Future Business Ideas in India

19 Beneficial Future Business Ideas in India That Will Shine in 2021

When you have studied information on future business ideas in India, you will usually experience a little confusion because of the many choices, so determining what business is suitable in the future, aka long-term, is not as easy as breaking the rope with scissors, guys.

But this is common for beginners like you, friends, you can start a business with small capital from home 2021 according to the capital budget you have. The following is information on the types of businesses you can choose from, starting from the main business to side businesses for students or housewives, of course worth it.

Future Business Ideas in India

Here are the 19 future business ideas in India:

1. Dropship Products

Who says a business must have its own product, not really. Those of you who don’t have a product but want to sell can try a business with a dropshipping system. This business is also very suitable for students and even for rural households.

For example, if you want to sell bags, you must create a shop in the marketplace, then find the right supplier, upload photos of the products and sell online store diets at prices slightly above the supplier. So with a small capital or just a quota of capital, you can become a businessman. There have been many successful entrepreneurs selling with this system.

2. Instant Food Business

Currently, 2021 is in the trend of instant food in circulation, such as instant batagor, instant cilok. This business can be said to be a business that will continue to grow and be profitable. The reason is, food is definitely needed as the population increases.

Don’t forget to start a future business, do repeated product trials so that the food you are going to sell can shake your tongue and make you addicted later and ask friends or family for the opinion of friends or family to assess the trial results, friends, enter what you get can be your reference to produce even more good products. .

3. Juice shop

Future Business Ideas in India

The high level of public awareness about consuming fruits and vegetables to support health plus busy activities so that you don’t have time to supply vegetables and fruit makes it an opportunity for you to start a juice shop business.

With a small capital, under 1 million you can open this business. Tips for this business, buy vegetable and fruit raw materials from the wholesale market closest to the business location. Usually the price of vegetables and fruit there is much cheaper. Initially you can use a small storefront first in front of the house to see people’s interest in your product.

4. Healthy Catering

This business is still rare but profitable, healing cathering is one of the businesses with good prospects in the future as a counterweight to junk food products in the market.

The trend of caring for health makes people with high levels of activity, especially the middle and upper class, really care about what they consume, this makes the opportunity for daily healthy catering attracting many consumers. You can promote online healing catering and delivery order delivery systems to make it easier for consumers to purchase.

5. Instant Health Product Production (Herbal)

Instant (Herbal) Health Products

The current pandemic season makes people very diligent in consuming herbs to maintain immunity from various diseases, but consuming the leaves or other parts of the plant directly is considered impractical and a problem for some people.

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Therefore, you can produce instant herbal products such as instant ginger, instant turmeric, instant wedang uwuh and so on as your business field, even though this business is still rare but profitable, you know!

6. Franchise

A future business that requires a large amount of capital is a franchise because you have to buy a license for the franchise model you choose. Even so, the advantage of this business is that you don’t have to bother thinking about business concepts because everything has been conceptualized by the franchisor.

There are many franchises that you can choose from, so choose popular products and have good prospects in the future, besides that it is important for you to determine a strategic location if you have done this then you can be sure your business will be successful.

7. PL Import business

Future Business Ideas in India

For women, appearance is something that is very obligatory to always be updated, this makes fashion a future business. Not only selling new fashion, you can also use used goods. But the tips are selling used imported goods. Why import? Because imported goods have various models and are always updated even though they are used.

You can buy used imported clothes, then sell them online on the marketplace or on your online store, don’t be afraid it won’t sell, guys, as long as the choice of clothes is varied and clean, there must be lots of enthusiasts.

8. Graphic Design Business

The development of internet technology makes any work possible online. Small to large companies have started to develop corporate web in order to reach the growing digital market and also increase their existence, making business opportunities in the field of graphic design become the prima donna today.

But unfortunately not all of you can develop this system, now it’s time for those of you who are masters and adept at this field to step in. Graphic design is needed in the fields of advertising, website design, making logos, banners, and even UI in an application.

9. Property Business

Currently until the future the population will increase along with the need for housing as a top priority for the community, you can take advantage of this as a business opportunity that promises 2021.

It can be started with a small amount of capital, namely being a realtor for houses, architectural services. If you have more budget, you might as well be a small developer. But try to have a house with advanced technology, aka smart home, for example, pinned lights can turn on by themselves at night until the electricity can be controlled remotely. Good prospect, right?

