Apollo Pharmacy Franchise, Requirements, How to Apply

If you are thinking of starting a new business in the health sector at a lower cost then you have a good chance. Apollo Pharmacy is offering a franchise opportunity.

In this article, we will discuss its requirements, how you can apply for the Apollo Pharmacy Franchise?

Apollo Pharmacy Franchise (Introduction)

Apollo Pharmacy is a leading centre in the chemical and pharma industry; is the largest productive network in the Indian region. Apollo Pharmacy offers real medicine with a 24-hour service. Apollo Pharmacy VP Atul Ahuja said that each year it adds 250 stores that have grown from 30 to 35% annually.

The pharmaceutical company had $ 1,150 in the last financial year. He pointed out that medicines are taking place at home delivery, but the law says the distribution of the drug is done by trained businessmen.

The online Apollo Pharmacy store has over 5000 products in various categories such as Vitamins and Supplements, baby care, personal care, health foods, and OTC.

In addition to this, the Apollo Pharmacy Franchise has over 400 Apollo Brand products, in various categories. This category may include vitamins and supplements, health food, oral care, scout, personal care, baby care, OTC, etc.

Why Apollo Pharmacy Franchise?

Franchising testifies to the consistent demand from metros and other cities. If you have a real desire to own this Franchise, you should gain an understanding of the pharmacy’s set up. On the other hand, as an independent business owner, increasing your business skills while working with a brand known as Apollo reduces your risk.

On the other hand, all the knowledge and expertise needed to run a business successfully is guaranteed from the pharmacy’s point of view. All direct service delivery work from shopping to sales and shopping is done by an experienced pharmacist. Every business person knows of good opportunities to deal with problems in his or her work.

Despite knowing this, every businessman runs the risk because he is confident that he can finally work out and he knows the rewards that he will bring later. The bright side of working under the auspices of a large corporation will be highly emphasized and great in India.

Apollo Pharmacy Franchise Benefits

The Apollo Pharmacy Package has a lot to share about designing by focusing on some basic issues first before continuing with the requirements. As an owner of Apollo Pharmacy, you become a finder. See how to be?

The biggest benefit you will get while owning a pharmacy factory is a huge discount on products from retail retailers.

Better access to new technologies and access to newly approved drugs, partnerships with biomedical distributors and greater transparency of your business through various advertising.

Being part of the Apollo Clinics network spread across the Asian continent, you will be able to offer world-class services without spending your money.

You will have access to years of health domain knowledge and expertise. You can reach your business goals with the help of important Apollo Pharmacy franchise guidelines as well as information about pharmacy and anything about reapplying.

How do I get an Apollo Pharmacy Franchise?

The very first step in the business process is all the companies that make the best deals and franchisees often take, filling out application forms and agreements.

The most important need is an investment and other qualifications. When completed you can move on to the final stage which is training. It is handmade and sometimes oriental. The company must provide adequate internally and externally trained training in pharmacy.

USP for Apollo Pharmacy

Internet and offline facilities

Products are available online and in-store charged depending on the mode. Customers can view and download their orders online and browse through the medical section to find their choice. Later they can add shopping to the cart and choose different payment methods.

Focus on the important areas

The strategy that Apollo continues to focus on is strengthening the areas it already holds. Those areas fall under South India where they have greater access and require the integration of all projects, in the West had established trading centres and concentrating on East and North.

Market study

Apollo is focused on growth and growth and then on the importance of products. The company wants to deduct the proceeds from existing investments and put weight on gaining cash flow from its major assets – Hospitals.

Apollo realized that there were a great need and a supply graph that needed specific attention from experts. There will always be people willing to pay when you give them the things they have to pay. And this idea made them rise to the top of the pharma business.

Good Sales

Asia’s largest healthcare team with a global presence in hospitals, pharmacies, mosquitoes, nursing products, home testing services, weight management, sexual health, Vitamin supplements, diagnostic clinics and primary care. In addition to medicines, Apollo includes skincare, baby care, oral hygiene, OTC drugs and other FMCG products that raise a significant amount of income.

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Benefits of opening an Apollo Pharmacy franchise

Product reputation

Apollo pharmacies have made themselves a popular brand and the franchise owner will receive a huge discount from retailers selling more items.

Higher profits

Medicines, hospitals, and pharmacies are evidence of inflation and do not fall under the influence of inflation and collapse.


It provides better and more comprehensive access to world-class technology with access to new drugs, open to partnerships and business exposure.

Quality learning

Staff learn more about medicine and health care by participating in the field. Ordering and order medicines according to their needs and keeping a logbook of all sales and original boxes.

Requirements for Starting Apollo Pharmacy Franchise

If you want to take on a pharmacy franchise, there should be a willingness to adapt to a constantly changing market. Use and gather information, discover your strengths and weaknesses of the franchise ahead of time.

There should be enough drug license to be effective and effective in the pharmacy. Operating without a valid license is a punishable offence, which is under Form 19.

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The Central Drug Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) and the State Drug Standard Control Organization are involved in a drug license in India.

Commercial drug license where you get a license to run a regular pharmacy store. Another type of license is Wholesale drug license, where you seek permission to open and operate drug sales and other pharmaceutical and personal care products.

To get licenses, you will need to go to your state pharmacy board and apply for a pharmacy license and get the registration done.

There should be a GST registration for payment purposes. Certain medical drugs are taxed in a separate tax: 5 per cent, 12 per cent, and 18 per cent.

To obtain a drug license you must provide the following documents:

  • ID such as Voter ID, Aadhar card, PAN card, etc., and Proof of Address
  • Application form, declaration certificate
  • An affidavit by a registered pharmacist or professional person
  • Proof of ownership of required land, title and property

How to Apply For Apollo Pharmacy Franchise

If you want to start a Franchise of Apollo Pharmacy, please visit the official website of Apollo pharmacy and fill the application form as instructed.

If you are shortlisted, Apollo Pharmacy company officials will contact you for further discussion.

How Much Does It Cost To Start Apollo Pharmacy in India?

Investment and Profits

Apollo’s anticipated investment in pharmacy for one unit of franchises falls between Rs. 5 lakhs to 10 lakhs.

Depending on the area, the tax will cost you between 10 to 25 thousand per month. If the land is bought, expect a price of 10 to 20 lakhs.

The monthly cost will be about 20 to 40 thousand. The refrigerator will cost about Rs. 10 to 25 thousand and is used for medications such as insulin, vaccines, etc.

The initial stock of medicines will be around 50 thousand to 1 lakh and may decline concurrently with discounts and credit services. Medication needs to be rewritten as needed and expired.

Documents and franchise license are approximately Rs. 25,000 including Rs. $ 3,000 registration fee. Furniture, chairs, cabinets, tables, air conditioners, and shelves should be worth Rs. 2 lakhs. The computer and printer should come at around Rs. 50 thousand.

For a large franchise, the investment is Rs. 10 lakhs to 15 lakhs. The average salary for a pharmacist is Rs. 1,65,000 to 2 lakhs per year. The pharmacist earns Rs. 1,50,000 to 2 lakhs.

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