10 Stupid Ideas That Turned Into Millions of Businesses

Have you ever had someone ridicule your idea or tell you that you will never succeed? Do you have anything weird in your head? One of the factors that influence your success is your insistence on your idea. 

How much you believe in yourself and your ideas. To better understand this, let’s look at ten examples of the strangest ideas that came true and made their owners rich.

Crazy Business Ideas That Made Million


Josh Aperman was forced to divorce his wife after three months of engagement. This had a profound effect on his morale. The only thing left for him was his expensive wedding ring, which he had been able to buy with a savings account. When he went to the jewelry store to sell the ring, the shop owner surprisingly offered him a very low price to buy the ring. Her wedding ring was now worth only $ 3,500, while Josh had bought it for $ 10,000!

After that, he decided to launch the I DO, NOW I DON’T website. Through this website, people can sell their jewellery directly to others and no longer need to sell their jewellery to jewellery stores.

2 – A place to break

Have you ever wanted to break the objects around you out of anger and frustration? We don’t know the reason for its psychology, but what is clear is that people feel relaxed after breaking objects. Isn’t that so?

A well-thought-out person in Tokyo took the opportunity to build a startup. So that people can go to the place dedicated to this business, buy a plate, a cup or anything else they like, and then start breaking them in a special room, swearing, and so on. Do something else that makes them angry.

3. Cube-shaped watermelons

If you were asked from the first day of watermelon creation, which fruit would you like to be square or circular, which one would you choose? Maybe you, like the one who first came up with the idea of ​​a square watermelon, prefer this shape. Of course, if this fruit is square, it will fit better on the shelf and refrigerator. A successful Japanese entrepreneur made this idea a reality for the first time, and the product was well received in Japan and even around the world. Interestingly, the method of producing square watermelons is also available on the Internet. So what are you waiting for? Get started and use this creative idea in Iran.

4. Million Dollar Pixels!

In 2005, a student named Alex Theo took an interesting initiative to cover his university expenses. He decided to start a website and sell its home page pixels as advertising space to advertisers! Yes, you heard right! Buy pixel idea was that for the first time in the world of the Internet and the advertising was used by him and this initiative led to a lot of media attention to this idea was drawn and there was a commotion about it. Since the pixel is very small and not easily visible, the pixels were offered in 100 formats and 10 x 10 dimensions for sale. As a result, the minimum purchase price of pixels was $ 100. There is nothing complicated about this million-dollar page. Each of the banner ads on this page contained only one link to the advertiser’s website. Alex Tio was able to earn $ 250,000 from the website just one month after its launch.

5 – Subscribe

One of the most important things that strengthen the foundation of cohabitation or even friendships is the existence of common ground between people. A dating website can be a great way for people to find the other person based on the traits they are looking for. There are many dating sites, but this time Paul Graves and Brendan Kochlin provided a different kind of dating site. PositivesDating.com is the name of a site where people with AIDS can find and get to know each other. Because people with AIDS are mistakenly excluded from society due to the ignorance of many people, this site can help people with the disease to form a community, however small. Launched in 2005, the site has gained more than 50,000 members over the years.

6 – The genius of happiness

The tradition of breaking the trunk dates back to the Itrosque civilization, which lived in Italy more than 700 years ago. They believed that they could be lucky by breaking a bird’s trunk and keeping it with them. So Ken Irony took advantage of this belief and started producing synthetic sticks in his factory. The idea, he was met with universal acceptance. He currently produces 30,000 junkies a day and sells each for $ 3.

7 – Sunglasses for dogs

Dogs are one of the most popular pets in the world and therefore there are many accessories for keeping and using this animal. But perhaps no one has ever used sunglasses for their dog. As it turns out, a manufacturing company has been researching and producing sunglasses for dogs whose eyes are sensitive to sunlight for several years. This was even reflected on the National Geographic TV network, and these days many people buy sunglasses for their dogs even more beautifully!

9 – French wrench!

Would you ever like to try other jobs alongside your main job or say to yourself, “I wish I were someone else.” A startup has put this idea into practice for you. You can use your free time and experience more than 125 unique jobs through this site. It also has more than 300 guides to help you try out the jobs you want.

 9 – Santa’s letter

People say Santa Claus has become another business. Especially when Santa Claus takes a big bottle and starts touring with his countless toys.

But there is an interesting idea that can make this process more commercial. All you have to do is register a hypothetical postal address in the North Pole and then ask people to put $ 10 in an envelope and send it to Santa Claus to be given to orphans. But who do you think is willing to do that?

It’s interesting to note that nearly 200,000 people have done so, and since the launch of the Santa Claus Idea, more than $ 2 million has been spent on helping poor and homeless children.

10 – Aquarium without fish

Ecosphere is the name of a fishless aquarium. At first glance, you might think that nothing is inside this glass ball. But you will notice that inside each of them there is a small shrimp that feeds on the mosses inside this aquarium. Since this animal does not need any direct care from you, it is easy to maintain. An entrepreneur has used the same idea and created fishless aquariums that are now very popular.


The market is like a human being and is constantly changing. Ideas that seem useless to us today may soon become the best-selling product on the market. This could be related to the product being innovative, fun or even silly. Whatever your service or product, remember that the market is always thirsty for new businesses and ideas. Ideas that can lead you to success and maybe your startup name will be on this list tomorrow.

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