28 Great and Important Benefits of Gratitude and Thanking

Thanking and Gratitude is one of the important virtues of daily life. Are we well aware of the importance and potential benefits of acknowledgement in our lives? The benefits of a simple thank you are actually much more than we think. Here are 28 different benefits of Thanking and Gratitude.

1- Thanking and Gratitude opens new relationships.

Benefits of Gratitude and Thanking

Thanking and Gratitude you can not only show your gratitude but also help you make new friends. According to one study, thanking someone you just met encourages them to consider a longer-term relationship. So, thank you to a stranger who holds the door to you, or to show your gratitude to a colleague who touches you with a little help, you can open the door of new relationships.

2- Thanking and Gratitude is beneficial to health

Of course, thanks is not a cure for cancer. However, the sense of gratitude that triggers positive mood also positively affects health. This makes it easier to fight cancer, such as cancer HIV, where patient morale is important. Recent research shows that people who have the habit of thanking have fewer paths to the doctor, their blood pressure is lower, and their mental balance is less at risk of deterioration.

According to a study conducted in 2012, “Thank you.” People who say they complain about less pain and pain than those who don’t. The reason for this is that people with a strong sense of gratitude take better care of themselves. These people do more sports and have regular check-ups.

3- Thanking and Gratitude positively affects your emotions

Thanking and Gratitude repels many negative emotions from jealousy to regret. Thus, in a way, it protects one’s psychological health. He investigated the relationship between gratitude and mental health. The findings of Robert A. Emmons are in the same direction. Thanking and Gratitude increases happiness and reduces the risk of depression.

Thanking and Gratitude improves empathy and reduces aggressiveness

According to a study conducted at the University of Kentucky in 2012, he can continue to act constructively in his relationships even if he takes aggressive attitudes towards people who know how to thank him. When the participants who were higher in the gratefulness scale of the experiment encountered aggressive attitudes, they retaliated less than those below the scale. Thus, it was discovered that these people, who had more empathy with others, had a weak feeling of revenge. 

Thanking and Gratitude improves sleep quality.

According to another study, writing articles with gratitude is beneficial to sleep. The subjects who wrote 15 minutes of thank-you notes before going to sleep stated that they were sleeping longer and relaxing. 

6- Thanking and Gratitude improves self-confidence

According to an article published in the Journal of Applied Sport Psychology in 2014, gratitude improves the self-confidence of athletes. There are many other studies on the effect of thanking on social relations. These studies show that people with a sense of gratitude feel less jealous towards those who are more successful in their field than they are. Being able to appreciate others rather than envy also positively affects self-confidence. 

7- Thanking and Gratitude strengthens your psychology

Many studies show that thanking helps not only relieve stress but also overcome traumas. A 2006 study showed that the Vietnam War veterans who were higher on the gratefulness scale had less post-traumatic stress disorder than others. Another study with victims of the 9/11 attack revealed that more grateful victims had less difficulty adapting to daily life.

8- Thanking and Gratitude makes people like you

Thanking and Gratitude helps you build a social capital. According to two studies with a total of 243 people participating, people who show above average gratitude have much more social capital. Thanking and Gratitude makes you better, more reliable, more social and more valuable. As a result, your friendships increase, your relationships deepen and even your marriage gets stronger. 

9- Thanking and Gratitude strengthens your career

Thanking and Gratitude makes you a more effective manager. It helps you build a human network, contributes to the improvement of your decision-making ability, increases your productivity and helps you build more robust master-apprentice relationships. In this way, you can easily reach your career goals and turn your working environment into a more friendly and enjoyable place. Criticism in the work environment is of course necessary, but it is important to be able to adjust the quantity of it. In a survey conducted, 65% of Americans stated that they were not appreciated in their workplace in any way for their efforts last year.

10- Thanking and Gratitude strengthens your emotions

Thanking and Gratitude allows you to get rid of bad feelings like jealousy, arrogance. It helps you gain more beautiful memories and relieve stress with positive emotions.

11- Thanking and Gratitude makes you optimistic

With a sense of gratitude, optimism is always arm in arm. A few simple thanks to our optimistic attitude can lead to a healthier and longer life in the long run. Even spending 5 minutes a day and writing a few thank you notes can offer the blessings of a more optimistic life.

12- Thanking and Gratitude reduces materialism

Contrary to what materialism or materialism is thought, it is a feature that mostly affects one’s well-being. Actually, there is nothing bad in asking for more than life. However, materialist people have more difficulty in enjoying life. This leads to negative moods and increasing selfishness. If a little sense of gratitude, they act in the opposite direction and divert materialist thinking.

13- Thanking and Gratitude enriches your spiritual world

Although this situation is mostly associated with the feeling of gratitude and gratitude to the god brought by religions, it is possible to develop the spiritual world by thanking those who are not religious. Being grateful to the universe and life for your possessions takes you away from worldly matters and opens the door to a richer metaphysical world.

