Top 10 Best Online Courses for Business Analytics

I have selected these 10 best online courses for business analytics among the 100 online courses so that you don’t have to waste your time analyzing and selecting the best one.

Choosing the best online course for Business Analytics needed to be done as early as possible because it improves your skills and knowledge. There are thousands of courses available online nowadays but among them, it becomes confusing to choose one.

I have done it for you. Hope you find it beneficial. So, let’s know about the online course for business analytics which is the best available out there.

Best Online Course for Business Analytics

best online courses for business analytics

Here are the 10 best online courses for business analytics for which you can apply online. All these are explained in detail and key features are mentioned.

Business Analytics Course from Udemy

This is the basis of business analysis. This online courses for business analytics is very easy. This course will cover the syllabus from basic to advanced.

Many people have completed this course. At the end of each article, they will give you a question. The question is based on real-life situations and is very practical. If you can’t solve it you can see the solution again.

There are a few questions where you may got stuck. But the solution helps you to find it more easily.

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This course will teach you the most important topics such as the central boundary theorem, hypothesis testing, and many other important things.

  • Lessons for the Course: business analysis statistics
  • Course Description: An excellent online course for business analysis:
  • Teacher name: Kirill Eremenko
  • Teacher rating on Udemy: 4.5/5
  • 9 lakh students (9,28,000) are enrolled in this course.

You will love the way her teaching works. An example of realism makes it easy to understand a concept.

Wharton’s Business Analytics Specialization

The Wharton School has designed this Business Analytics specialization for anyone interested in understanding how business decisions are made using large data in the organization.

You’ll learn how data analysts describe, predict, and inform business decisions. This program aims to promote a deep understanding of how big data and analytics are used in four key areas:

  • marketing (customer analytics),
  • human resources and talent management (people analytics),
  • operations, and
  • finance.

This knowledge will help learners to create new data-driven business strategies, participate in conversations about analytics, transition to a new career path, or improve their own business.

This program comprises 4 targeted courses – Customer Analytics, Operations Analytics, People Analytics, and Accounting Analytics and culminates with a Business Analytics Capstone project.

This hands-on project requires learners to apply the business analysis skills learned to a real problem faced by tech giants like Yahoo, Google, and Facebook. This capstone project is designed with Yahoo to provide invaluable experience to learners and reinforce their skills in making decisions based on data.

No prior knowledge or experience of business analytics is required for this program. Working knowledge of Microsoft Excel’s basic functions will be an advantage.

Key Highlights

  • Achieve fluency in business data strategies
  • Explain how data is used for recruiting and performance evaluation
  • Model supply and demand for various business scenarios
  • Develop an analytic mindset to help solve business problems with data-driven decision-making
  • Learn the tools used to predict customer behavior
  • Several exercises and examples to enhance understanding of the topics
  • Capstone project to apply skills to a real-world data set
  • Duration: 20 weeks, 2 to 5 hours per week
  • Rating: 4.6

Excel to MySQL: Analytic Techniques for Business Specialization by Duke University (Coursera)

This Specialization is offered by the most prestigious Duke University in partnership with Coursera. It is intended for anybody interested in data analysis and its applications in decision-making.

In this program, you will learn to use powerful tools and methods such as Excel, Tableau, and MySQL to analyze data, create forecasts and models, design visualizations, and communicate your insights.

It includes 4 industry-relevant courses followed by a capstone project that requires learners to apply data analysis principles and recommend methods to improve profits of residential rental property companies. This capstone project has been designed with help of Airbnb (Capstone’s official sponsor).

The course begins with an introduction to best practices for using data analytics, identifying key metrics, etc. It also covers data analysis techniques used by giants like Amazon, Airbnb, and Uber and how these techniques help them in their respective industries.

Then it dives into Excel, Tableau, and MySQL, followed by practices to translate and persuasively communicate insights into actionable recommendations for decision-makers. This course can be taken by beginners with no prior knowledge of business analytics.

Key Highlights

  • Learn to recognize the most critical business metrics and distinguish them from regular data
  • Understand how companies like Amazon, Uber, and Airbnb use big data and data analytics to out-compete traditional companies in their industries
  • Prepare to design and implement realistic predictive models based on data
  • Learn effective data visualization with Tableau
  • Understand how relational databases work
  • Hands-on project to apply the techniques learned to real-world problem
  • Duration: 5 courses, 4-6 weeks each course, 3-5 hours each week
  • Rating: 4.7

Advanced Business Analytics Specialization by University of Colorado (Coursera)

This Specialization is based on a summer boot camp that is run as part of the Masters of Business Analytics Program at the University Of Colorado Boulder Leeds School Of Business.

The focus of this program is to teach real-world business analytical skills so that you can leverage data to solve complex business problems.

