15 Agriculture Business Ideas That Will Thrive

It is clear that we cannot live without feeding ourselves. For this reason, more and more investors are setting eyes on agriculture businesses . The enormous potential of this market is what has prompted many financiers to support ventures like Agtech and Foodtech, and their concept of incorporating artificial intelligence and big data in this area.

However, climate change and natural disasters, among many other phenomena, threaten global food sources, which is why both the public and private sectors are increasingly interested in investing in profitable agricultural ventures .

Here are 15 ideas that can help you get started in this type of business.

15 Best Agriculture  Business Ideas

Agriculture Business Ideas

Agriculture businesses offer options ranging from planting to necessary training. Do you want to venture into this interesting branch and also contribute to world food ? Here we leave you some options:

1. Urban agriculture

Agricultural production within cities is one of the areas that is growing strongly. To achieve this, it has used technologies from greenhouses and hydroponics to make way for vertical agriculture . This type of agriculture business offers the opportunity to produce food indoors, such as warehouses or the roofs of buildings.

Its boom also contributes to solving problems facing current agricultural production , such as water scarcity, arable land shortage, and a growing rural population.

Although companies like PodPonics, LocalGarden and FarmedHere did not prosper, others like Plenty promise that their technology can generate 350 times more yield on the same surface area than a traditional cultivation outdoors, and with 1% of the water that this production requires.

That is why urban gardens can be profitable agricultural businesses , since more and more people are environmentally conscious and prefer organic food.

2. Organic fruits and vegetables

Every day more people take care of their health and eat a conscious diet. And agricultural businesses related to organic fruits and vegetables have become a response to this need. These ventures are aimed at an increasingly abundant public, who seek to eat fresh fruits, and who are willing to pay what is necessary to consume them. Therefore, they are profitable agriculture businesses .

These organic products tend to be more expensive than non-organic products , which represents an incentive to open such a company. However, before starting this business, it is necessary to take into account the strict quality controls that these products have to pass to receive the ecological seal. This can significantly increase costs.

3. Rural businesses related to tourism

The concept of agrotourism has gained popularity in recent years as one of the most innovative agriculture businesses . This consists of welcoming tourists and clients who want to experience and experience the natural environment up close.

These rural businesses promote from the organization of small tastings to teaching techniques and tools for gardening, or small gardens. They take advantage of rural spaces to create events in vineyards, farms and crops , and make this experience something unique.

4. Workshops and training

It is very similar to agricultural tourism, but with a more formal and technical concept. People who attend this type of course do so with the intention of acquiring deeper knowledge, rather than a cultural experience .

Those who are engaged in agriculture or have a lot of knowledge about it, can transmit their knowledge through workshops and some courses. They can do this by teaching others to build their own crops, orchards, caring for plants, or teaching organic or organic gardening . They can also educate others on how to make different types of food with products that are in season.

5. Online agricultural business

Online agricultural business

The business of online agriculture is the most innovative and profitable in the world, leading investments in this sector. This is because your ideal clients are not limited to a specific physical space and population. They also do not depend on time and place, because all people have access to them.

According to Agfunder data , in 2016 the electronic food trade led investments in the sector with more than 1,100 million dollars. And 40% of the investments in startups went to the food e-commerce category .

These figures increased significantly during 2017, with direct investments from Alibaba in Ele.me, for more than 1 billion dollars, and from a South African investment group in FoodPanda in India, for 413 million USD. But what has set the trend is Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods for more than $ 13 billion.

6. Florist

There are many ways to start a flower shop. From traditional florists to setting up an online business to distribute different types of plants and flowers with direct delivery to homes, so that they can be purchased online. The latter is becoming another trend that promises to be profitable.

Florists not only represent one of the most common agricultural businesses, but have also been shown to maintain a stable level of profitability. So, if you know about flowers, this may be an ideal option for you.

7. Marketing for farmers

In order to promote your products and that they reach as many consumers as possible, it is necessary to know marketing. No sector of the economy today manages to escape marketing, and the agricultural sector is no exception.  Since farmers and distributors often have trouble putting all their products on the market, this is a perfect opportunity to employ a marketing strategy that solves this problem.

In addition, you would also be collaborating with producers and entrepreneurs who need to sell what they produce , so starting a marketing company in this field is a good option. Another reason why this is a good idea is that this type of business allows you to incorporate tools from other areas into agriculture businesses.

8. Ecological cosmetics

Organic cosmetics, such as the production of pure and essential oils, soaps, aromatherapy products, floral waters (facial tonics), lip balms and masks, among other products , represent good ideas when creating an agricultural business in this field. Currently there are more and more people interested in taking care of their physical appearance, which has made these products become highly relevant in the market.

On the other hand, more and more people are demanding for completely ecological cosmetic products that do not harm animals. This market, at present, is found with very few competitors, which gives small companies the opportunity to emerge in the area. Without a doubt, it is one of the ideal agriculture business ideas for all those who like cosmetics and who have good ideas to generate new and ecological products.