14- Thanking and Gratitude reduces selfishness

Thanking and Gratitude allows you to take notice of yourself and your own interests, making you aware of others. This awareness triggers solidarity instinct by highlighting the good aspects and goodwill efforts of others. Thus, people with strong gratitude live a life free from selfishness.

15- Thanking and Gratitude increases your productivity.

Increasing productivity is one of the indirect but powerful effects of knowing how to thank. We have mentioned that people with a sense of gratitude have high self-confidence. It is inevitable for an employee who is free from anxiety and confident to be more productive and successful. For this reason, the self-confidence and positive mood that thanks to thanks also affects the ability to work and productivity. 

16- Thanking and Gratitude prolongs life.

There is no direct study that people with strong gratitude live longer. However, it is a fact supported by many studies that optimistic people live longer than pessimists. Given the relationship of giving thanks to positive emotions and optimism, it is not a distant possibility to extend the life of the thank you.

17- Thanking and Gratitude increases your energy level

Thanks and fitness are in a strong relationship. People who do not refrain from thanking live a more vigorous life both physically and mentally.

18- Thanking and Gratitude increases your frequency of exercising

In an 11-week study on 96 Americans, it was noticed that the experimental group, who had a thank-you note every day, performed 40 minutes more sports per week than the control group. As a result of the research, it was revealed that the people who improved their relations with their environment thanks to them and they made more efforts to protect their health. 

19- Thanking and Gratitude helps you hold on to life

People who give thanks more often choose a future-oriented lifestyle. They do not hesitate to get support when they deem necessary and face fewer problems such as post-traumatic stress disorder. If you do not hesitate to thank, you will not succumb to a stressful life and you will always stand up to the difficulties.

20- Thanking and Gratitude makes your memories beautiful

Our memories have a flexible structure that can make you feel different feelings over time, rather than being irreversible information engraved on the stones. In some cases, people remember things as bad as they are, and sometimes they remember more positively than they do. If you live a positive life by expressing your gratitude often, you will be more inclined to remember your beautiful memories throughout your life. Even neutral or negative memories can come to your mind as time goes by. In an experiment, it was revealed that people who were held in a grateful mood were more likely to remember positive events during the experiment than negative ones, and even some events with bad memories were expressed positively.

21- Thanking and Gratitude helps you relax

It is a comforting method such as practicing breathing techniques. Of course, gratitude is not a feature to be built in such a systematic way. However, it is an inevitable fact that making a thank-you habit is beneficial for a more peaceful life.

22- Thanking and Gratitude makes you more friendly

Many studies confirm that thanking reflects positively on human relationships. Keeping a thank you book encourages you to be more helpful and friendly to others. This allows you to draw a more friendly profile in the eyes of others.

23- Thanking and Gratitude strengthens the institution of marriage

According to a scale called Losada ratio formed by scientists, the marriage of couples who interact more positively with each other takes longer. On the scale, based on the ratio of positive words such as thank-you-appreciate to negative discourses such as sarcastic comments or scolding, most of the marriages scoring 0.9 points or less end with divorce, while marriages with a score of 5.1 or more are not encountered.

24- Thanking and Gratitude makes you respectable.

The sense of gratitude is considered a positive virtue in all religious cults and modern cultures. For this reason, drawing an image that does not hesitate to thank you wherever you are in the world allows you to be respected from those around you. At this point, one should not confuse gratitude with a sense of indebtedness. Knowing to thank is a virtue, not a weakness.

25- Thanking and Gratitude deepens your friendships

People who do not see thanks as weakness always favor honesty in bilateral relations. This honesty, which is very important for deepening your friendship relationships, can be brought to you in the purest sense of gratitude.

26- Thanking and Gratitude strengthens your social networks

Thanks to numerous researches that thank-you strengthens social relations. Unless you are afraid to use the expression of thanks, you will see that you will have a greater social capital compared to people who have a closer relationship with your environment and who show low levels of gratitude.

27- Thank you increases the frequency of achieving your goals.

In an experiment that has been implemented in the past years, participants were asked to write down the goals they wanted to achieve in the two months ahead of them. The part of which the participants received a thank-you book showed a bigger progress in the process of reaching the goal, while the others were left behind. The aim of the study was to show that thanking makes people more active than making them quiet and ineffective. 

28- Thanking and Gratitude improves your decision making

Although it is the most frequently encountered problem of business life, the decision-making action that does not lose anything from its difficulty is an event that will improve as you express yourself by thanking you. In daily life, the decisions we make automatically in our subconscious turn into conscious actions with the contribution of the thank-you statement that keeps our perception and improves our perception towards our environment. In other words, showing gratitude to your environment actually makes you think more actively. In a study on this issue, doctors were given some symptoms and deliberate misdiagnosis about a patient. While the doctors who requested the examination of the patient were thanked, realizing that the symptoms and disease did not match, they directed all their energies to this issue, and the doctors who did not send a thank-you note assumed that the diagnosis was directly correct.

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