30 Advertising and Promotion Strategies Using Labels

Using strategies in advertising and promotion is one of the best and important things to do in a business to increase sales and hence the profit.

In this article, we will tell you about the advertising and promotion strategies using creative labels to promote your brand or a product, and this your business will be successful and reach its peak level.

Advertising and Promotion Strategies

Here are some amazing 30 advertising and promotion strategies that you can use for your business promotion using labels.

1. Apple Store sticker

Apple Store’s broken glass advertising label that promotes iPod Hi-Fi’s guerrilla marketing style.

2. Washing products promotional label

Cillit BANG detergent ads that stick the company’s transparent label on 5-cent coins and give it to customers as cash.

3. Advertising tags on the bus window

Vodafone, a telecommunications company, has installed labels on bus windows to promote its various Internet capabilities and great audio and video playback on mobile phones.

4. Batman sticker

Due to the launch of the new series, Batman’s Return from a TV Network The street lights were designed to illuminate the image of a bat that symbolizes Batman when it is turned on.

5. Brastemp Stainless products label

Tags are pasted in the form of Brystemp Stinelsler products on the elevators of a shopping centre.

6. Bubble Hairdressing Advertising

The Babylonian Hairdresser has placed a temporary shoulder-shaped label on the asphalt of the street to get the attention of passers-by.

7. Bus warning ads

The promotional sticker is affixed to the windshield of the bus to warn all passers-by to look across the street before crossing the street.

8. Advertising a cup of coffee on the street floor

In many of Manhattan’s streets, the floor of the steam wells is lined with a cup of coffee, from which steam rises and comes out of the holes in the well’s steam system.

9. Surfing board

Stickers in the form of surfboards are pasted on the escalator to promote Demolition Sports Magazine.

10. Tattoo label

The Demographic Tattoo label is affixed to the mirror of several bathrooms and the Pro Room in different places so that people can try these tattoos on their skin when they are in front of these mirrors and buy whichever they want.

11. Wilkinson Eggs

Wilkinson Quattro Titanium has affixed transparent labels of men’s faces on eggs and placed an ad on the back of each egg box.

12. Elmex toothpaste

 In this advertising label, Alex has used two rows of shelves to mark the mouth of a tooth.

Opening one of these shelves creates a sensory error in the viewer that one of the teeth is damaged and destroyed. And to introduce the Elmex brand to the audience, a poster has been installed on the back of the advertisement and on the wall of the shelves, which explains the benefits of using toothpaste.

The ad has about 35,000 to 40,000 visitors each month.

13. Folliderm hair serum advertising

By placing this advertising label on the elevator, Fuciderm Company eliminated all its competitors. In this advertisement, when it is closed in the elevator, the face and head of a man with hair can be seen.

When the elevator doors open on both sides, a picture of a man with lost hair and baldness can be seen on the inner wall. And a sentence next to it shows up: Are you scared because of your hair loss? Ask your doctor about the power of 4+1.

14. Advertising Gillette

This environmental advertisement is located in one of the busiest places in Manhattan.

Placing blood-stained handkerchiefs on the wall indicates that the gentleman injured his face with his razor blades while correcting his face.

15. Malaysia Airlines ad

The promotional label is affixed to a food tray in Malaysia Airlines seats, reminiscent of a pleasant feeling for travel enthusiasts and encouraging them to travel on their next vacation.

16. Water pit label in China

This ground floor advertising label has been emblazoned on many streets in China to warn people of the dangers of drinking unhealthy water in China.

17. Advertising tags on the subway to promote HomePlus stores

In the subway columns, promotional labels are pasted on carpet shelves to promote HomePlus stores, evoking a space just like a store.

18. Advertising tag for Le Cactus restaurant

The Cactus restaurant, known for its spicy food, sticks the label of the man whose tongue is out behind the machines, and each time the machines break, the man’s tongue becomes red and evokes a sharp association with the food.

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19. Insect repellent spray for pets

This large label is affixed to the floor of a store and shows a pet that when viewed from above, the view of people moving on the image shows that tiny insects seem to have attacked the animal, and of course, the solution is to use it. It’s a spray!

20. Jobsintown.de ad

An extraordinary advertising label won several awards, and Jobsintown.de, a German site, was able to generate a lot of traffic and visitors with this ad.

21. Advertising Lays Chips

Attached to the roof of the Jackson Tunnel in Chicago is a promotional sticker that appears to have the roof collapsed and several potatoes on display. The message of this promotional tag is: Our potatoes grow faster than you think.

22. Lifebroker insurance

To promote and introduce the benefits of LifeBrooker’s insurance, McCann-Melbourne has put a safe in the middle of the hallway as if it had fallen from the roof and fallen to the ground so that people could look up and see that the safe fell from above.

Note the label on the ceiling: Death does not announce.

 23. Meiji Food Company Advertising

Majid, which produces dairy and food products, has designed and printed labels of a Sumo wrestler, rugby player, judoka and a wrestler in real sizes.

These labels are installed on the revolving doors of buildings to attract the viewer’s attention. When they push the door, it’s as if the athletes are retreating, and there’s a saying in those labels: Milk makes you stronger.

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24. Pedigree Animal Food Advertising

In front of supermarkets and pet stores, Pedigree Company has affixed a sticker similar to a dog’s food container, which the animals go to when they see the photos and try to eat the dish’s food !!!

25. Pert Plus shampoo

Pert Plus shampoo has a waterproof and transparent label on the toilet sink of public toilets, which is a good picture!

26. Advertising of Pirates of the Caribbean movie

A label has been affixed to the diving pool for the Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

27. All Chinese Women’s Union

The poster has been installed on all doors of chain stores and offices to raise public awareness of harassment and violence against women in China.

28. Safari Zoo

The Safari Zoo is not an ordinary zoo because the animals move freely in the zoo, and by visiting this zoo you can see the real Africa.

The zoo has designed electrostatic labels that depict all the animals, and these labels can be placed on the windshield of the zoo to allow visitors to see the animals up close.

29. Pro Skateboard Store

The Pro Skateboard Store has affixed removable plastic tags to pedestrian signs around high schools and skating parks to encourage teens to buy these skateboards.

30. Interactive tags SOSrainforests.com

These concept labels are affixed to keys and electrical outlets in companies, organizations and schools to help save energy and reduce global warming.

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