Automotive Business Ideas: 50+ Automotive and Car Business Ideas

If you are looking for automotive and car-related business ideas? Then you came to the right place. Here I’m sharing the best and profitable business ideas for automotive and car related business.

The automotive business is quite popular these days, because of the good profit margin. You can also start your business in this industry.

Automotive Business Ideas

Here are the most profitable automotive and car business ideas.

Maintenance Services Business

If you are a retired mechanic or just have a natural taste for mechanics, you can set up a service workshop. We are not talking about placing a mechanical workshop, if not a workshop where you provide services such as oil change, brake adjustment, tire repair, among others.

Tire sales

The tire trade is a fairly profitable business with a large market. The detail is that it requires a fairly large investment since the product is expensive. The advantage is that there will always be drivers interested in buying a new pair of tires.

You can start the business from your home, always keeping the tires well cared for and presentable. You can use social networks to offer your products and create a whole community of clients and people interested in the sector.

Sale of auto parts

Selling auto parts is an excellent idea to start a business because you get a good income. However, not everything is honey on flakes, you should make a good investment at the beginning of the business to buy the pieces in bulk and make a profit.

You can complement the sale of auto parts with the installation. Of course, before venturing further, you must be very clear about the installation of the pieces you sell. It is one of the best automotive and car-related business ideas.

The commercialization of auto parts is a very good business and more if you focus on the luxury car segment, although the initial investment will clearly have to be higher.

Towing Service Business

A service that is booming is the crane and trailers. The reason is simply because we will never be safe from damage and there will be a need for a crane at all times.

The investment is very clear, a trailer truck with enough power and torque (towing force) to do the job.

You have the option of making an alliance with a local mechanic shop or insurer to provide the service. In this way you can guarantee the flow of customers.

Driving school

To learn how to drive it will always be useful to go to a driving school. While it is true that most learn to drive empirically, there is still a large market looking for driving schools.

There is also the option of joining a driving school. Although you would not be starting your own business, it is still an option to obtain extra income.

Painting, polishing and waxing

Car paint wears away from the sun, pollution, or simply the passage of time. Starting a painting, polishing and waxing business is a great gamble because there will always be drivers willing to invest in their car to see it as new.

As in a car wash, investment is low and profits come largely from labor. Perhaps the biggest investment is in training to manage waxes and different finishes.

Windshield Repair Automotive Business

Windshields must be in perfect condition otherwise you run the risk of being fined. Do you see the area of ​​opportunity? Yes, dedicating yourself to windshield and window repair is another excellent option to start a business.

The most difficult part may be creating a portfolio of clients, however, you can support yourself from social networks and start with friends and family.

A plus that your business can have is to offer a home service since many people do not have the time to go to a workshop to have their car repaired.


A parking lot can be the ideal business as it requires very little investment and large profits are obtained. The investment can vary greatly depending on whether you already have space and how much infrastructure you plan to integrate.

Parking will work best in urban locations where there is little space on the streets to park. Although in these types of places, you must invest in paving, signs , security measures, parking insurance, personnel and maintenance.

One option is to lease the parking lot to establish a parking lot. In this way, you have the advantage of placing your business in the place you decide, in addition to the tax deduction.


Vinyl and car wrapping, especially for public transport, is a very profitable business . All bus routes, combis and taxis must have a specific labeling and that is where you would enter.

The biggest investment is in training to know how to place the vinyls. In addition, in certain states of the country, it is usually charged for having the right to place the sign.

As in almost all companies that start, you can start by advertising yourself on social networks and by recommendations from friends, family, acquaintances, and clients.

Drive for Uber or Lyft

Driving for one of the two sprawling taxi alternative app-based services around the world, Uber or Lyft can still be quite lucrative to earn extra money in the evenings and on weekends, working only when you want.


Car washes are an excellent option to start a business, since the investment is not very high, you only need a good location and a well-defined process to start.

Over time, you can include other services, such as waxing, vacuuming, engine cleaning, and many others with which you can compete in the market.


In the market, there are thousands of business owners who are looking for a way to extend the useful life of their work equipment, such as pick-ups, cargo vehicles, and other lines of business.

A useful life reduces costs and improves processes. The coating is an excellent business to serve this market, especially in our country, where there is a huge business opportunity due to the high number of sales of trucks and vans per year.

At LINE-X Mexico we distribute coatings to protect truck bed surfaces, metals, fiberglass, wood and many more. It is easy to apply, provided that the point of sale has specialized equipment and trained personnel. In addition, the market for this type of product extends outside the automotive industry, since it can also be applied in the construction and manufacturing sector.


If you have a capital large enough to make a strong investment, you can choose to buy auto parts in bulk.

You can add value to this business by offering the installation of the same pieces that you sell, and even opening other sales channels such as an online store.

If you also decide to stock your inventory with luxury auto parts or parts that few dealers sell, you will be able to cover a larger market, although consider that this will imply a greater investment.

Computerized vehicle diagnosis

The latest generations of vehicles are practically computerized cars, so faults are no longer detected manually, but through a special diagnostic computer for vehicles of this type.

This can be a good profitable business idea, the fact of setting up a place to provide this type of service together with the repair of the vehicle of course. Or, why not, something that is not widely exploited: the home service for automotive diagnostics.