In addition to learning about how to think about business analytical problems, you will learn practical skills such as how to extract and manipulate data using SQL code, how to execute statistical analysis for descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analysis, and how to discuss, interpret and predict analytical results.

There are five courses in this specialization –

  1. Introduction to Data Analytics for Business
  2. Predictive Modeling and Analytics
  3. Business Analytics for Decision Making
  4. Communicating Business Analytics Results
  5. Advanced Business Analytics Capstone

This is an intermediate-level course and requires some background in statistics. It is suggested that learners have a working knowledge of Excel and a high-level understanding of programming instructions.

Key Highlights

  • Understand the entire business analytics process, from data-capturing, extraction, analysis, modeling, and presentation of findings
  • Extract and manipulate data stored in large databases using SQL
  • Identify and apply statistical models that are commonly used to implement descriptive analytics
  • Learn to use Excel-based tools to construct models based on regression, simulation, and data mining
  • Learn to use Excel-based tools to construct models about linear programming, integer programming, and simulation-optimization methods
  • Capstone Project related to financial loans to help with the investment decisions of an investment company
  • Duration: 4-5 months, 3-5 hours per week
  • Rating: 4.6

Data Analysis and Presentation Skills: the PwC Approach Specialization (Coursera)

This specialization by PWC is designed to provide you with practical training in data analysis, so you can understand data, apply data analytics tools and create effective business intelligence presentations. You’ll learn how to use Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and other common data analysis and communication tools.

This course has been designed for learners who are new to the field of data and analytics. So, no prior knowledge or background in business analytics and statistics is required. You will need PowerPivot and MS Excel to complete some of the exercises in the course.

There are five courses in this specialization:

  1. Data-driven Decision Making – Here you will be introduced to big data, how it is used and a framework for conducting Data Analysis, and tools and techniques that are commonly used
  2. Problem-Solving with Excel – Here you will learn the basic functions of excel through guided demonstration
  3. Data Visualization with Advanced Excel – Here you’ll learn PowerPivot, Excel’s built-in tools, how to visualize data, dynamic dashboards, etc.
  4. Effective Business Presentations with PowerPoint – Here you’ll learn to present your data in an engaging manner
  5. Data Analysis and Presentation Skills: the PwC Approach Final Project – This will bring together all the new skills and insights you’ve learned through the four courses

Key Highlights

  • Understand how to use the data and analytics framework to develop a plan to solve a business problem
  • Learn to use PowerPivot to build databases and data models
  • Learn to use Excel to analyze data using formulas and present a series of visualizations
  • Create a dynamic data dashboard in Excel that accepts inputs and refreshes with new data
  • Capstone Project to apply data analysis and presentation skills to solve a real-world client problem
  • Learn best design principles for effective visuals and slides
  • Iterative peer feedback to complete assignments and projects
  • Duration: 21 weeks, 3-4 hours per week
  • Rating: 4.6

Business Analytics – Nanodegree Program (Udacity)

In this Business Analytics Nanodegree specialization, you will master foundational data skills that apply across several functions and industries. It mainly focuses on how to collect and analyze data, model business scenarios, and communicate your findings with SQL, Excel, and Tableau.

The curriculum has been developed in collaboration with Tableau and Mode, with the needs of the industry in mind. It is divided into the following parts –

  1. Welcome to the Program – Introduction & orientation to the program
  2. Introduction to Data – Learn to use statistics and build models with Excel
  3. SQL for Data Analysis – Learn to extract and analyze data using SQL
  4. Data Visualization – Learn to build meaningful data visualizations and data dashboards

This is an introductory level program with no prior experience required. It is suitable for beginners in data analysis or anybody who wants to learn techniques to complete small-scale data analysis and exploration.

The main focus of the program is on projects where learners implement the techniques learned and strengthen their skills.

Key Highlights

  • Learn exploratory data analysis with small to mid-sized datasets
  • Real-world projects and content created in partnership with top companies
  • A very interactive learning environment provided by Udacity with a great student community for support
  • Individual 1-on-1 mentorship provided
  • Taught by industry practitioners with curriculum developed by industry experts
  • Projects reviewed by qualified instructors, instead of automated or peer reviews
  • Personalized feedback, career coach & career services
  • Duration : 3 months, 10 hours per week
  • Rating: 4.6

Business Analytics Fundamentals by Babson College (edX)

This Certification program on Business Analytics Fundamentals means to give standards and pragmatic uses of business analytics.

It gives essential and handy aptitudes and information to break down and get information, present your discoveries successfully and reach important inferences about information. It covers the most recent demonstrating methods and progressed Excel capacities.

The key territories canvassed right now are Data Collection, Data Visualizations, Descriptive Statistics, Basic Probability, Statistical Inference, and Creating Linear Models. You will learn fundamental information types, inspecting techniques, and studies.

Genuine informational collections are utilized all through the program with a lot of activities and tasks. The exercises are organized well and paced impeccably to make them simpler to get a handle on.

