, passionate and self-employed entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs who identify with the brand’s values. And that in turn, have high leadership skills, a commercial vision and experience in retail sales.

In addition to this, the company also takes into account experience in the beauty industry and market knowledge.

How much does The Body Shop franchise cost?

The time has come to talk about money and investment costs. The initial investment fee in The Body Shop franchise is €5,000. Here, the brand assumes a part of the initial investment depending on the franchise.

In addition to the initial royalty value, there are start-up costs ranging from €50,000. These include the initial stock and the adaptation of the premises. The total investment in the franchise includes a «marketing fund» to promote your business and constant training in financial and business matters.

To purchase your The Body Shop franchise you must visit its official website and select your country of residence. There you will find the contact information to make the request or you can request information through a contact form. Remember that The Body Shop has websites in Spain, Mexico, Brazil and Chile.

Final words

It is clear to us that this brand works under an innovative and visionary business model that has allowed it to gain worldwide recognition. Additionally, it manufactures and markets natural products that promote responsibility to the planet and support for local communities.

Its franchisee network is growing and the benefits for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs allow for joint growth. Therefore, acquiring a Body Shop franchise is a profitable business opportunity. Since you will have the possibility of entering the market with a highly valued and highly positioned brand. And as a result, you have a good chance that the return on your investment will be higher.

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