15 Cheap Business Ideas to Decorate Home and Houses

Are you looking for cheap business ideas to decorate your home? Then you came to the right place. You can decorate other homes and make it a business. Here we will talk about 15 cheap ideas for decorating the home business.

You may also have noticed that the fruit boxes have fallen on the wooden boxes when you pass by the fruit shops, or you have brought fruit boxes home to receive a lot of guests at home

Have you ever wondered what can be done after the fruits are finished ?! They can indeed be used as a space for storing small items in the home warehouse, but in this article, we want to introduce you to 15 new ideas for making handmade decorations. Of course, at the beginning of the work, I would like to remind you that to make these devices, you must choose wooden parts that have sufficient strength.

Cheap Business Ideas to Decorate Home

Cheap Business Ideas to Decorate Home

Here are the best and cheap business ideas to decorate home and houses:

Build wall gardens with fruit boxes

Make rectangular boxes of shallow fruit using wooden boxes. You can see an example of this box in the image above. Do not forget to consider a suitable distance between the wooden panels for the growth space of the plants and their emergence. You can easily have a garden wall and add beauty to the interior and exterior of your home.

Build a green wall or garden wall in the outdoor space of the house

If the small space of the yard does not allow you to consider a space for the garden on the floor, it is better to go to the walls! Using the garden gardens you have created, you can have a walled garden in the small yard of your house. This time we suggest you create a variety of colors in the space by painting the outer surface of each of them. Your garden will be colorful and pleasant. Bring freshness to your home decoration with a green wall!

Make a modern bed with fruit boxes

Lining when taken together can easily modern and innovative bed for the room you create. As you can see in the picture, by raising this page, a beautiful wooden bed has been created so that the mattress can be easily placed on it.

Baby wooden bed with protective walls

Another way to make wooden bedside tables for your beloved child’s room is to remember that the dimensions and standards of a crib are completely different from an adult. Don’t forget to build protective walls to prevent your beloved child from falling.

Build a beautiful sleeping place for pets with wooden boards

You don’t need to change the overall look of the fruit box to make a good sleeping place for your pet. Just take the top board of one of the longitudinal walls of the jar and make sure all the nails are bent. Turn the nails over and place them on the boards so that the cute little animal is not harmed by the sharp points of the nails.

Making short base sofas with wooden fruit boxes

It is also possible to have a set of beautiful short base furniture in the same way you made a bed. Just create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere by choosing the right cushions and mattresses. A furniture front desk with the same materials can also be placed next to such furniture. In the previous articles, we also taught you how to make a movable furniture front desk with cheap wooden pallets.

Designing home cinema space and making furniture

This furniture, which is made of wooden planks of fruit boxes, can easily be placed at different heights in a row and create the atmosphere of home cinema in your home. Maybe a simple coloring will help make it more beautiful.

Making wooden shelves for kitchen utensils

Attach the wooden plates to the wall with the help of chains according to what you see in the picture. This will also allow you to use the space under it to hang dishes. This shelf-like panel gives a rustic atmosphere to your home’s kitchen space. Note that due to the weight that this wooden plate is supposed to bear, it is better to make sure that the wood and connections are strong.

Make a beautiful desk using wooden boards

The image above shows a desk with storage space on the bottom of the screen. For this desk, it is better to look for strong metal bases. Paint it and carefully and delicately attach it to the two-layer wooden plate.

Making a wooden swing to make the design of the yard more beautiful

Riding a swing, if it is installed in a beautiful and pleasant environment, will be enjoyable. It is easily possible to build a large and comfortable living room with wooden beams. Do not forget to consider a place to connect the rope at the level of this seat so that you can easily hang it.

Making shoes with wooden timbers

A screen similar to the one you made for garden walls can play the role of a shoo-in decorating your home. The only difference is that you don’t need to install the back panel.

Wooden stairs made of wooden boards

Such a staircase needs durable wooden timbers. Consider the most resistant to this. Designing and building such a staircase will certainly be an affordable and inexpensive idea, but it should not be forgotten that having strength in this staircase speaks for itself. It is very important to have carpentry skills to build such a staircase.

Making wooden outdoor furniture

Wooden furniture in the design of the area covered with plants helps to complete the feeling of freshness and freshness of the space. How much better to do it with low cost and with the help of recycled materials. Consider unused wooden boards for this purpose.

Making a wooden fence drawer

This drawer is a great idea so you can use it to help keep small items in your kitchen and even your room. Perhaps the most beautiful part of this wooden wicker drawer is the painting and painting that has been done on its wall.

Build a wooden console with fruit boxes

The geometric and regular combination of fruit boxes can be a beautiful console without any change in their original appearance, so you can put the mirror on it and use its interior space to store your belongings. Put this beautiful and creative console next to your bed in the bedroom.

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