Abstract Image and Corporate Social Responsibility

Today, consumers have begun to act according to their emotions and experiences to decide among the countless options and make their purchases easier. It reveals the necessity of the concept of abstract image, in which the emotional needs of the target audience should also be given importance in the process of creating an institutional image. A strong corporate image is the unity of all image concepts to be created .

Abstract Image Concept

Bobbie Gee also mentions that the book “Creating A Million Dollar Image For Your Business” must have 4 elements to create a strong image in a business in order to establish an emotional bond .

  1. Balanced internal communication necessary for communication
  2. A visual based image
  3. Internal image for employees
  4. Abstract image creation studies are required for emotional connection with customers.

In order to create an effective corporate image, the 4 elements must proceed in an order with each other. The abstract image, which includes the customers’ feelings and thoughts about the business, also has a long-term impact on the business.

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Why Should Corporate Social Responsibility Studies Be Used for Abstract Image?

Along with globalization, many changes have occurred in businesses. These changes have brought the business out of production and profit-making places, as well as being customer-focused and striving for them. It is important to be a socially responsible business in perception studies that will be created for the customer for businesses working on abstract image works.

Businesses should also find a social mission to gain competitive advantage and make a difference. Having social responsibility awareness differs from other businesses as an important indicator of differentiation. Having only a good profit rate does not affect the actual existence purpose of the businesses in the market. An enterprise should also serve its environment around a social mission.

The Meaning of Social Responsibility for the Consumer

When the conscious consumer wants to buy a product, in the narrow space; It deals with price, quality and service. But the broad framework can also deal with whether or not that organization is responsible for the environment.

Today, they make informed potential consumer purchasing decisions according to the social awareness of the institutions. The interest in responsibility and the environment is gradually increasing. Consumers, when faced with a bad product or service that can easily lower the quality of social responsibility vazgeçebiliyork and businesses to the point where acquisition of an inconsistent state in the purchase gerçekleştirmemektedirler.sosyal responsibility activities corporate image development and commitment in purchases will continue to be effective for a vehicle increases.

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What is Abstract Image?

Abstract image is all kinds of bonds in which emotions take place. Success in business life is about giving importance to the emotions of the target audience. Today, institutions and businesses that adopt the corporate social responsibility logic combine the abstract image adopted by customers on the right target audience and combine them with a sense of responsibility.

What is the Image Contribution of Social Responsibility?

Social responsibility; is the legal and institutional working policy of an enterprise under appropriate economic conditions, taking into account the expectations of the society. They are protective activities that care about public welfare. In order to create an effective corporate image in the long term with the increase of social awareness in the 2000s, businesses, institutions and organizations must have an understanding of social responsibility. Enterprises with a sense of social responsibility have a place in customer perception as a place of trust. It facilitates obtaining a strong image. 

How Should Businesses Express the Perception of a Socially Responsible Company?

When businesses want to be perceived as responsible for the environment; They should make informative announcements that they are sensitive to the environment and commit them. They should control the environmental sensitivity of each product produced and work on its possible effects. They should be able to improve their business conduct methods by following the new developments in the field of social responsibility.

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