10 Best Business to Start in Columbus Ohio For Extra Income

Columbus Ohio is known for its business-friendly culture. Entrepreneurship is one of the values ​​that accompany the main principles of the American dream.

It can be good to be inspired by the creativity and innovation shown by American entrepreneurs , but also by their persistence, their motivation and their ability to bounce back if they fail.

Let’s see what are the main business trends currently emerging on the American continent.

10 Business ideas in Columbus Ohio.

Here are 10 business ideas from Columbus Ohio, and for which there are great prospects for development.

1) A service company related to professional vehicles.

The idea of ​​this business is to prepare and maintain on-site vehicles for professional customers, without the latter having to travel.

This activity can be broken down into a set of ancillary services: deliveries, rental service, provision … So employees of client companies can gain productivity.

The range of services may include technical prevention services, minor repairs and cleaning of the vehicle fleet.

2) A business around cinematographic leisure.

best business to start in columbus ohio

Popcorn and other traditional sweets seem outdated when it comes to cinema and dining.

Imagine fresh sushi made on site or a salad bar in a cinema. Here’s an original idea that can take on a healthy note if you include a juice bar and a few smoothie options.

An idea that can only be done in partnership with a cinema. Another way to bring the experience of a good film to life.

3) A streaming platform to follow sports lessons.

With very strong growth, the sports sector offers incredible opportunities in terms of innovation.

Consumer expectations are increasingly oriented towards health and well-being, and sports culture finds its account.

On the other hand, lifestyles that are increasingly focused on work limit the time available to go to the gym, and calling on a sports coach quickly proves to be expensive.

The solution could be found in the creation of an online sports platform with a wide choice of videos. Formulas in monthly subscriptions or on demand, to take advantage of the courses according to the availability and level of each.

4) Personal shopper service for daily shopping.

Working people are often overbooked and would like reactive and personalized proximity services. They also demonstrate a need for trust and a qualitative relationship.

Developing a personal shopper business could perfectly meet these expectations.

5) A boutique dedicated to fittings which takes charge of the reception and return procedures.

Many consumers make unsatisfactory clothing purchases on the net, which induces constraints such as picking up a package at a relay point, trying the item and sending it back.

On the strength of this observation, why not offer a place dedicated to the reception of purchases and fittings while adding a service to take care of returns?

The customer would then only have to focus on the pleasure of trying on their future wardrobe.

6) An anti-lice hair salon.

The idea is not so new, and is developing as the resistance of lice to chemical treatments increases.

You could open a living room equipped with the latest mechanical suction techniques, which will reassure parents.

7) Sell technical clothing for handisport.

Disability is also a niche market.

The society of tomorrow will be inclusive and take into account disability in all spheres of activity; sport is one of them.

There is a very limited supply of technical clothing adapted to the morphologies of people with disabilities. The challenge being to respond to the diversity of handicaps and those of the bodies of these sportsmen, no less determined to accomplish themselves through their practice.

8) A business of designing uniforms for companies.

The brand identity is a founding element of the visibility of a company.

If particular care is taken at points of sale, the same must apply to the outfits of employees.

It’s not just a question of colors or a logo on a pocket or tie. The uniform is also linked to the well-being of employees: feeling good in your work clothes means being 100% available for your tasks and for customers.

Offering tailor-made uniforms designed to meet the various constraints and working conditions is a promising idea.

9) Ethical financial products.

Among the business ideas coming from Columbus Ohio, many relate to the finance sector.

Some entrepreneurs have already understood the challenges ahead and the expectations of society in terms of “clean finance”.

Think about an idea for starting a business in connection with banking or insurance (advice, brokerage, communication, marketing, etc.), offering your own products.

10) Development of augmented reality applications.

Augmented reality has found its application in video games and e-commerce (see for example the offer from the start-up Emersya recently selected by Business France to develop in Columbus Ohio).

Technical prowess allows the development of technological innovations providing concrete solutions to problems as diverse as medical imaging or assistance in the marketing of new products.

The sectors favored by new businesses are mainly focused on those of service and customer experience. In such a context, it becomes difficult to sell more without bringing a real advantage through an interactive dimension between the customer and the brand.

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