10. Recycled Crafts

Even though it used to be underestimated, in fact waste can now be an invaluable item, but unfortunately waste processing in Indonesia is still very minimal, this reason can be a future business opportunity for you to start this business.

Garbage can be a craft to meet community needs, for example, beverage packaging waste as a plastic bag to reduce plastic waste, in addition to getting your profits, you can also contribute to reducing waste, which is increasing in number every day and the danger of many natural disasters is caused by garbage.

11. Tourism Business

Business in tourism never dies if you feel that you only have a small amount of capital, you can take advantage of the closest tours in your area, especially in the village to become a souvenir or souvenir business.

On the other hand, you can build lodging rentals with a franchise model such as OYO, Reddoorz, which are now mushrooming and attracting many tourists because the rental fees are very pocket-friendly, of course, this requires a lot of capital, yes, but if there aren’t many competitors, you can be sure you can become a successful tourism entrepreneur.

12. Fruit Cultivation

Unlike other businesses, this fruit plant cultivation business is still relatively rare but profitable, if you are really painstaking and patient in pursuing the agricultural business. How did it happen?

Yaps because fruit is one of the most needed food needs by everyone, so the demand continues to increase, but not all want to run this business, so business competitors are still few but market prospects are very broad.

13. Online courses

If you have special skills and knowledge, you can make this a future business, by opening an online course, when else can you open a business and share knowledge without being face-to-face or online? This business is currently mushrooming like the famous teacher room platform.

You can provide online access to various subject matters ranging from foreign languages, soft skills, hard skills (ms office, coreldraw) and even cooking classes. This business is fairly profitable, there is no need to rent a place as well as a large enough opportunity because there are still many people out there who need certain skills.

14. Automotive Business (Offline & Online)

The very rapid development of automotive in Indonesia, can be seen from the number of motorized vehicles that are increasingly rampant, opening future business opportunities for friends. Currently, many workshops offer offline services to consumers, sometimes this is a hassle for a busy friend.

Now is the time for you to peddle online services, aka home delivery, so consumers can consult online about vehicle problems and if you need special care you just need to sit back, maintenance services will come to your house practically right?

15. Culinary business according to trends

Future Business Ideas in India

The culinary business has always been the prima donna for every entrepreneur, given the ever-increasing opportunities and markets. Tips for running this business are not to do business with what food you like, but you should first observe the trends and target market that you will reach.

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For example, you sell firecracker meatballs, the target market is teenagers and adults. This is related to the consumptive nature of teenagers and tends to like spicy flavors. If you have implemented this, it is guaranteed that the culinary business will continue to grow, don’t forget to always innovate for the betterment of your company, friend!

16. Event Organizer

In the past, not many people used event organizer services, but who would have thought that now EO services are really needed by many people, especially those who want to get something fast without bothering to take care of the trivia of consumption, event concepts, costumes and others.

It doesn’t have to be a wedding event, from events for outdoor to indoor events that can become you as a future business field. Besides that, you can use this business as a side business on the weekends so that your income will increase.

17. Coffee Shop

Not only culinary businesses are mushrooming, coffee shops are also a trend nowadays. Not only as a place to enjoy coffee from various regions, coffee shops are used as a cool hangout to meet and chat with friends and relatives and even use it as a place to study and do assignments.

In order to attract attention and pamper visitors, you can add several supporting facilities such as Wifi, Full AC, and an attractive space concept that is made as attractive as possible so that visitors feel at home for long. If so? The rupiah coffers will continue to flow and success is in sight.

18. Social Business Influencer

Even though it is considered a business with a small and profitable capital, influencers are not continuously associated with business, by using social media you can choose a product focus that will deepen or it could even be all kinds of products you are selling, for example shoes, clothes, snacks.

You can take advantage of your efforts as well as a field of merit and charity by promoting UMKM products, donations to a disaster and others so it’s not just money from endorsements as well as helping other guys!

19. Event Souvenir Business

Event Souvenir Business

When invited to a wedding or birthday, you will usually be given a souvenir, right? It can be a fan, a pen, a handkerchief and others. Let’s just count how many guests come and in a year how many thousand people have birthdays or hold events?

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Of course this is a future endeavor if you persevere. There are not many entrepreneurs in this field today, let’s take advantage of this opportunity, the most important thing in the souvenir business is that it is creative and the price is right in the pocket so that consumers are satisfied with their work and order it over and over again and even promote it to their colleagues.

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