16 Profitable 3D Printing Business Ideas in 2021

Looking for profitable 3d printing business ideas that generate good profits? Then here you will find some of the amazing ideas for your business using 3D printers.

3D printing machines are not a recent invention, but with the advancement in technology, various businesses with 3D printers turned this tool into the pillar of a profitable venture.

Indeed, the price of a printer of this type is still not as affordable as the ink cartridges of a traditional printer.

So, if the possibility of doing business with a 3D printer sounds familiar to you and you are ready to invest more then these 3d printing business ideas may help you to be successful.

With a computer, suitable software, and a 3D printer, it is possible to produce a large number of things in different shapes, colors, and materials.

There are simple and complex structures that you can use to assemble the artifact you want or, even, there is always the possibility of learning 3D modeling so that you can make your own designs.

Some of the materials that can be used are plastics, ceramics, stainless steel, nylon thread, among others.

The price and properties of each of these vary, which you should take into account when choosing your type of business.

16 3D Printing Business Ideas

Here are the best 3D printing business ideas you should try in 2021.

Educational services

One of the best businesses with 3D printers is that, if you have been using your 3D printer for a while and have learned how to handle it or how to design different products for printing, you can offer various educational and training services.

These training courses will teach people how to:

  • Choose the best printer.
  • Use printers.
  • Deal with different materials.
  • Design in 3D.
  • Optimally manage printing times.
  • Calculate the cost of a 3D print.

To be able to offer this type of business, in any way, you need to have a considerable time of experience.

Later, in addition to the courses you offer for those who want to learn how to print with a 3D printer, you can monetize your videos on YouTube and joining an affiliate program.

Fashion Items

Rings, Bracelets, Earrings, Ring Organizers, Bracelet Organizers, Earring Organizers, Ring Organizers, Jewelry Supplies, Buckles, Zippers, Shoe Holders, Wallets, Mesh Wallets, Earrings, Hair Clips, Picture Frames glasses, protective masks … All accessories that are made of plastic could be part of the inventory of your business with a 3D printer.

Key chains

Famous designs or useful tools (such as a bottle opener, a whistle, etc.) are used all over the world. The only thing you will need apart from the printing, are the chains and the rings to build your key rings.


Simple or complex structures, dolls, dollhouses and their respective furniture, such as chairs, tables, beds, and even household appliances; fashion accessories such as shoes, glasses, bags; pieces for board games such as chess or Chinese checkers; three-dimensional puzzles, etc.

All these items can be included in the Toys business using 3d printers. It is one of the most famous 3d printing business ideas in many parts of the world.

Create Custom Items

The business idea that can be done to take advantage of 3D printer machines is to make custom items. For example, making a kind of ring with a certain motif or other items ordered by potential buyers.

The process of making this custom item can be done by making the initial design and then printing it.

You can determine the target market for certain groups such as young people who want to have unique accessories that are not found anywhere.

Services can also be developed into the form of sending gifts.

In addition to custom products that require special workmanship, you can also make products with your own designs.

Since 3D printers are basically a machine whose purpose is to make things, it is not surprising that the manufacturing market is one of the first options to consider as a form of entrepreneurship.

Later, you could offer these products, in an online store as well.

Action figurines

Be it superheroes, cartoon characters, movies or books, or any other type of figurine, not only children will be interested in this product but even adults like Marvel Heroes.

It is also possible to find a large niche of collectors who could be your potential customers.

Mobile Accessories

They can be housings, headphone dividers, cable organizers, bases to hold the phone, etc., and many other things.

It can also be a business opportunity using 3d printers.

Offering Commercial 3D Printing Services

You can do is to open a commercial 3D printer service to the public. This means that everyone can use this service without any restrictions.

You can open it online or offline. For online services, prospective customers are expected to send designs according to the directions and various descriptions.

Opening this 3D printing service will provide quite a lot of advantages. The profits obtained can be used to cover some important costs such as large electricity and filament which may rarely be available.

Therefore, set a reasonable price and still make a profit.

Oh yes, 3D model printing services are still not widely available in some cities. Therefore you also have to do the right and appropriate promotion.

In addition, also combine this 3D printing service with other printers so that it is more widely known. Promotions can be done online or offline.

3D Printing Services in Cooperate Sector

In addition to opening services that are carried out in general and can be used by everyone, you can also work with several companies or business owners.

This cooperation will generate quite a lot of profit because you keep getting orders.

Because working with business owners or companies is not easy to do, you have to do meetings, and do model demonstrations.

If the company agrees to cooperate, you will benefit quickly.

This second business may be difficult to do if it is not managed professionally.

Therefore you should not be reckless in offering products to the company. Make a careful plan so that the exploratory process goes well and finally gets profitable cooperation.

Prototype Services

One of the benefits of 3D printing is being able to print a prototype with a certain scale from the original.

You can work with companies that need product prototypes all the time. For example, working with companies engaged in construction and architecture.

Other companies that may be in need are companies in the interior and exterior sectors. With the resulting prototype, it can be seen clearly what kind of product is produced with a certain scale.

From this model will also be seen the advantages and disadvantages of the product being developed.

This business is quite promising considering that not all construction and interior companies or services have 3D machines. Instead of spending money to buy machines that are not used every day, they prefer to rent 3D prints to produce models or prototypes of their products.

Elements for mockups

Have you noticed that in stationery stores it is common to find tiny objects that look like toys but are actually accessories for making models?

Houses, furniture, people, animals, trees, bridges, cars, buildings … Anything that fits in the simulation of construction is valid at this point.


We all have things that we are always struggling to organize. For this reason, you could offer various containers to carry medicines, food, small parts or tools, money, and so on.

Another option is to make models that serve as an extension to larger refrigerators, cabinets, and other furniture.

Likewise, you could make boxes with beautiful and personalized designs with the textures or drawings that the client chooses.

Kitchen Tools

In addition to the tuppers that could fit in the category above, you could print things like salt shakers, glasses, plates, mugs, bowls, cutlery, molds, containers, ice buckets, juicers, egg separators, coasters, molds, among others.

Stationery items

Stands for pens, pens with curious designs, support tables for papers, paper clips, paperbacks, document trays, folders, etc.

Various tools

As flower pots, shovels, watering cans, hooks (wall, clothes), clips for bags, locks, signs, stops for doors, handles for bags, for glasses and bottles; screwdrivers, hinges, etc.

Decoration objects

As ornaments with abstract designs, lamps, frames, and various objects.

Final words

Now that you aware of 3d printing business ideas, what follows is to choose what type of business you want, what is your target audience?

One of the greatest benefits of a business that uses a 3D printer resides in the agility of the manufacture of a new product since objects that would take a couple of weeks to be ready, with a 3D printer can be completely prepared in hours.

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However, like any startup, having magnetizable tools is not by itself a way to start generating income. To achieve this, you will need your analytical skills, ingenuity, and creativity.

The success lies in how well you can read the context to see how you can offer solutions more than products to people.

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