This course gives a hands-on way to deal with anybody searching for a better handle on business analytics. Since it’s a basic level course, no earlier foundation or range of abilities in the business examination is required. Just working information on Excel is proposed.

Key Highlights

  • Figure out how to perceive, decipher, abridge information, and offer significant bits of knowledge
  • Learn spellbinding insights and essential likelihood ideas
  • Spread Inferential insights, for example, certainty interims and speculation testing
  • Figure out how to assemble fundamental Excel models for income, cost, and benefit
  • See how to apply essential analytics to regular business choices
  • The choice to seek after a checked testament at a little expense
  • Term: a month, 4-6 hours out of every week
  • Rating: 4.5

Business Analytics for Data-Driven Decision Making by Boston University (edX)

The point of this course is to assist you with settling on better business choices utilizing scientific techniques.

You will figure out how to reframe a business question as an analytics question, to choose what information you need and where to acquire it, and to set up that information for the investigation. You will rehearse how to make convincing information perceptions and find out about the apparatuses to accomplish that.

You will likewise see how to construct and present bits of knowledge from the examination. Along these lines, this course trains the total start to finish procedure of making compelling information-driven and proof-based choices.

This course is a piece of two MicroMasters programs – Digital Product Management and Digital Leadership. It is a propelled level course and records rudimentary information on insights as an essential for taking this course. It is intended for the individuals who need to oversee groups of business examiners and information researchers or wish to perform examinations of information themselves.

Key Highlights

  1. Hands-on prologue to the ideas, strategies, and procedures of business analytics
  2. Introduction to ideas and practices of building prescient models utilizing AI calculations
  3. Figure out how organizations can utilize analytics as to the reason for making esteem
  4. See how to adequately associate with information investigator groups
  5. Figure out how to interpret information analytics results into sound business methodologies
  6. A few models and exhibits to clarify complex logical models
  7. Free access to course content, checked endorsement can be included for a charge
  8. Term: two months, 3-6 hours out of each week
  9. Rating: 4.6

Business Analytics MicroMasters Certification by Columbia University (edX)

This MicroMasters program in Business Analytics is an expert and scholarly certification offered by Columbia University on the edX stage for online students. It is a progression of 4 alumni-level courses that enable students with the abilities, bits of knowledge, and comprehension to improve business execution utilizing information, measurable and quantitative investigation, and illustrative and prescient displays to help settle on noteworthy choices.

The 4 Masters’ level courses spread the accompanying points – Analytics in Python; Data, Models, and Decisions in Business Analytics; Demand and Supply Analytics; Marketing Analytics. Every one of these courses incorporates video addresses, tests, programming assignments, peer-checked on assignments, and network conversation discussions.

Students need to finish all 4 courses to win the MicroMasters program endorsement from Columbia.

This declaration considers 7.5-course credits towards any of Columbia University’s following online or nearby Masters’s programs – MS in Management Science and Engineering, MS in Operations Research, MS in Business Analytics, and MS in Marketing Science.

Key Highlights

  • Figure out how to saddle the intensity of analytics to settle on better business choices and advance your profession
  • Apply strategies, instruments, and programming for getting, overseeing/putting away, and getting too organized and unstructured information
  • Apply expressive, prescient, and prescriptive analytics to business displaying and dynamic
  • In addition the capacity to clarify complex explanatory models and results
  • Length: 4 courses, 12 weeks for each course, 8-10 hours out of every week per course
  • Rating: 4.5

Key Business Analytics Specialization by Essec Business School (Coursera)

This Specialization is intended for understudies and experts intrigued by down-to-earth utilizations of business analytics methods and enormous information. It covers a wide assortment of analytics approaches in various industry areas including media, interchanges, open assistance, and so on.

Students who complete this specialization will be completely cultivated specialists in enormous information by the executives, with a hearty comprehension of how information can be utilized to use key worth.

They will have the option to join and control informational indexes and decipher them. The courses likewise set them up to introduce their translations and worth case to potential partners effectively.

There are 4 courses in the program – (I) Foundations of vital business analytics, (ii) Foundations of advertising analytics, (iii) Case concentrates on business analytics with Accenture, and (iv) Capstone Project.

This is a propelled level program and requires a decent measurable foundation. It is recommended that students know about R programming language and analytics to finish the coursework. Some involvement in SQL and AI will be helpful as well.

Key Highlights

  • Hands-on contextual investigations in genuine business settings: models incorporate foreseeing and anticipating occasions, measurable client division, and computing client scores and lifetime esteem
  • Comprehend content mining, interpersonal organization investigation, assumption examination, continuous offering, online crusade enhancement, and so forth.
  • Gain a Specialization Certificate from one of the world’s driving business schools
  • Capstone undertaking to apply and test the abilities procured in the program
  • Length: four months, 2-5 hours out of every week

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