Benefits of GSuite for Business (Google Suite for Business)

Today we are going to tell you the benefits Benefits of GSuite for Business.

Before entering the subject, it is important to make it clear that Google Suite offers us three different plans from which to choose to get the most out of this tool.

What is Google Suite?

Thanks to Google Suite you can choose within the package to enjoy personalized email within Gmail. As you well know, this email is one of the best at the moment, hence almost all companies want to work with this type of technology.

To this we must add that this package can be enjoyed with other extras such as Google Calendar to have all the dates controlled, Google Drive to be able to have a storage in the cloud and thus be able to consult all the data without problems from any device in a safe way . Google Docs and Google Sheets so you can create Excel and Word documents, both of which are very powerful and most importantly, totally free. It may be a good idea to bet on  Excel spreadsheets to get more out of those tools. It also includes Google Keep that will allow you to have everything ordered and thus be able to respond to customers in an effective and agile way, remembering that Google search works without problems with this extra. Of course, you can also enjoy the benefits of G Suites Admin Console. Thanks to that console you can have everything in one place, which makes working much easier and faster, thanks to the fact that you can have everything in one place. It is easy to use, so your workers will appreciate being able to work in this environment.

We must not forget that G Suite will also allow us to enjoy other features such as Google Hangouts, the perfect Google chat for companies. It also offers the possibility of enjoying Google Forms, Google Slides, Google Sites and the management of mobile devices.

What are the benefits of Google Suites?

You have already seen many of the benefits in the list of tools that G Suites makes available to your company. But now I am going to show you other benefits so that you can see that these types of packages are really benefits for the good development of the company.

To begin, you can have the email outside of your server. This means that if the server you work with goes down for any reason, you can continue to serve your customers through the mail. This will allow you to offer a proper deal, even when your own server is down.

In turn, you will have the security of being in the hands of one of the great technological giants, that is, you will always be able to enjoy the best results.

Of course, they are tools that have been designed to make things much easier for the workers who are going to use them. This means that they are not at all complicated to use, hence they can be made the most of. And of course, since everything is centralized, I can assure you that workers will be able to take advantage of working hours with these programs. To this we must add that it has great compatibility with the vast majority of formats. This way you can work in a much more effective way.

If you are concerned about availability, you can rest easy, it is the service that works best right now. You can never say that it is 100% effective since you never know, for this reason I assure you that it will be 99.99% effective.

On the other hand, it should be borne in mind that you can enjoy these services for free, but since you are going to use them at a business level, then you will have to purchase the package that most interests you. You can hire Google Suite Basic for $ 5 a month, Google Suite Business for $ 10 a month or Google Suite Enterprise for $ 25 a month. This will depend on the type of use you are going to give to Google Suite.

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