10 Best Profitable Careers and Professions in the World

The modern world is full of opportunities. Occupations that increase the social status of individuals also enable economic welfare to be increased to high levels.It has been going on for many years and has been tender to the language of most people.

Although the word still retains its validity, many professions have come to the fore according to current trends. We researched the world’s most profitable professions for you. What is surprising is that eight of the ten most profitable professions in the world are in the field of medicine and surgery. 

10 Best Careers and Professions in the World

Let’s take a look at the most profitable professions of recent years.

Natural Sciences Manager

Best Profitable Careers and Professions in the World

Natural sciences management is one of the most money-saving professions in the world. Employees in this area receive high wages and also have great responsibilities. Natural science managers are expected to supervise and control the work of other scientists such as agronomists, chemists, physicists. People in this profession usually work in the field of research and development. Most natural science managers have their own consulting firms. The highest income in the world in this field is $ 97,560.

Marketing manager

The marketing manager is one of the key positions in modern companies and one of the highest paid jobs in the world. Marketing managers are the people responsible for implementing any company’s marketing strategies. Marketing managers are expected to engage in public relations activities, business development and growth, and media and firm products. The highest marketing manager revenue in the world is $ 100,020.

Computer and Information Systems Manager

These people are expected to be interested in any company’s business based on information technologies. For this reason, these people need to have advanced techniques and skills. Computer and information systems administrators used to work as a programmer or data analyzer in the early days when there was not enough progress in the field of information – processing. However, as time progressed and experience gained, they began to take on key tasks such as systems analyst and information management. In the modern world, international firms pay these people high wages. Job descriptions include selection and suitability of applications, software development, web design, and the computing security of the company. The highest income in this area is $ 100,110.

Air traffic controller

The number of those who prefer transportation by air is increasing significantly every year. This naturally causes the air traffic to be more intense. For this reason, the technologies and techniques used for air traffic safety are constantly improving. Using these technologies and techniques, air traffic controllers ensure that planes take off and land safely. Being aware that the slightest mistake they make in this process can have extremely serious and risky results, this profession group is also among the most winning professions. Their annual earnings are $ 135,120.


Everyone in the community has somehow a relationship with the legal system. There are lawyers to help people with any legal problem. Today, people do not only apply to lawyers on murder and civil law issues, but they also get help with environmental law, copyrights, intellectual property and so on. Lawyers are people who will help us with these kinds of issues. Attorney firms pay significant fees to effective lawyers. The highest fee paid in this area is $ 110,590.


In the modern world, dentists earn thousands of pounds in a year. Even if the applicable jobs of advanced dental surgeons are low, their income increases every year. The highest income earned in this area is $ 132,660.

Airline Pilots

The aviation industry is developing and growing day by day. With the introduction of new technologies, pilots’ work has become more complex and technical. That’s why airline pilots are one of the best salaries in the world. Being a pilot is not easy, requires hard work and requires serious investment. The highest income earned in this area is $ 134,090. 

Engineering Managers

The duties of engineering managers are to carry out research, design and production activities. As time progressed, engineering managers passed natural science managers and data processing managers in terms of income. The highest income in this area is $ 140,210.

Chief Executive Officer

CEOs are the top executives in all organizations and are responsible for all business affairs of the company. They receive high salaries due to their level of responsibility. CEOs are responsible to the company’s board of directors and capital partners. The highest fee paid for this position is $ 140,880. 


It is the surgeons who earn the highest income in the medical field. Earnings pass all other professional groups. Because they specialize in a certain area and are responsible for a person’s life – which is very important – surgeons are the winners all over the world. The highest income is $ 181,850. If you want to get high salaries, you can fight on surgery because it is the profession with the highest gain.

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