best industries to invest in 2020

10 Best Industries to Invest in 2020 for Bigger Returns

Do you have the will to create a business but not have the best idea in which sectors or industries to invest in 2020? It can be interesting to look for inspiration in the best industries to invest in 2020.

Of course, your idea of ​​starting a business must be compatible with your knowledge and skills, but it is also possible to go through a training stage.

10 Best industries to invest in 2020

Here are the 10 best industries to invest in the year 2020.

1) Crafts.

best industries to invest in 2020

Handicraft is a promising sector which offers many opportunities, including:

  • arts and crafts,
  • the manufacture of handcrafted jewellery,
  • “neo-craft” or handmade marketed on platforms like Etsy or Alittlemarket,
  • creative hobbies,
  • or decorative crafts.

2) Trade.

The following trade sectors are booming:

  • e-commerce
  • the concept stores,
  • the ephemeral boutiques,
  • cycle shops,
  • motorcycle goods stores,
  • fruit and vegetable shops and organic grocery stores,
  • local shops (see our article on ideas in local shops ),
  • snacks, for example, coffee shops, tearooms or wine, beer and tapas bars,
  • the trade of ethical and responsible articles and objects.

3) Service activities.

The service sector is always on the rise, this concerns in particular:

  • services for the elderly
  • home help services (domestic help for example),
  • secretarial services on request,
  • well-being activities: aesthetics, massage, etc.,
  • the activities of courier-delivery, or VTC.

4) Agri-food production.

Agrifood processing is a very well oriented sector, in particular:

  • the manufacture of ranges of organic food products,
  • vegan products (sector growing 80% per year),
  • the production of beer brands,
  • the production of energy drinks,
  • or the production of ranges of tea or coffee.

5) The production of clothes made in the USA.

Part of the clothing demand is clearly evolving towards made in the USA. Here are some examples of activities to launch:

  • create a brand of shoes made in the USA,
  • create a brand of responsible clothing made in the USA,
  • create a brand of local t-shirts.

6) The liberal professions.

Some liberal professions are doing very well, this is particularly the case:

  • of consulting activities (business consultancy, marketing, communication …)
  • of coaching activities,
  • of marital or family counselling,
  • alternative medicines or therapies: naturopathy, sophrology, reflexology…

7) The social, responsible and united economy.

The social and solidarity economy (ESS) is considered to be a sector of the future, and in particular:

  • waste treatment and recycling,
  • circular economy,
  • social and democratic innovation,
  • education,
  • sustainable agriculture

8) New web professions.

There are many opportunities to start working in new web professions:

  • webmaster,
  • Community Manager,
  • web designer,
  • inbound manager,
  • web marketer,
  • SEO specialist, etc.

9) Products and services around animals.

The pet owners are increasingly attentive to the welfare of their fellows:

  • animal health,
  • food,
  • education and entertainment,
  • or even guarding.

10) Innovation and new technologies.

Finally, the new technologies and innovation sector is one of the most promising in the American economy, and in particular:

  • consumer web applications,
  • innovative industrial solutions,
  • innovation consultancy,
  • artificial intelligence and big data,
  • or renewable energies (GreenTech).

If you have any questions regarding these best industries or sectors to invest in 2020 feel free to contact us.

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