9. Repair, sale of machinery, or equipment rental services

With the increase in people entering the agricultural business, money can be made either by selling, repairing, or leasing equipment such as tractors, plows, sprayers, combines, and irrigation machines to farmers. This type of business will also contribute to improving and facilitating rural activity, at the same time that you obtain a good profitability.

Of course, this business idea also has its drawbacks, and that is that to rent the necessary equipment for agriculture you must first have good capital to be able to acquire the necessary products , so it may be better to venture into this business starting with repair of machinery. In any case, if you have enough capital this can be one of the most profitable farming business ideas .

10. Services for the conservation of the environment

Agriculture business, Environmental services for environmental conservation

For any farming business to thrive you first need to have the ideal space for it. As a result, one of the agriculture businesses that is booming today is everything related to environmental services for the conservation of the environment . What is this about? From the construction of pipelines (to prevent floods or to provide some areas with water), the creation of ecosystems to avoid pests and much more.

This is a very good business idea related to agriculture, but you should know that to tackle it you first need to acquire the necessary knowledge in the area , if you do not have them in advance. In any case, if you study this business model and its associated factors well, it can be one of the most profitable ideas, and one of the most beautiful businesses you can start.

11. Fish farming

One of the businesses around agrarian life that is emerging today is psychiculture. And it is that more and more people are turning to fishing for its protein and for being low in cholesterol. To undertake this type of business, in addition, few things are needed, although essential. All you need is, first of all, a space, and in it to build tanks. Then you buy the eggs of the type of fish that is more profitable with respect to the competition and the environment in which you are going to work it and, later, wait for them to grow.

Of course, as with other agricultural businesses, it is important that you inform yourself well about the type of fish to choose and how to get the most out of it. In addition, it is essential that you have the necessary implements and sufficient material. Now, if you follow these tips and inform yourself properly, then you will be a long way ahead.

12. Set up a small poultry farm

Unlike fish, you don’t need too much space to start a poultry farm. It is enough to have a garage or an empty shed to start with a few birds and, from there, grow little by little until you have enough capital to take your business to another level. Of course, it is a business that requires a lot of dedication and, above all, staying well informed about everything that has to do with it.

Beyond that, it is a business that promises a good profit margin in a relatively short time frame. In fact, chickens, for example, tend to be fit in a few months , which is why this is one of the agricultural business ideas that promises a short-term return on investment. Do you dare to try it?

13. Production of frozen chickens

Instead of taking care of producing the raw material, you can also set up a small frozen chicken plant. With this, you will have to maintain good relationships with various chicken suppliers and acquire all the necessary implements for the processing of the product. In this sense, this agricultural business idea requires significantly more capital than that of setting up a poultry farm, but it is also profitable in a much shorter term.

However, the return on investment may not be as fast, since in this case the investment is higher. Despite this, this business can begin to give you short-term profits, but it will take a lot of organization and continuous development. In conclusion, it is a demanding business, but also a very profitable one. Therefore, we include it in our list of agricultural business ideas that you can try.

14. Production or distribution of coconut

Coconut is one of the most delicious fruits you can try, and in recent years its cultivation and exploitation has experienced a boom. In addition, coconut is an ideal ingredient to accompany many recipes, and this is why coconut production is one of the ideal agriculture business ideas at the moment.

You can start simply by distributing the product, buying it in wholesale centers and selling it in retail stores and supermarkets , so all you need to start is a vehicle to move the merchandise and the capital to acquire it.

However, you can also venture into planting this plant if you have the right space and weather conditions . However, you have to take into account that in this scenario it will take a little longer to recover the initial investment, since you have to stick to the growth times of these trees, as well as the planting and harvest times.

15. Beekeeping and honey production

Agriculture business, beekeeping

To close with our 15 agricultural business ideas, we are going to talk a little about beekeeping and honey production. Never in the world has there been such a high consumption of honey as today, and more and more people demand that their honey be 100% organic. For this reason, many high-tech factories have been created in which they create the ideal conditions for bees to produce honey. Currently, a liter of pure honey costs between $ 10 and $ 20.

Of course, this is a business that requires time and sufficient capital to start it, but if you meet all the requirements and adequately inform yourself on how to make the best use of space and what types of bees produce more honey in your region, then you can start this business idea and you will surely have a lot of success with it.

Final words

Currently, there are many agricultural businesses that can be started in the world, but before we venture we must adequately inform ourselves about the negative and positive aspects of each one. In addition, we must keep in mind the resources necessary to start each business. Also, there are several elements to take into account before starting a business of this type , such as the weather conditions of the place where you want to start, the development time of your business or the initial capital necessary to start.

In addition, it is important to take into account the changes in climatic conditions that have been brewing in recent years in the world, which, if not taken into account, may end up negatively affecting your business. In any case, as long as the human being consumes food, the agriculture businesses will continue to prosper , and especially at this time a boom could be seen due to the increasing demands for organic products.

Finally, something else to consider is the ability to invest in technology for your agricultural business idea. And it is that although we are used to seeing the rural far from the technological, more and more the union of both generates better results. Therefore, this is an important factor to consider.

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