Alarms and accessories

A totally profitable option is the establishment of an alarm installation business and the sale of accessories. Consumers feel the need to protect their vehicles from crime, but they also love to purchase accessories to add more features to their cars.

Lubricants, washes and oil changes

This is another high-performance business, every day there are dozens of users who come with their vehicles to change the oil, buy various types of lubricants or simply wash the car.

Give added value to this type of business by doing daily promotions, giving souvenirs, giving customers while they wait for a coffee with cookies or a drink they like, in short, it all depends on your ingenuity.

Vehicle spare parts

All automobiles, large, small, motorcycles or other types of vehicles always need spare parts. The wear of some parts is evident after a certain period and it becomes essential to change them.

So that the initial investment is not so high, specialize in one or a maximum of three brands, the most popular, promote your business, make yourself known and you will see the results.

Car batteries

Having only car batteries in your store is a great business, as well as essential accessories for this type of product.

Much more if you start to specialize in batteries for electric cars that are beginning to be in demand due to the sales growth that this automotive sector is experiencing. Always give your advertising campaigns a touch of creativity.

Workshop comparator

Users are always looking for the most convenient in terms of products or services, if you manage to create a website specialized in comparing car service workshops, you can win,

The customer can enter his make, model, the years of his car, along with the kilometers and the type of service he needs to do, in a specific geographical area.

Full service

If you have the necessary resources, you could set up a workshop with all the services described in the previous nine ideas and thus implement a profitable business of great magnitude.

Mechanical assistance service on the road

Has your vehicle ever broken down on the road while going for a walk? It is frustrating at a certain moment not knowing what to do or not having the right tools to solve the problem and continue on the road. Well, how about implementing an assistance service for travelers that can attend to these kinds of emergencies? The basic idea consists of offering through an emergency telephone number the possibility of being attended in a short time at the place of the problem. Many would-bes are delighted and grateful to pay to continue their destiny. Of course, the charge for this service is directly related to the distance and complexity of the problem.

Oil change and minor services at home

The main reason many people put off regular servicing of their vehicles is lack of time. It would be interesting to offer these minor services at home. Who wouldn’t be delighted to have their car serviced in the comfort of their home while taking a shower and breakfast? Of course, you need to take with you all the elementary spare parts for these services such as lubricants, filters, candles, or specific spare parts or spare parts to have a supplier close by where to turn to acquire and install them in a short time.

Minor on-site repairs

Similar to the previous one, it happens that many times your vehicle needs special minor repairs such as changing the bulbs, repairing the mirrors, doors, and locks, changing the door gaskets, etc. Doing it quickly is an attraction for your customers.


Window tinting services are in increasing demand either for new vehicles or to replace old tints. Offering this service at home is also an excellent option since many people would take advantage of the fact that the vehicle is not in use to carry out the installation that does not usually take more than 45 minutes.

Vehicle wash or car wash on site

Another alternative that may be of interest to your clients is to offer a washing and vacuuming service for their vehicles. This can be done either at home or in the office and the main attraction is that while they work or engage in other activities of greater importance, you take care of leaving their car shiny.

In this current scenario, it has been among the profitable business ideas automotive industry. It can also include the entire range of common services such as upholstery cleaning, silicone coating, polishing and polishing, among others.

Service to batteries and accumulators

One of the common failures in vehicles is due to lack of maintenance to the battery terminals, which even many times more than cleaning require a change. These terminals have a very low price in the market and the number of problems that occur due to not having them in good condition is very high. Offering a home service that takes 15 minutes to provide this basic service to cars could be a great deal. Of course, the cost of this service is relatively low but if you visualize it by volume of cars you could make a good extra $$.

Sale of accessories at home

Many people like the various accessories for cars such as stripes, special lights, mirrors, ornaments, aromatics, etc. And being able to deliver these accessories at home could become a very lucrative business.

Marketing of gasoline-saving devices

From some years to now, a series of alternatives for saving fuel have emerged on the market. From electronic devices to tablets to modify the density of combustion. And although some connoisseurs have reservations, it is a proven fact that they work and their marketing represents attractive income . Sure you can find a distributor near your locality to start this business.

Locksmith services

Another service that can be very attractive is the repair of car door locks and plates. These at some point tend to be damaged by use and require repair. They also tend to change them for others of better quality to ensure greater safety for the vehicle. Many would be delighted to have their car repaired at home.

Other Car Related Business Ideas

List of Car-Related Business Ideas:

  • New car sales
  • Used car sales
  • Mechanical workshop
  • Plate Stack Workshops
  • Electricity workshops
  • Leak workshops
  • Pneumatic workshops
  • Car restoration
  • Trade for
  • car batteries
  • Car rental
  • Car cleaning
  • Car wash (manual and
  • mechanized)
  • Car financing
  • Car insurance
  • Paving and parking lots
  • Trailers, car transport
  • Auto parts trade
  • Magazines and specialized press
  • Blogs and websites about cars
  • Car buying and selling classifieds sites
  • Sports car
  • Driving transformation
  • Vehicle inspection centers
  • Recycling and scrapping of cars
  • Fairs and car exhibitions
  • Sale of fuel
  • Driving schools
  • Car factories
  • LPG installation

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